Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


2. 2.

                                                     Kendall's P.O.V.

                      I woke up to see Luke's arms wrapped around me and his snoring, i laughed since his snoring was loud. He was really tired from last nights flight but he refused to sleep on the plan.

                    I slowly unwrapped his arms from me, once i was out of his arms. I walked over to my suit case and took out the my outfit for the day, once i found something i walked over to the bathroom and opening it, turning on the lights and then closing the door I made sure to lock it. I set my clothes down on the counter and then took my hair out of the ponytail letting it fall on my shoulders. Then i took my clothes off and went in the shower turning on the water. Once the water was i on i closed my eyes ad let the warm water run all over my body.


                Once i was done taking my shower, i closed the water and got a towel. I dried my body and then wrapped it around my body.

                                   I changed into my clothes which looked like this.


                         I was thankful that last night i put my curler and straightener in the cabinets as well as my makeup bag. I quickly applied some makeup making sure not to put to much. Then i brushed my hair out, and  blowing drying it. I then brushed it out again and curled it from the tips. The rest of my hair was straight. I quickly brushed my teeth

 Once i was done I looked at the mirror and i couldn't help but judge myself. I know i can't be a beauty queen, but i always felt insecure about myself. I've tried to ignore it but it never works. I looked down at my wrist causing me to pull my sleeves up. And i saw all my cuts heeling they were fading, ever since i arrived in Australia i never had the urge to cut again. Maybe because i felt wanted.

                        I smiled, sure my life in England was fine. I mean i had my parents and my friend who were Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, Justin El and Sophia but that's it. I was bullied in school i know hard to believe. I wasn't strong at the time i was weak, and that's when Harry came in i thought he was the one but he told me lies and it made me weaker.

                            That's when i decided i was done with everything and i tried to take my life away but my friends found out and they stopped me. They helped me out, my parents didn't know anything about this. They thought i was happy. i never wanted them to find out. And they didn't.

                     I shook my head removing the past from my mind. I unlocked the door and opened it while turning off the lights. Liz told us to be ready at ten and it was only nine thirty. I looked over at Luke and he was still sleeping his face in the pillow. I laughed. I walked over to the bed and put my lips by his ear.

                             '' WAKE UP!" I yelled, which caused Luke to jump i moved back as he fell off the bed. I began laughing so hard i held my stomach.

                               '' Very funny Hilton'' He looked up at me and stood up and walked towards me.

                              '' Well i had to wake you up, and that was the only way'' I replied, he rolled his eyes and pulled me close to him.

                      '' You could have woke me up with a kiss'' I thought for a second.

                                                 '' Nah'' He laughed.

                     '' How about you give me one now ?'' He asked, his hands on my waist mine on his chest.

                         '' How about you go get ready and maybe i can give you a kiss'' He snorted. I raised an eyebrow.

                    '' Fine'' He let me go and walked to the bathroom, i let out a small laugh before walking over to my bag and putting my phone and other things i would need.


                         After eating breakfast with Liz, Chris and Luke. We all went for a tour, we were currently walking around New York. We stopped by some stores and parks. Luke and i were hand in hand, Liz and Chris were behind us talking on what i guess was the wedding.

               '' You know what i think we should do tonight'' Luke said, i looked at him.

                                               '' What ?'' i asked.

                        '' Go to the Museum of modern art'' I smiled, Luke has talked about going there a bunch of times and since we were here in New York i guess he wanted to go badly.

                               '' I would like to go'' He smirked. We stopped at a little store that held sweets.

                            '' Are you kids going to come in with us ?'' Chris asked, we nodded and walked in .There weren't many people which was great because the store was small.

                                                  Luke's P.O.V.

                          After we had grabbed some sweets, My mom suggested Kendall and I should go around the city we agreed as she went with Chris.

                        Kendall and I were sitting on Central Park's grass, She was on my lap my arms wrapped around her. She had her head back on my chest. We watched some play baseball, Kids riding around on their bikes. And couples walking around, some people walking their dogs.

                              '' You know, i never thought i would come here'' Kendall said with her eyes closed.

                         '' You've never been to New York ?'' She shook her head.

                      '' I've never been out of England until i was told i had to live with Calum and My Aunt Joy'' She explained

                             '' Why was that ?'' i know i was asking so many questions but i wanted to know more.

                               '' I really don't know, i think my parents just wanted me to stay home and study not really wanting me to travel with them... i guess because they had work and they didn't want to take me without spending time with them'' I nodded.

                         I never knew Kendall would make a big difference in my life. Before i met her i was with Katie. And she made me do things i didn't want to do, but i did them because i didn't want to lose her. I thought she loved me but i was wrong. When i found out she "died" My world went down i became... an asshole with my friends i wasn't the same. In fact when i was with Katie i wasn't the same she changed me and i was so caught up with her i never noticed. She had me become do drugs, and other things. She was bad news.

                           " Luke what are you thinking about ?'' I turned to look at Kendall and she was now facing me i put my forehead on hers. She straddled me.

                                    '' Nothing'' She didn't seem convinced.

                  '' Are you sure ?'' I nodded, she let it go and i pulled her into a kiss.

                                  Her arms wrapped around me, The kiss was amazing like always. I ran my hands on her back. Then a song played out loud for the whole park to hear. But we didn't pull away. I didn't know what the song was called or who sang it. Kendall pulled away with a smile.

                     '' Do you know who sings this ?'' I shook my head and she gasped.

                                         '' Are you going to tell me'' I say.

                             '' Selena, she was a Spanish singer but she made some English songs like this one. My mom loved her she was so disappointed when she died... but this is my favorite song'' She says, the song was beautiful.

                                '' Kendall'' She looked at me wanting me to continue.

                       '' I always dream of you'' I say cheesy, the song was about dreaming of someone and how she wishes that person felt the same way.

                     '' Your so cheesy Luke'' She says rolling her eyes. I laugh.


                   A/N- Love this chapter, sorry for the wait had writers block.

                    But anyways if you heard of Selena Quintanilla she was an amazing singer she died in 1995 but is still remembered. R.I.P.

          Anyways the song is called Dreaming Of You, one of her hits. If you want go and listen to it. Very beautiful song.

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