Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


22. 22.

                                                                    Kendall's point of view


                             I was currently at the studio writing some songs by myself just so i would concentrate on some lyrics. Yesterday had been an amazing day with Luke, just everything about it. I can't explain how i feel everything I'm with him, it's just not possible to say in words. i was going to start writing again but heard a noise from outside the lobby. I stood up and walked outside to see what was going on. I opened the door and saw Lauren and Luke not far from where i was. I stood there and heard them talking.

                        '' Luke just admit you don't want Kendall anymore'' She said, Luke shook his head.

                                      ''  I love her i would never let her go'' I smiled. beat that Lauren.

                                '' I don't believe you were saying that three nights ago when we were in bed together'' My eyes went wide.  I didn't want to hear anything else i went back inside the studio and made sure i locked the door since i told him i wanted him to help me write lyrics.

                                 My mind was allover the place now, i didn't know what to do anymore. I took my things and walk out the studio and walk past Luke and Lauren without looking at them. Luke called out my name but i kept walking i didn't look back.  I walk to the parking lot and got inside my car that Alex had recently bought me. I stared out the window and sighed. Why do we always have these problems.

                                       A day after we did something fun and romantic this has to come up.

                       I shook my head and drove away and to the music store i knew he would go straight to my house and i just don't want to deal with this right now, not today.


                                I finally got to the music store and  sat at my sit like always.

                                                     I quickly dialed Zayn. I walked around the room and waited for him to pick up his phone.

                                                            '' Hello ?'' I sighed.

                           '' Zayn...can you come to the shop i need to talk to you'' I say tears forming in my eyes.

                               '' I'll be there in five'' I nod we say our goodbyes. I sit back down on the chair and look at my hands. 

                                               Why does love have to be so hard ?


                              '' So what are you going to do ?'' Zayn asked me, i had already told him about what i heard Luke and Lauren.

                                      '' i don't know...but i don't want to talk to him not today'' He nods.

                       '' Kendall i don't  think Luke had sex with Lauren she probably just saw you and wanted you to get mad'' I thought about what he said.

                                          " i mean it might be possible... we haven't had sex in awhile and he'' Zayn stops me before i could finish my sentence.

                                           '' Luke is that kind of guy, he loves you anyone can tell just by the way he looks at you just screams he loves you... have you even hear his side of the story ?''

                                     '' Zayn I... ugh i guess i was just t mad to let him talk i just walked away'' He put a hand on my shoulder to try to cheer me up.

                             '' Go find him, I'll close the shop for you'' I smiled and attacked him with a hug.

                                                '' Thanks Zayn your a great friend'' he laughs.

                        '' I know i know, now go find him but when you guys make up don't have sex'' I laugh.

                                                                  '' I can't make any promises'' He laughs and i walk out the store after we say goodbye. I get in my Jeep and drive to Luke's flat.

                                                                   Luke's P.O.V.

                                       I go over to Kendall's house but she's not there i go to all her favorite places but i can't find her. I end up going home it was the only option. She wouldn't answer my calls or my texts, i need to talk to her what Lauren said was bullshit. She probably heard us talking and Lauren saw her.

                                              I get to my flat and start to break everything i see.

                                                         Why do i always screw things up ? 

                                    And every time she forgives me even though i don't deserve it.

                              I go over to my workout room and began to punch the heck out of the punching bag. Letting out all my rage and feelings.

                                                                      Kendall's P.O.V.

                                                  I was currently at Luke's front door i take out the keys and open it. My eyes went wide, everything in the room was broken. I use my hands to cover my mouth tears began to form in my eyes. I close the door and went straight to his work out room knowing that he was taking out his rage on the punching bag.

                          The door is open his back was facing me, he kept punching and moving around.

                                                                     '' Luke'' I say, he stops and turns around. We stay there looking at each other tears forming in both our eyes. His were all red and puff from crying. We both walk towards each other until we are in the middle of the room.

                                                       '' Kendall, what you heard back there wasn't true i didn't have sex with her'' He explains. I shake my head.

                                                             '' i know'' he looks at me confused.

                                               '' I should have let you explain... i always take things out of context... and I'm sick of it i want to be able to listen to you without coming up with some silly story. I just feel that i hurt you every time this happens and i don't want to do that'' He looks at me with no expression.

                                                   '' Kendall, no if your saying this is over you can't don't you that I'm a wreck without you did you not see every thing i broke out there ?'' he asks raising his voice while pointing to the living room.

                                                     " I need you i have no one else, i lost everyone i love and now I'm losing you'' I shake my head.

                                         '' Luke...I'm not going to leave you, until you want me to and your not the only one who fills broken when we aren't together I'm a wreak too when we aren't fine...i need you'' I say tears rolling down my cheeks he takes me in his arms and hold me tight in a hug. I put my arms around him and put my head on his chest.

                                              '' Don't let me go'' i whispered, he holds me tighter.

                                                                           '' never''

                                                    We both look up at each other. I smile at him as he takes his thumb and wipes the tears in my eyes.

                                        '' promise me that you wouldn't cry tears of sadness...but of happiness'' 

                                                                              '' I promise''

                                     He smiles and put one hand on my cheek and kisses my lips i kiss back. We both wanted this kiss so much... i had a feeling that somehow we would end in bed.

                                      he pushed me gently on the wall and began to kiss me more passionately. I began to feel horny and just wanted him so badly.

                                                     I bit his lip and ran my hands through his hair. He put one hand on my thigh and lifted it up to his waist. his lips went down to my lips as my eyes closed. I felt pleased and just wanted more.  I put my other leg around his waist and took both my hands on his cheeks and made contact with his lips as he put both hands on my back and walked us to his room. 

                                                 Once we arrived in the bed room he put me on the bed i was on my knees as he took off my shirt. I took his belt off and threw it somewhere in the room. He continued to kiss me as he took his pants off. I laid back on the bed while he came on top of me i pulled his shirt off. He took my shorts off and left me in my undergarment which was black lace. He kissed my stomach and keep going down.  he cam back to me and kissed my lips our tongues fighting with each other.



                               We were both laying in bed with the covers wrapped around us covering our naked body's my head was on his chest while he played with our hands.

                                               '' i want you to come live with me'' I laugh at his randomness . But he looks at me seriously.

                                        '' Wait you were serious ?'' He nods. I sat up and he did the same.

                                             '' Luke my Aunt wouldn't let me you heard her until I'm eighteen we can live together'' i explain to him.

                                    '' Well we can talk to Joy again and if you she says no we just have to wait one more month I mean your birthday is in December so it;s not that long we can start looking for a bigger flat too maybe close to the lads'' I smile.

                                     '' we can talk to her on Tuesday if you want ' he shakes his head no.

                                                       '' How about Monday'' i laugh.

                                                 '' Fine Monday'' Before i could say anything else my phone starts to ring. Luke groans and pulls me closer to him.

                                                  '' Luke i have to answer'' I say with a laugh.

                                                         '' Fine'' he lets me go and i answer.

                                                             '' Hey Jesy, what do you need'' 

                                                 '' Hi Ken. Ash thought that we should all get together. So we are going out to eat a fancy dinner. We're all going to meet up at my place so make sure you tell Luke you guys better be here by seven because we are going to the city"

                                               '' Ok Jesy, will be there bye'' i hang up and look at Luke. 

                                                             '' What's going on ?'' He asked.

                                                    '' Jesy set up a dinner in the city we have to be there by's only five right now'' He nods.

                                                  '' Do you want me to drive you to your place'' I shake my head no and stand up to put my clothes on he does the same.

                                        When we were done changing Luke walked me to my car. Before i got in we gave each other one last kiss.

                                              '' I'll pick you up at six forty'' I nod and we say goodbye.


                          Once i got home i went straight to the shower. Once i was done i curled my hair from the tips and did my makeup. Then i went to my closet and looked for something fancy to wear. After a long time looking for clothes i picked out a beautiful skirt and black crop top that looked like this.


                       I put my black pumps on and my crossed necklace as well as the ring Luke had given me,

                                 I grabbed my clutch and put my phone in there some money and my keys.

                                                 '' KENDALL LUKE'S HERE" My Aunt Joy yelled. I took one last look at myself in the mirror and walked down the stairs and saw Luke by the doorway talking to Cal. Once i had reached the last step.

                     '' Finally, the princess came down from her room'' Cal said, i rolled my eyes and hit his head.

                                         '' Come on you two'' Luke said, we all said goodbye to my Aunt and walked over to Luke's car. I sat in the passengers seat as Cal went to the back and started talking some random things to Luke. I was on my phone texting Zayn about how we made up and we are all good .

                                We stopped, i looked up and we were in front of Jade's house. I turned around to see Cal smiling.

                                           '' Are you two back together ?'' I asked him, he nodded.

                  '' Thanks to you'' I smile. Jade gets in the car and we all say hi. And then we drove to Jesy's.


                                                         A/N- So i have to admit writing this chapter made me cry. No joke. Anyways thank you all for making this book such a success love you all.

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