Anything For You l.h

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This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


27. 27.

                                                                       Kendall's P.O.V.

                                                       It was finally December and our bands were currently in London starting to go to more interviews. The boys were playing some concert here and there while the girls and i were singing a couple songs to start promoting our first album. While at these little gigs i was able to sin a couple of my songs too.The girls and i were currently at a photo shoot for a magazine and our album. Let me tell you it was so much fun the girls and i kept fooling around, The photographer didn't seem to mind he was a really laid back guy and wasn't really bothered instead he laughed with us and made a few jokes here and there.

                                                '' Alright girls that's good, you can go change, Expect for Kendall we need a couple more'' We all nodded and went to go change. I was giving an outfit and was quickly rushed into my dressing room to change. When i was done i went to the makeup room where the girls were.

                               '' Aye, Ken The boys said that their going to be here in a couple'' Jesy said as she played on her phone.

                              '' Alright, are you guys going to wait for me or naw? '' I say as i let the makeup artist do my makeup.

                                       '' Of course we can't leave you alone.' Jade said as she got her things together, which made me laugh. I give her a thumbs up.

                                       '' Alright, your done'' I smile and walk back to the photographer and quickly began to start taking pictures. Picture after picture after picture we were finally done and i was aloud to change into my regular clothes. I went back to my dressing room and changed into my clothes which looked like this.



       Once i had changed i grabbed my bag and my other coat and put it on. Then walked into the makeup room where i assumed everyone was at. And i was right the boys and the girls were there and the boys were sitting fooling around like always.

                                                 '' Look it's Kenny the shark'' I laugh at Ash. They all stand up and say hello to me.

                               '' Are we ready to go ?'' Cal asks we all nod and walk to the exit. Luke was nowhere in sight which i found a little odd.

                                              '' Where's Luke ?'' I ask Ash who was walking with Jesy and I.

                                                '' Oh his in the car, the paparazzi got really crazy and wanted to attack him so the team thought that he should stay in cry which made him mad'' I nod while Jesy laughs.

                                                          '' Luke wanted to see his bae'' Both of them began laughing, i tired giving her a death glare but failed and started laughing as well.

                                                          '' Alright everyone, get in the car quick'' The head of the team said, we nod. When we were outside it was crazy. We all rushed into the car as fast as we could without hurting anybody..

                                       We all finally got in the car, Luke's eyes went wide, he was probably sleeping.

                                               " What in the world happening to you guys ?'' He asked, probably because we were all out of breathe.

                                                      '' Paparazzi is what happened'' Leigh Anne said, I put  my head on Luke's shoulder as my breathe finally started to come back to normal.

                                                 '' You should be lucky you weren't aloud to go out there, the people are like animals'' Michael says as he drinks some of his water.

                                                     '' Yeah just  the other day Ash and I went to go get some Coffee and they attacked us like crazy asking us weird question like Are you two dating ? Is it true Luke and Ash are related. You don't know how hard i was laughing'' Jesy explained, which made us all laugh at the paparazzi's stupid questions.

                                                                             '' Well i think you two should start i mean the fans even ship it. Did you see the ship names and everything on instagram'' Luke points out which makes Jesy and Ash gag. While we laugh at them once more.

                                               '' Luke i have a girlfriend and her name is food'' Ash says proudly.

                                                      '' Ash food isn't a person'' I say, which makes him frown.

                                  '' At least food doesn't hurt people, unlike Jesy'' He says which makes Jesy laugh.

                                                '' Ok ok ok, enough talking about Ash and Jesy's secret relationship how about we take a tour of London or go out to eat'' Michael suggested. We all nod and agree on the idea.

                                                               '' Well what do you guys want to do ?'' Jade asks as she is cuddled up with Cal who is looking out at the window. Everyone shrugs while i go on my phone. I on't really care what we do as long as we do something.

                                                                        '' Ken, you've lived in London give us some ideas'' Ash exclaims, which makes me look up from my phone. I think for a couple of seconds.

                                                                  '' How about we go to London Eye, it's really fun and very beautiful during the winter'' I say with a smile. I hear a couple of yeahs and okays coming from everyone.

                                                  '' Alright London Eye it is'' Luke says with excitement in his voice. Everyone else lets out a little yell which causes Luke and I to cover our ears.

                                     '' Why do you have weird friends ?'' I ask Luke which makes him laugh.

                              '' Their your friends too, but i will admit they are weird'' Which makes us both laugh.

                                                   '' LUKE AND KEN CALLED US WEIRD" Ash yelled which earned us a lecture from everybody about how they are normal. but we all know that's no true and even they couldn't finish their sentences without laughing.                                                               


                                        We were finally here at London eye, the beautiful blue lights covered the amazing Ferris wheel. We all walked as if we were little kids with our security team as our parents. Luke and I were walking together hand in hand. Keeping each other warm from the cold of London.

                                                                      '' Ash stay close by" Mark said, who was a member of our security team which was usually known for getting Ash out of trouble.

                                                              '' I'm sorry Mark but that's not Ash it's some random country person trying to sell his country album" Cal says which makes us all laugh while Mark tried to get Ash over by us.

                                                              '' Alright guys, we are here. Ready to get on ?'' I ask, everyone nods and we all go in line to get our ticket.

                                          Once we do we are allowed to go in a capsule with just us and the team as well.

                                       '' Damn, London isn't that bad'' Ash says which causes us all to tell him to shut up.                                                                                               I had been  here plenty of times with my parents before we always fooled around and had a great time. I force a smile not wanting to ruin this because i knew if i thought about my parents one more time i would break down.

                                                          '' Kendall'' I look over to Luke how is smiling at me.

                                                     '' Yes prince charming'' i say which makes him smirk. We were on the other side of the others who were amazed with the view.

                                                                         '' Well, i like that name you should call me that more often'' i laugh which makes him let out a chuckle. He takes one hand and out its on my cheek and leans in for kiss in which i gladly expect. Once we pulled apart we looked into each others eyes.

                                                                               '' I love you princess'' 

                                                                '' I love you too prince charming" I say.


                                                     "" Alright Everyone Give it up for the amazing Little Mix and five sauce''  Sharon Osbourne said she we were on The talk for a interview which went by amazing. We said our good byes an went to the car.


            '' Aye do you guys think we should go shopping ?'' Jade asked when wer were finally in the car, which caused My eyes to go wide as well as Jesy's.

                                                '' YES'' Jesy and Leigh Anne exclaimed,which caused the boys to groan while Jade and I laughed at how excited Jesy was .

                                                      '' How about you girls  go while we go do some manly things'' Ash said which caused Jesy and I to laugh.

                                                   '' Like what ?'' I asked, as i had adjusted my hair and crossed my legs, Luke his arm around me as he was doing something on his phone. 

                                                            '' Like, eating and talking to the fans while wearing random ass costumes'' He said which made the girls laugh. While Cal and Michael slapped his head.

                                            '' Way to define manly things Ash'' Luke says, which makes Ash roll his eyes.

                                                            '' Says the boy who wore a pink tutu" I glance over at Luke and he turns a shade of red. While the others laugh at him.

                                                                    '' It was a dare'' He defends which make me laugh.

                                                       '' Ok, Ok lets stop making fun of Luke...What is the plan ?'' Jesy asks. As the car comes to a stop.

                                                               '' We are going to go to the hotel and jut have a lazy day right guys ?'' Michael asks the guys. They all nod in agreement.

                                                          '' Okay then us girls can go shopping then , yea ?'' Jade asks.

                                                                          '' You guys can go, i have to go and do somethings'' I say which makes Leigh Anne and Cal raise in eyebrow.

                                                      '' Like what ?'' Cal asks,Which makes the others look at me weirdly.

                                                               '' Like, going over to some interviews'' I lied, they nodded and seemed to buy it. The driver had dropped off the girls at the mall and the boys at the hotel. As for me i asked if i could o to my hometown of  Bradford. Once we had arrived i got out of the car. With some flowers in my hands that i had just picked up from a flower shop.

                                                               '' Um do you mind waiting here. I won't be long'' I ask the two security guards. They nodded and stayed in the car while i walked to my mother and "father" grave. When i had finally got their i sat down on the floor and smiled while putting flower on top of their tombstones then i looked over at my moms and took a deep breath.

                                             '' Long time no see mom'' I say as a couple of tears began to slip. I couldn't help but lay my head of=n her tombstone. I began crying harder, i ignored the cold wind and how it started to snow.

                                     '' I miss you'' I whispered, as i stood up and and wiped the tears away.

                                            I looked back down and took my hand and put it on both tombstones.

                                                   '' both of you'' And with that i said goodbye and walked back to the car knowing that if i stayed any longer i wouldn't want to leave. i got in the car and out my seat belt on.

                                  '' Can we go to the hotel please ?'' I ask as i look out the window avoid any stares.

                                    '' Yes we will be there in two hours'' I nod and the car beings to move once more.


                                                   I got out of the car and started walking into the hotel entrance where i see cameras flashing. A bunch of people saying my name. But i ignored them not wanting to talk or be seen, i kept y head down as my security team helped me into the hotel and up to my room. When we got to my floor i thanked them and went to the room i was sharing with Luke. I opened the door and closed it once more. I didn't bother taking off my coat or my shoes, i threw my bag on the couch and walked straight into the bathroom.

                                 I turned on the lights and closed the door. I sat on the floor and had my arms hug my knees as they were now by my chest. I let out a deep sigh as i felt many tears coming.

                               I miss them so much, i miss my mom and my suppose to be "Dad'' even if he wasn't my biological father he still was a great guy and a good role model as a father. My mind began to open up memories from the past. Like how we would always go on picnic during the spring and summer. While in the fall we always went apples. And in the winter we would set by the fireplace after playing out in the snow and drink hot coco. I longed to go back to those wonderful times so much.

                                       A knock interrupted my thoughts, i didn't bother to stand up i stayed were i was.

                                             '' Kendall, it's Luke...are you okay ?'' I bit my lip, but forced myself to stand up. i didn't try to wipe my tears or fix my hair i opened the door and Luke was in front of me with a worried facial expression. He pulled  me into a hug which made me feel warm and a tad bit better. But i cried into his chest, i just wanted him to hold me in his arms i didn't want him to let go.

                                                   ''It's okay'' He whispered as he tighten his grip on me. I began to calm down and i slowly turn to look up at him.

                                                        '' I miss them'' I say, he takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. We sit on the bed.

                                                       '' I know you do, but you know that they are looking at you from above they are watching your dreams come true'' I nod.

                                           '' Its not the same, i want them to be here i miss being able to talk to my mom and my ''dad''. I just wish they hadn't left'' I say as i let out another tear. He takes his thumb and wipes the tear away and then puts a strand of my hair behind my ear.

                                                              '' i know how its like to have no parents but I've learned that things happen for a reason either for the good or for the bad. you chose if you want to live it worrying about someone who isn't there. Or live it. Because if one thing i know my mom would want me chasing after my dreams and i will be honest i get upset sometimes thinking about her but i know she is with just like your parents are with you.'' He explains. I sigh before hugging him once more.

                                                             '' thank you, i just needed to... i went to go see their tombstone i thought i would be strong but i broke down. I just can't'' I say as i look at the floor.

                                          '' yes you can you have your dad, Cal, the girls, the boys,your Aunt and me. And we are here for you good or bad. Remember that Kendall'' I nod as i give him a smile.

                                                         '' I will'' He smiles and kisses my forehead.

                                                         '' I love you Kendall, I would do anything just to be with you even if it means having to run around the whole world. I don't care i would do anything. I promise I wont let anything happen to you okay?'' He asks with another smile on his lips. His eyes shining so bright that i could look at them for ages.

                                                                                         '' okay''

                                                          A/N- And that was the last chapter to Anything For you. I want to thank you all for making this a really good success. Almost 300 favorites ! Love you all so much. I will be making a third book called Anything For Us it will be coming out maybe tomorrow or sometime next week ! Once more thank you . Love you all and remember stay strong 

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