Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


6. 6.

                                                   Zayn's P.O.V.

                               Once i had finished giving some blood to Kendall i was sent back to the waiting room so they could put some other meds on her. I was sitting on one of the hospital couch's with my head thrown back. Everyone was still here wanting to see Kendall badly. Everyone but Luke he was nowhere to be seen. That bastard i swear i will beat the living shit out of him but i can't am here with Kendall.

                                                Harry's P.O.V.

                  I  had finally returned to England once more i didn't have such a great time in New York after i ran into Kendall. Her words hurt me like a knife, i knew she was in a relationship and it was probably with that Blondie Luke. I swear if i had one night with her i would make it up to her everything i did wrong i would it replace with new memories. I look down at my wrists they had scars, their from her after we broke it off i started i was such an idiot. I swear i would make everything right. But i can't all i have left of her are theses scars.

                               I was laying in my bed looking at my scars.

                                 My phone rang i sat up and sighed i grabbed it from off the counter and it showed Lou's name. I pressed the answered and put the phone up against my ear while i layed back down.

                 '' Hello Lou, what do you want'' I asked as i kept my eyes on my wrists.

                        '' Harry you wouldn't believe what happened... Kendall is in the hospital the others and I found her passed out on her bathroom floor with blood on her wrists. The doctor says she's stable she lost a lot of blood... but she is in a coma she cut too deep'' He explained my mouth fell and i sat up.

                '' Lou what... am coming'' I could practically feel him raising an eyebrow.

                           '' Harry are you sure ?'' He asked, i rolled my eyes and got out of my bed and walked over to my closet and took out my suitcase.

                              '' Lou am sure, i need to see her... am gonna to get a ticket to fly to Australia i will make it in the morning. Send me the address of the hospitals locations. I will see you tomorrow Lou'' I hang up on him before he can say anything else. I start throwing in clothes and other things that i would need. Once i was done i buy a plane ticket that was suppose to fly at midnight perfect. I got my stuff ready and went to tell Gemma. But i couldn't find her so i left her a note. It was only eleven.

                        I sat down on my couch.I need to see her .



                                                    El's P.OV.

                                 Harry had just arrived three weeks ago and he was worried sick for Kendall. We haven't seen or heard from Luke since Cal kicked him out it's already been one month since Kendall has been in a coma. We all take turns watching her. Harry, Zayn and Cal are the ones that are here twenty-four seven.

        At the moment am in Kendall's room with the others. Hoping that she will wake up.


                                                 Zayn's P.O.V.

                        After the others had left including Harry, i stayed with Kendall holding on to her hand and looking at her.

                              '' Please open your eyes'' I whisper to her.

                         I get nothing out of her, it's been one month and she hasn't come out of the coma and it's killing me knowing that my best friend is in one. I love her so much but just as friend and like a sister. Luke loves her and Harry does too i have no chance, i let her go.

                  '' I wish i could tell you how i feel'' I say and take my hand off of hers.

                      Then her eyes flutter open and her face just looks scared.

                 '' Kendall'' I yell, she looks over at me and attacks me with a hug.

                            I hug her back and hold on to her tightly. Sobs escaping her mouth while tears come out of my eyes.

                             '' Z-z-zayn i didn't want to do it but i did it, i wanted to leave this place i wanted to die. Because i thought nobody cared about me and memories from Ross kept coming back'' I stopped her and pulled way from the hug.

                        '' Kendall, i care about you we all care about you. The others just went out to make Harry eat, we stayed here for a month making sure that you were okay. And don't say that you wanted to die never say that. Ross is an asshole who made your life hell. But your safe now... don't do this to us'' I explain, as i look into her eyes that are filled with tears. There red and puff her tan skin finally glowing her lips aren't chapped.

                              '' I won't i promise, and Harry's here ?'' She asked, wiping her tears away. I nod.

                            '' He was worried sick'' I say, which was true.

                                          '' and'' I cut her off.

                       '' Luke?... Cal kicked him out and told him not to come near you'' I explained, her face dropped but she quickly recovered by nodding.

                                            Kendall's P.O.V.

                                 Harry was worried about me?

                                            And Luke.

                               The door opened which caused me to turn and look at it's direction. And i saw all my friends. Lou,Cal and El ran up to me and attacked me with a hug which caused me to laugh.

                        '' We missed you so much Kendall'' El said tearing up. The others came from behind and hugged me as well.

                            '' am sorry'' I say forcing a smile.

                    '' Don't be Kendall, how about we change the subject'' Li says, i nod and we start talking about many things. After awhile i made them leave because they were all tired and i felt bad. In the end they all went home to get some rest.

                          I was currently flipping through the channels, nothing good was on. I put the remote down on my lap and threw my head back. Why the hell did i let the blade take over me.

              Just when i was about to close my eyes the door opens, i look towards the direction praying it was Luke but i was surprised to see Harry standing there with Roses.

                         '' Hello Love'' He said as he waslked towards me. I gulped, what am i gonna to say to him.

                    '' Hi Harry, what are you doing here ?'' I asked as i watch him put the flowers down on a table.

                           '' Oh just dropping by paying you a visit... i just wanted to see you I've been here a whole month Kendall waiting for you to wake up'' I nod, he takes a sit next to me and takes my hand and flips it over. To see my wrist, you can still see all the cuts i made... they were pretty bad.

                          '' Why did you do this ?'' He asked, i looked up at him but he wasn't looking at me he was looking at my wrist.

                              '' I felt like i needed to, i didn't want to at first but it's been so long that i just had to and'' I stop and look at his wrist that show pletnly on cuts. He was wearing a long slevee shirt but i could easily notice the cuts.

               I take his hand and turn it over to exam his wrist i could see six cuts.

                           '' Don't ask why, it's too long of a story'' I look up and his already looking at me.

                                                       '' I won't''

                      '' Kendall i was worried sick about you, i was here everyday waiting for you to wake up. I never left you until the boys made me go back to the house to change or to the cafe to eat.'' I was surpried by his words. Before i knew it he was leaning in,his hands away from mine. Our faces so close to touching.

                     '' That day we saw each other again in New York, i couldn't get you out of my mind. Your words hurt me like knifes.'' He stopped, our lips almost coming in contact. He was out of his seat and now on the bed his hands layed on my hips while mine were by his tattooed arms.

                          '' I needed you Kendall, i went to rehab for you to get you back'' He whispered. Then he put his lips on mine. They were so soft. I couldn't help but kiss back. As our lips moved in sync i put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer until he was laying on top of me. He kissed my neck slowly and they went back to my lips.

                                                      Luke's P.O.V.

             Ash has been keeping me up to date with Kendall, i didn't want to visit her while Cal or any of the others were around. But today he told me that she woke up. He said that she convinced them to leave her alone so they can get some rest.

                Am currently by her door to her room. I had a ring in my pocket to ask her to forgive me. I was about to open the door, when my mind took over.

                             Don't go in Luke you told Cal you wouldn't.

               I shook my head and slowly opened the door my eyes landed on her with that curly hair boy we saw in New York. They were making out. I couldn't believe this.

               '' No Harry, we can't am with Luke and i''  She got cut of by "Harry"

               '' Oh course Luke, the one who made you do this'' She shook her head.

                          '' No...not all of it... you know damn well that it was Ross who caused me to do this. You knew that he abused me but didn't do a god damn thing to help me. Harry i don't want to see you or talk to you again so leave'' She said, i smiled she stopped because of me. But because of me i let her do this.

                        '' fine i will'' He spat i closed the door quickly but quietly and hide behind a wall a few seconds later Harry came out and was no longer seen. I walked back to her door and opened it.

                        '' Harry do you not know what'' She stopped once she saw me.

                                    '' Hey'' I said, she stayed quiet. I walked towards her bed and sat down on the chair next to her.

                       '' The weather was nice today wasn't it ?'' I asked trying to get her to laugh. A smile formed on her lips i knew she couldn't hold it in. But then she put on a straight face again.

                          '' Luke am sorry, i didn't mean to go all bitch attack on you it's just'' I cut her off before she could say anything else.

                            '' No am sorry, and don't explain Zayn already did that... i didn't know okay am pissed at myself and i swear if i saw that asshole i would beat him up'' I say, she nods and attacks me with a hug. I return it, it's been so long i needed this i missed her so much.

                          '' You don't know how crazy i was over you, i had Ash update me on your health i couldn't sleep i was worried so much i couldn't sleep this whole month i needed to know you were okay. I didn't mean''

                           '' Luke shut up , i forgive you and i know it's hard to give up something you started'' She said into the crook of my I smiled knowing she understood everything and that she forgave me.

                                   '' Can you stay with me ?''

                    '' Of course i will'' I say, we pulled apart and she moved a little and patted a seat next to her. I nodded and took off my shoes.

                                      Kendall's P.O.V.

                  Luke got in the bed with me, he pulled the hospital covers over us. I rested my head on his chest while he closed his eyes.

                 '' I will always love you'' He whispered, i smiled and closed my eyes.

                               '' But i will love you more'' He chuckled.

          '' I don't think that's possible ,love'' I opened my eyes and laughed.

                   '' Whatever makes you sleep at night'' He opened his eyes and we both laughed. Once we had stopped laughing i moved my head away from his chest and sat up. He thought for a moment and took something out of his jacket. It was a small blue box.

                          '' This is for you, open it'' He handed me the box, i raised my eyebrow but did what he said. Once i had opened it my eyes met a small diamond ring. I gasped and i attacked Luke with a hug.

                 '' It's beautiful Luke, thank you so much'' I say, and kiss his cheek.

                          '' that's all i get a kiss on the cheek'' I rolled my eyes playfully and leaned in to kiss him once our lips met he cupped my face with his hands.

                          Once we pulled away i gave him the box.

                    '' Can you put it on me ?'' He nodded, i gave him my hand and he put the ring on my middle finger. Once he had put it on he looked at my ring and smiled.

                             '' Your my forever Kendall Marie Hilton''

                      '' And your my always Luke Robert Hemmings''

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