Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


19. 19.

                                                    Kendall's P.O.V.

                              The sun had awaken me after my nice sleep. My head was on Luke's chest while One hand joined and my other arm was wrapped around his. While he had one arm around my waist,as my eyes slowly adjusted to the room my eyes went to the alarm clock on the nightstand it was only noon. My phone which was on the other nightstand began to ring. I groaned ans got off Luke's chest and turned around and grabbed my phone. Without looking at the caller ID.

                               '' Hello?' I say without any expression and putting my head back on Luke's chest an putting the covers around me.

                            '' Morning Ken Ken, are you ready ?'' Jesy yelled into the phone.

                             '' For what ?'' I amused Luke had woken up and made me roll over so my back was facing him. His arms wrapped me, he stuffed his face into my neck as i talked to Jesy.

                                       '' Kenny are you for really do you not remember ?'' She said, i was guessing she was riving because after she asked me a question she yelled move over you fucking idiot.

                          '' I just woke up, can't you let me sleep ?'' I ask as i close my eyes.

                                             '' Are you with Luke ?''

                                                      ''Yes why?''

                                                              '' Oh lord, tell him to get up too we have to be at the studio before three and you know how long it takes for both of you to get ready.'' She says, i open my eyes and sat up.

                      '' That's today, i thought it was next week. Well that's what Jade told me and she never messes around'' I explain. Then i hear Jade laugh in the background.

                                 '' You know Jade doesn't know stuff now hurry up and get your ass at the studio.'' She says. We say goodbye and i put my phone back on the nightstand and slap Luke's stomach.

                                            '' Kendall'' He groans.

                            '' Wake up we need to go to the studio. Before Three'' I explain, he sits up and get's out of bed and runs to the bathroom. I laugh and stand up and go to the draw with the clothes i kept when i spent the night here and took my makeup as well and went to the other bathroom.

                            Once i was done taking a shower i had done my hair and makeup and changed into this.


                    I quickly put on my heels and put all my makeup away and grabbed my purse and put the stuff i needed in there and went back to Luke's room and grabbed my phone and put it in my purse then i walked to the living room to see Luke on his phone. I grabbed a water bottle. He noticed me and motioned me to come to him. I did as he said and he put an arm around my waist and walked us to the car and to the studio.


                                                '' Actually i want Kendall to go into a different studio, you girls go to that one while the boys go to the same one as Kendall'' Simon explains we all nod and we part ways from the boys an walk to the other recording room with Simon. Once we got in Simon let me go in first to sing a song. I put the headphones on and looked at the paper in front of me. I looked up at the boys and they were sitting on the couch messing around. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the paper the song was called guts over fear.

                                        '' Okay Kendall your going to listen to the rapper on the head phones and then your going to sing when you hear a little beep'' Simon says. I nod and the music starts.












               The song began and i suddenly knew it was Eminem, i listened very carefully to the song and i instantly  understood what the song was about. The beep rang and i began to sing the words off the paper.

                                                             "I was a...
                                            Afraid to make a single sound
                                             Afraid I will never find a way out
                                                 Afraid I'd never be found
                                            I didn't wanna go another round
                                         An angry man's power will shut you up
                                       Trip wires fill this house with tip-toe love
                                           Run out of excuses with every word
                                             So here I am and I will not run
                                              Guts over fear, the time is here
                                              Guts over fear, I shall not tear
                                         For all the times I let you push me around
                                               And let you keep me down
                                      Now I got, guts over fear, guts over fear'' I sang as i put my hands up in motion and reading the lyrics off the paper.

                       Once i had stopped more rapping had gone on and in just a few seconds i would have to sing again.

                                    Luke's P.O.V.

                           Once Kendall had started singing i hit Ash to shut up so i could listen to her. He stayed quiet and we all listened to her beautiful voice. It was like an angel, her voice was amazing it sounded as if she could relate to the song. 

                                    Kendall's P.O.V.

                             For some reason this song reminded me of my past all the times i had an excuse, i stayed quiet and got hurt but never ever said anything about it. These lyrics were so much for me, they reminded me of him, the way he hit me an never stopped and kept going and i didn't want him to. And now his out and i can't deal with it.

                                   ''  I was a...
                                  Afraid to make a single sound
                                 Afraid I will never find a way out
                                      Afraid I'd never be found
                                    I didn't wanna go another round.'' Once i had finished the song I took off my headphones and walked out the recording room and into the room Simon and the boys were in.

          '' How was i'' They were all quiet and i suddenly bean to panic.

                       '' That was amazing, i think you can have a great solo carer you would be big in every country. What do you say ?'' Simon asked with a huge smile.

                   '' I would be great but am in a band and the girls are like my sisters'' He thought for a moment.

             '' How about this you can have both, be in the band and solo you guys would get more attention and get bigger'' 

                                '' I need to talk about this with the girls'' He nodded and excused me. I walked to the studio the girls were at. Once i had entered the girls were on the couch.

                     '' Guys i need to tell you something'' I say


                       After the whole chat with the girls they told me it was fine with them even though i didn't believe me until Jesy said to do it and when Jesy says something she means it. So now am in the band and a solo kind of carer.

                                I was currently in the living room when the front door opens i turn to see who it is and its my Aunt Joy and some man that had brown hair brown eyes and tall.

                           '' Hey Aunt Joy'' I say she gives me a small smile and turns to look at the man. He nods and Aunt joy turns to look at me again.

                                      '' Kendall met your dad''

                                            Luke's P.O.V.

                      I sat on my bed looking at the phone number i had found in my mother's drawer. I couldn't believe it the man who had been in my two years died and till now my mother comes up with this. It's just not possible i mean.

                                        I don't know this man, he never bothered to show up in my life not even a letter.Unless there was something that caused my mother not wanting to see him, there's just so many question that i need answers to.

                       I ran a hand over my hair and layed back on the bed. Am not going to call him or get in contact with him at all it's not worth it. He probably has another family.

                           I take my phone out and decide on trying to call Kendall for advice. But declined the idea not wanting to let her worried about it.

                                       Ross's P.O.V.

                             After what seemed like a life time am finally out. And no one, i mean no one can stop me from letting me get who i want the most. She's going to die once i take over her and i will watch the whole thing. The only problem is i need to find out where she is and my plan will be off to a great start.

                                           A/N- AH THANK YOU THANK YOU. 105 Favorites i love you all so much like gah !!!.

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                                               Love you all


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