Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


20. 20.

                                                 Kendall's P.O.V.

                    '' My what ?'' i asked my aunt Joy as i looked at the man she called my "father".

                          '' Your father, Kendall remember you said you wanted to change your lifestyle'' he explains.

                 '' Well am not so sure anymore'' She looks over at my "father'' and he smiles.

                             '' Do mind going on a walk so i can explain things ?'' He asks, his voice rather husky and American accent. I take a moment to think, then i nod and stand up and we booth walk out the door and begin to walk around the neighborhood.

                              '' Joy must have told you what happened between your mother and I'' He assumed as we walked with a big gap between as.

                                      '' She told me you used my mom and left her when you found out she was pregnant'' I say with a cold voice. 

                                 '' I didn't use her, or leave her... Your grandparents made me leave. She was the good girl and i was the bad boy of the town. They didn't approve of our love and neither did the rest of the town'' I stopped dead in my tacks and he turned to look at me.

           '' Why didn't you do something about it ?'' He sighed and ran a hand over his hair.

                                  '' It was hard, the only choice i had was to...let her go'' We continued walking in silence.

                             '' I didn't forget about your mother i thought about her everyday for the past seventeen years.'' He says, I look at the ground.

             '' How much did you love her ?'' He smiled as he looked straight ahead.

                               '' She was my world'' I smile, his not to bad.


                       After talking to Alex, not really wanting to start calling him dad. I walked over to the music store since i had to work today. I was currently organizing the racks of CDs, I was the only one in the store i had put on some music just to keep me awake. As i was singing to the song and putting CDs in the racks i felt two hands come to my eyes. I dropped the CDs and was instantly scared . What if it was him. I put my hands on top of the unknow ones and took them off and turned around and was happy to see Luke.

                                       He chuckled after seeing my pale face.

                         '' Luke what are you doing here ?'' I asked as i picked up the CDs that i had dropped with him helping me.

                           '' Oh i just thought it would be nice to see my girl'' I smiled and stood up he handed me the CDs. 

                          '' Well that's very nice of you but i need to finish doing this'' I say as i put the CDs on the cart.

                                  '' I can help'' He suggested.

                       '' Luke, " i turned to look at him and he was making puppy eyes which made me laugh.

                         ''Fine you can help'' He smiled showing his perfect teeth and we began to organizing all the CDs.

                     ''And how was your day so far Ms. Hilton'' I rolled my eyes playfully at him.

                                 '' It was fine... i got to meet my Dad'' I say honestly. His eyes go wide and his mouth is opened.

                                  '' And how was it ?'' I stopped putting the CDs away and leaned back on the shelf and Luke joined.

                                        '' He was...he wasn't that bad, his actually a really i mean really funny guy. I just can't believe my mom hide this secret for so many years'' He takes my hand and locks it with his.

                        " Kendall if you want to go with him then I will support you, if you don't remember am here for you either way am always going to stick by your side no matter what okay ?'' He asks, I give him a small smile and nodded. He wrapped his arms around me. I did the same and buried my face in his chest.

          '' I love you Kendall remember that'' And his words repeated in my mind over and over again.

                           '' And I love you too'' I look up at him and he kisses my forehead.


                                                       After Luke had helped me out at the store I returned home and was surprised to see Calum home in his old room.

                                     '' Cal what are you doing here ?'' I asked as I sat on the bed.

                                  '' Well Jade and I got into a fight and I just needed some time to think and be by myself.'' He explained as he put his guitar down. Jade and Cal never seemed like the couple to get into fights which was rare.

                                 '' Don't worry about Cal you two well be back together by tomorrow.'' He gave me a smile but I wasn't convinced he was sure about my words.

                               '' So Mom told me that you got to see your dad today, how was it ?'' I sigh and lay down on the bed which causes Cal to laugh.

                               '' It was great I mean his funny and sweet he and My Mum had a lot of great memories together...but he wants me to move in with him.'' Cal raises his eyebrow.

                                        '' And you said no right? Right'' He asked. I groaned.

                             '' I told him I don't know, I mean it would be great to see him and all and get to meet him more but I don't want to leave you guys or Luke... Cal I don't know what to do anymore'' I feel the bed move. I look up to see Cal looking out the window.

                    We stayed quiet for what seemed like for ages until he finally broke the quietness.

                                  '' Well Ken I say it's up to you whatever you think is best, either way I will still be able to bug you even if it means having to Skype you and bug you on there.'' I laugh at him and throw a pillow at him.

                                                             '' Aye''

                              '' I think I made up my mind...well no but I think I know what to do. Thanks Cal I like these kind of talks'' He laughs.

                                      '' I do to but you know what I really like ?'' I raise an eyebrow.

                                                                          '' What ?''

                                    '' Going to party's duh'' I laugh and throw another pillow at him.


                                                 After Cal and I talked I went straight to my room and took a long shower once I was done I had changed into my sweat pants and a tank top. I got in bed and went on tumblr and all that. While I was listening to some Sleeping with Sirens, Luke's Name appeared on my Phone. I paused the music and answered his call.

                                                                      '' Hey Luke''

                                                   '' Hey Kendall what are you doing'' a smile comes across my face and my cheeks begin to blush for some reason every time I hear his voice I still end up getting butterflies in my stomach.

                                                                 '' Nothing, you ?''

                                    '' Same, so what did the girls think about you and your solo gig ?''

                          Luke and I spent the whole night talking to each other. About random things like how the boys and him are addicted to fruit to mature things like what collage we want to g to or if we are just going to stay in the music world.

                                                                        '' Luke?''

                                                     '' Yes Mrs. Hilton'' I laugh a little.

                 '' you promise to stay with me forever'' hoping that he would say something smart.

                               '' Of course I will even if you don't want me to nothing if going to stop me from seeing you or being with you nothing in this world can keep me from seeing you nobody could keep me away from you unless you know the world ends''

                                                         '' Luke'' I say in a strict tone

                    '' Am kidding, but I promise'' I smile after a few more minutes we say goodbye.

                                       All of a sudden I feel lonely. Its weird but I guess this is how it feels when you fall in love, I don't know what I would do without Luke in my life. I would've probably already been gone by now, his help me through a lot even though we have our ups and downs I still love him with all my heart no matter what.

                             Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I didn't meet him what would things be like how would my life turn out ?

                                   I sigh and try to go to sleep but my mind is stuck thinking about leaving or not. I want to be able to know Alex more but I want to stay with Luke and the others I cant just leave like that.

                                    I stuff my face into my pillow and stay like that for a good five minutes and look up at the celling .

                                                     '' God what am I going to do''  I say.


                                The next morning I wake up to the sound of drums and singing. I groan and end up falling off the bed.

                                      '' ouch'' I mange to say as I stand up from my amazing fall I got to the bathroom and take my morning shower and then do my makeup and put an outfit together which were sweat pants and a hoodie. I walk out my room and go downstairs and straight to the kitchen and eat some cereal after serving Mate his food.

                                     '' Dude that was the shit'' I hear Ashton's voice coming from the living room I roll my eyes and continue to eat while watching tv.

                                                 '' MORNING KEN" I groan as Mickey yells into my ear.

                                     '' What's gotten into you... is it that ''time of month'' again'' Ash asks which causes Cal to laugh and Luke to punch him in the stomach.

                              '' Even if I was I wouldn't tell you'' I say as I give him the middle finger the boys all back away expect for Luke who comes to me and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

                                     '' Luke brother how do you deal with her demon side ?'' Ash asks, I give him a dirty look which causes him to hide behind Cal.

                                   '' She isn't a demon Ash she's an amazing girl unlike you'' Micky and Cal laugh as Ash turns red.

                                           '' So what are you guys doing here so early ?'' I ask.

                                             '' Just wanted to play some songs that's it''

                           I nodded the boys joined me by making pancakes and all that.

                                              '' God damn it, I have to go to work'' I say and run upstairs to change the boys laugh at me running. I get into my room and change into skinny jeans and a hoodie since it was raining out. I put on my gray vans and grab my purse and go to brush my teeth then I run down the stairs and end up bumping into Luke.

                                     '' Well hello there'' I smile and let Luke pick me up from the floor.

                                                    '' you think you can''

                                              '' drive you to work ? I was going to do it anyways'' I smile and we walk out the door and into his car and he drives us to the music shop.

                                                                 " thanks''

                                   '' Don't thank me'' I walk out of the car I was about to go inside .

                                 '' Kendall'' I turn around and see Luke standing outside in the rain.

                                         '' You forgot to give me something'' I laugh and walk up to him and give him a kiss on the cheek.

                              Which causes him to groan, this kiss I give him a real kiss. Which was amazing it felt like we were in a movie nothing could ruin this moment.

                                        A/N- Hey guys so am really sorry I haven't been updating my laptop broke down so am using the library's computer. Also school is getting really hard and I have a bunch of homework. So am really sorry plus I got a bunch of party's going on and hanging out with friends so am really sorry but I will be updating more love you all.

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