Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


24. 24.

                                                                       Luke's point of view

                                  After i had drove Michael and Ash to their place to get their stuff we went to mine and i packed while they sat on the couch watching Tv. When i had walked back to the living room with my backpack filled with clothes and hygiene products i saw Ash with a pair of tickets in his hands.

                                   '' Luke your going to fucking Paris without us'' He said offended when he saw me. I rolled my eyes and snatched the tickets away from him.

                                               '' Yes I'm going to Paris without you guys'' Michael laughed.

                '' Your taking Kendall aren't cha'' He added as he stood up and got himself some coke and some pizza. I nodded.

                '' Well you should take us and the crew'' Which caused Michael and I roll our eyes at Ash's response.

                                '' Obviously it's a We are gonna fuck each other everyday type of trip'' Michael said as he walked back to the living room and sat on the couch. Ash began laughing.

                                       '' Guys, we are just going to have a look at Paris okay.'' They both nodded.

                                '' Yeah, Yeah let's go they probably are waiting for us''  Michael says we all walk out the door and to the car and head over to the house.

                                                                          Kendall's point of view

                                                        '' Okay how about this'' We were all currently still in the basement waiting for the guys to come. I had a guitar while everyone sat in a circle we were all taking turns singing some songs.

                                                            '''All I knew this morning when I woke
                                         Is I know something now, know something now I didn't before.
                                                             And all I've seen since eighteen hours ago
                                                                             Is blue eyes  and your smile
                                                                 In the back of my mind making me feel like" I opened my eyes and looked up at all my friends whose eyes were wide open which caused me to laugh.

                          '' Kept going Ken'' Jade said which made the other three nod. I smiled and continued play the guitar waiting for lyric to come to my mind.

                                                                      Luke's point of view

                           We had finally got to the house, we left our selves in with our backs thrown to the couch we headed the downstairs we were about to yelling when we heard singing we gave each other weird looks but went down the stairs to reveal Kendall singing.

                                                       '''Cause all I know is we said, "Hello."
                                                         And your eyes look like coming home
                                                               All I know is a simple name
                                                                 Everything has changed
                                                               All I know is you held the door
                                                             And you'll be mine and I'll be yours


                                                   All I know since yesterday is everything has changed "   I paid close attention to the lyrics i smiled. Her voice was like an angel, her beautiful brown eyes were closed but then she opened them again  and looked at the ground while singing.


                                       '' I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22, everything will be everything if you keep me next to you'' She sang, Everyone laughed.

                                                 '' Ken, since when are you into Taylor Swift'' Jesy asks which causes all of them to laugh. Ash runs over to Jesy's and knocks her down which causes everyone to laugh. Michael and i join the circle, he walked over to Leigh Anne while i made my way to Kendall.

                                                        '' What took you guys so long ?'' Jade asked. I took the guitar away from Kendall and started strumming some chords. She put her head on my shoulder and just listened to everyone's 


                                  '' Well we just went to the club and fucked some girls all good'' Ash said which earned him a slap in the head by Jesy.                  

                                         '' Luke took a really long time packing his hair supplies'' Michael said, which made Cal and Kendall laugh while Jade, Jesy and Leigh Anne rolled their eyes playfully.

                                           '' Aye, i gotta look good if i wanna see me pretty little lady'' I say with a smile my eyes went to look for Kendall who was blushing.

                                                        '' I'm not little'' Which made Jade laugh.

                       '' Ken your the shortest one here, unless you've got heels on'' Which made Ken smile.

                                                 '' That's why i like heels'' Which made us laugh.

                                                          '' Well aside from teasing ken what do you guys wanna do ?'' Leigh Anne asked as she was wrapped around Michael's arms.

                                                '' Let's get in our PJ's or what you boys call it shirtless and sweatpants...and watch a movie'' Jesy suggested.

                                              '' That's a great idea, But you gotta it all wrong Jesy It's boxers not sweatpants'' Michael corrected her. She rolled her eyes. And stood up.

                          '' Yeah yeah, We are gonna go change will be back'' She says. And walks up stairs.

                                                                      Kendall's point of view

                                               '' Yeah, Yeah, we are gonna go change will be back'' Jesy says as she stands up and walks to the stairs waiting for Jade and i to follow since Leigh Anne had already changed into her sweat pants and a shirt. I got up and ran up the stairs with Jade as we started to talk.

                                                    '' So is it true you are going to Paris with Luke ?'' She asked, i raised an eyebrow but laughed at her excitement.

                                              '' Yes I'm going to Paris with did you find out ?'' She laughed. We had reached my room she went in search of her bag while i went through my dresser and pulled out some sweat pants and a hoodie.

                     '' Let's just say your boyfriend might have told Cal and Cal told me and Cal and i are going too but a week before you guys'' She said with a smile.

                                       '' Oh my god really ! No you guys should come with us at the same time it would be amazing'' I say she laughs.

                                      '' Okay okay i 'll talk to him about it but don't tell Luke we have to surprise him'' I nod, she heads too the bathroom and change. I change into my hoodie and my sweatpants.

                                    Once i was done i waited for Jade to come back out, which she did after a few minutes i was done.

                                                   We both went downstairs and to the basement were everyone was on the floor with blankets and pillows watching a movie. We slowly walked behind Ash and scared him he threw the popcorn bowl which made Jade and i laugh.

                                              '' There was a spider that's why i jumped'' He used as an excused. We rolled our eyes and walked away from him. Jade made her way over to Cal who was eating popcorn and i made my way to Luke who was petting Mate. I sat down and Mate attacked me which made me smile as he cuddled by me. Luke took my waist and pulled me closer to him.


                                        We were all upstairs in the kitchen eating food and just talking.

                                       '' So what are the plans for today?'' Michael asks while he takes a sip of his coffee. We all stay quite and think.

                                             '' Oh let's go to the zoo'' I say like an excited little child which made the girls and Luke laugh while Ash rolled his eyes.

                                               '' No Ken, how about the zoo and the amusement park'' He said with a devilish smile. Which made us all laugh.

                                     '' No just the zoo and a trip to the city and shop a little'' Jesy says with a smirk, Ash frowned and let out a huff.

                                                           '' But shopping is boring'' He whined.

                                               '' Guys we can do all three things and then we can eat in the city, ok ?'' Cal asked as his arms were wrapped around Jade and his chin was on top of  her head.

                                  '' Fine'' the two said as they gave each other dirty looks. Which made me laugh.

                                                    '' Well I'm going to go change'' I say as i stand up.

                                                  '' Same because knowing you guys your all gonna wait last minute''  Jade said and we walk up the stairs knowing that the others would probably be watching TV and get ready last minute.

                                       '' So what are you gonna wear Ken ?'' She asked as we entered my room.

                                              " I don't know, what about you ?'' I say as i look through my drawer.

                                              '' Maybe some shorts and a tank top i mean it's pretty hot out today.

                                          '' But I'm gonna go get ready in the guest bathroom so you can get ready'' She says as she takes her clothes with a smile. I thank her and she walks out. I look at my closet for what seemed like ages  until i finally picked out my outfit and took it with me to my bathroom and took a quick shower.


                             Once i got out the shower i applied my makeup and did my hair and changed into the outfit that i picked out which looked like this. 


                                     I put on my converse and began to put my things in my bag like my phone, extra makeup, money, keys and my inhaler and other safety things like band aids, sunscreen and hand sanitizer knowing that boys were going to some how gonna get injured and Jade would want to have her hands clean 24/7  . I grabbed my sunglasses and walked downstairs to see Jade, Cal and Michael sitting on the couch i joined them and watched the tv.

                                  '' Where are the others ?'' I asked, Michael pointed downstairs and upstairs. 

                                       '' They are still trying to get ready since they waited last minute'' Cal added, his one arm on Jade and his attention on me. I nod and lie on the couch and play games on my phone waiting for the others to hurry up so we could leave already. After a couple more minutes of waiting Luke and the other came down the stairs while Jesy came up stairs from the basement.

                                            '' Finally you guys are done, you took ages'' Cal complained as he added an eye roll the others Michael, Jade and i nodded as well. 

                                       '' Well i got to look good if i want to catch the ladies attention'' Ash said with a smirk on his lips. Making us all hold our laughter back.

                                         '' Ash your funny'' I say as i finally let out my laugh everyone else joined leaving Ash with a frown on his face.

                                           '' We should leave if you guys want to go and shop and everything else you guys said'' Michael said with a confused look. I stood up and walked over to Luke who took my hand with his. We all walked out the house and decided on how to divide the two cars.

                                             '' Luke, Jade, Ken and I will take my car. Then your four can take''

                                              '' MY CAR" Ash yelled interrupting Cal from what he was saying.

                                                     '' What are we waiting for lets go'' Jesy says and we all walk to the car we were assigned.


                                   We had finally arrived at the city, we were all at the zoo by the monkeys.

                                 '' My fucking god he has a banana'' Ash yelled which made Jesy roll her eyes.

                                 '' Of course they have bananas why wouldn't they'' Which caused us to laugh. We continued walking around and fooling around.

                                                         '' Ash you are so weird'' Luke said while holding my hand. That was until Ash came in between us and separated us.

                                     '' That's why you love me you probably love me more than you Ken" I laughed. And pushed him away.

                                                        '' No he loves me more''  Which made Luke laugh.

                      '' I haven plenty of love for everyone'' I gasp at his words while i hit him and Ash laughs.

                       '' Ha see he does love me more'' I give Ash a dirty look. As we stop in front of the tigers.

               " I'm kidding i love Kendall more'' Which had Ash looking pissed and a hurt facial expression.

                                          '' Please i can find a so much better relationship like Jesy.. she loves me"  Which made Luke and I laugh since Jesy gave him a weird look.

                                                        '' Excuse me, what did you just say boy ?'' Luke smirked. 

                                   '' He said that he loves you, do you not love him Jesy ?'' I looked over at Ash who was now blushing.

                                                           '' Naw i don't'' We all started walking again.

                                               '' I need somebody to love'' Ash began to sang, Cal hit his head.

                  '' You have Jesy you two obliviously love each other'' Jade commented while rolling her eyes.

                                  '' Yeah enough of our love life let's just go to the amusement park'' Ash yelled while running ahead of us.

                                          '' Ash wrong way'' Michael called after him, Ash turned around and ran the right way this time.


                                              '' Okay how about we just stick to shopping then since Ash didn't mention that the amusement park was closed'' Leigh Anne offered. I was about to say something when we all heard screaming girls running our way.

                                                     '' Guys, don't you think we should run ?'' Jade suggested we all nodded and started running away from the girls who were chasing us not really knowing why. We stop when two black Jeeps parked right in front of us. Four buff guys came out and pushed us into the car.

                                        '' What the fuck we are getting kidnapped'' Jesy yelled. We all looked at her as if she was crazy well Ash, Luke and I did since the other four got pushed into the other car.

                                               '' You guys aren't kidnapped just heading to the studio we all looked to the passenger seat and saw Simon.

                                             '' Either you were here just on time or your a stalker" Luke said as he ave Simon a weird look.

                                                   '' I was here with the fifth harmony girls, They are in the other guys do know why you were being chased right ?'' He asked we all shook our heads no.

                                           '' We had already released both of your bands Music videos and within an hour  Wings received  39,973,798 views while She Looks So Perfect got 40,855,789 views'' My eyes went wide at his words and we all bean to scream ignoring Simon's laugh.

                                                      '' You guys will be getting your own bodyguards where ever you guys go. They will be around twenty four seven i expect you four to be mature and not get into trouble with the media do i make myself clear ?''

                                    '' Simon i think we all know that Jade and I are the most mature in these two bands. I will make sure they won't get into trouble'' I say which made him laugh and the others ave me a little lecture.


                                              We weren't able to go to the mall or to go eat so we decide on just going to the studio and come up with more songs and a couple dance moves. When we had gotten out of the car i saw Lauren we ave each other dirty looks until Luke made me walk with him inside.

                                                     '' Kendall calm down i don't want you to go all tiger with her'' He said as he pulled me over to the corner. 

                                   '' How do you want me to calm down that little'' He covered my mouth with his hand.

                                                                     '' language'' I rolled my eyes.

                                              '' Fine, I'll stay calm but that doesn't mean i wont get Jesy to beat her up for me'' He shakes his head.

                                                   '' I don't like her either but just try to be civil please'' I sigh.

                              '' okay, but you would't be getting a kiss from me today or even be able to touch me'' I say which makes him pout i smirk  and walk away.

                                                The girls and i were all separated from each other. My headphones were on i waited for the next directions. 

                                                   '' Okay so you all ca hear me and each other, you are all going to sing the lyrics are in front of you Kendall wrote them so when it comes close to your part you will hear a beep.' mat said, he helped us record songs and videos. The music came on and Jesy started the song off.

                                                                                             ''Yeah, you're such a gentleman
                                                                       You always open doors for me
                                                                       But you see us kind of different
                                                                         It's like you always have to be
                                                                         The first one to open his mouth
                                                                        The last one to throw in your towel
                                                                              It's time to chill yourself out
                                                                                      Boy you're trying
                                                                                    Just a little bit too hard
                                                                              I thought I told you when we met
                                                                                 That I like you for who you are
                                                                                 But I think you like an argument
                                                                                I don't need to speak in my mind
                                                                               I'm too grown, I'm taking my time
                                                                                  I'm sick of hearing you whine
                                                                                                 Listen, baby''


                                                                                                                       '' Are you sure Harry ? I don't want to be told that he isn't  in there again'' I say as i lay in bed talking to Harry on the phone. The others were downstairs.

                                                                                                                              '' Yes I'm back in England and in the news they said that he had been caught by the police apparently he was close to your old house''  We were talking about Ross and he had gone back to prison.

                                                                                                                                   '' Well now i got something off my mind, But i still have Katie to worry about what if she does something else ?'' I ask him not really knowing what his answer would be. 

                                                                                                                                            '' Um beat her ass ?'' I laugh but yell at him.

                                                                                                                                             '' Okay, Okay...tell Luke I'm sure he would do something about... As much as i want to talk to you and help you out i have to go meet up with Gemma but call me if anything goes wrong."

                                                                                                                                                   '' Okay, thank you Harry. Bye'' Once i hung  up i stood up and went to the bath room and decided to take a shower.

                                                              After i was done taking a shower i forgot to bring my Nike pros and a hood with me in the bathroom so i wrapped a towel around my body and went into my room but i wasn't alone.

                                                '' LUKE" I yelled, he was laying in my bed his eyes roaming around my kinda wet body his teeth biting his lip.

                                                                                                                                                           '' Yes is there a problem ?'' He asked with a smirk and stood up. I rolled my eyes and held on to my towel tighter.

                                                                                                                                                                      '' There is now get out, you can come back in when I'm done changing'' he groan but went outside and closed the door.

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                                                                                                                                                                             1. Anything for Us

                                                                                                                                                                              2. stay with me

                                                                                                                                                                           So far Anything for us is the most voted. But another thing i want to ask is if you guys know any good cover stores. Because where i get my covers made is close so if you could please list it down in the comment that would be nice or if you would like to make it for me that would be wonderful just comment and tell me and i will give you the info on it. Thank you all so much and love you and stay strong  

                                                                                                                  - Jen


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