Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


17. 17.

                                                    Luke's P.O.V.

                          When we stepped in the kitchen i stared at Kendall, i couldn't help but say she looked beautiful. But she needed space i knew she wouldn't want to hear my side of the story, when her and Zayn ran back outside i couldn't help but feel jealous. I knew they were just friends but i had a feeling that he liked her more than that. As Michael and I sat down, Cal and Ash got some food out the pantry my eyes were glued to the window. She held a big smile on her face while wetting the others.

                                            '' Luke, are you paying attention ?'' I looked up to see Ash with a serious face.

                                         '' Uh yea, sure'' I say as i turn back to the window. He continues to talk about some random shit. We all end up getting interrupted when the phone rings. I turn my attention to Cal who walks over to it and answers it.

                '' Hello... No she's not here... who is this ?...uh yea bye'' He hangs up and looks at us.

                        '' Who was it ?'' Michael asked as Ash and I nodded. Cal stayed quiet.

                                   '' Cal ?'' I say. He walks back to the table 

                             '' Kendall's Dad'' Ash and Michael's mouth drop while mine went wide. I already knew about her real dad she told me a week ago but i didn't think he would call.

                                      '' Wait isn't he dead ?'' Ash asked.

            '' Duh, that's the reason she came here you idiot'' Michael said hitting his forehead.

                            '' He said he wanted Kendall to live with him and Kendall had agreed just yes. In America'' Cal explained.

                            '' What why ?'' I asked, Ash sent me a look. 

                      '' I don't know we need to find out. I'll ask her later though'' We all nodded and walked upstairs to his old room and played some video games.

                                                     Kendall's P.O.V.

                                      After our water fight we agreed to go to a party later. So i took the time to shower. Once i got out of the shower i put on sweats and a hoodie. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and looked for food. 

                                    '' Hey Kendall'' i turned around and saw Cal.

                                                      '' Hi Cal''

                              '' You got a call today, from your dad'' I gulped.

                '' When ?'' I asked, he sat down at the table while i stood by the counter.

          '' When you were outside, and i thought he was dead'' I shook my head no.

                   '' No, it turns out that the guy my mom married isn't my dad. She was forced to marry him because my real dad left my mom when he found out she was having me'' I say, he nods.

                  '' Are you real going to move to america with him ?'' i looked at a different direction not wanting to tell him why.

                     '' I...Yea,i... i don't know anymore'' I say as i sit down next to him.

                         '' I have an idea, say no'' I laughed as he smiled.

                           '' It's good advice'' He shrugs. I roll my eyes playfully.

                '' I'll call him later, but i gotta go get ready'' I say, he raises an eyebrow.

                          '' And where are you going ? hmmmm'' I laughed.

                  '' Am going to a party Austin said it was a famous people party. But we are going with Zayn, Becky and '' I say as i drink my water.

                               '' Can i come with Jade ?' He asks, i nod.

              '' Be ready by eight so we an meet up'' He nods and runs back upstairs.

                                                Luke's P.O.V.

                Cal came back upstairs from doing god knows what. The guys and I were playing video games until Cal cleared his throat.

                   '' Who wants to go to a party tonight ?'' He said British accent. We all looked at each other. 

                        '' WE DO" Michael and Ash yelled while i rolled my eyes but nodded.

                 " A famous party ?'' He asked the guys smiled and their eyes went wide.

                         '' WE WILL" THey yelled again which caused Cal and I to laugh.

'' Okay call the girls, we are all going to meet up at my place got it'' We all nodded and ran out of the house to our places to get ready.

                                          Kendall's P.O.V.

                    I kept throwing things out of my closet not knowing what i wanted to wear. This was really tough, i couldn't pick anything to girly nor to fancy.

                               I sighed and called Becky, who was ready. She said she would be over in a few as i waited for her i applied my makeup and curled my hair.


                               '' Chica this is going to look hot on your trust me'' Becky said snapping her fingers i laughed at her and took a look at the outfit. But had no time as Becky pushed me into the bath.

                               '' Rapido, we don't have all day'' I laughed once more.

                     '' Yes mom'' I say as i close the door i hear her laugh. I change into the put fit she gave me which looked like this.


                             '' Becky isn't this a little to much ?'' I ask as i walk out.

                              '' It's perfect, plus its a celebs party you gotta look good'' I laughed and put my shoes on.

                                  Becky was wearing a very beautiful outfit as well which fit her perfectly. It looked like this.


                                                            '' Nah that's you'' She smiled.

                                         '' Come on let's get going before that bitch gets hands on my boy'' I raise an eyebrow and walk downstairs with her.

                       '' Which one ?'' I ask as we get in the car and head over to Austin's place.

                              '' Camila, her band is going to be there today as well'' I nodded as i pretend to choke Lauren in my mind.

                               '' I mean Ally, Normani and Dinah are okay. But the other two just scary me'' I nod with her as we both make a face.


                           I had texted Cal the directions before we had left. I was currently at the party with Becky, Austin and Zayn we were having a drink while talking to some other guests. I got to meet two of my favorite singers on all times Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande.

                                  '' Hey look the guys are here'' Austin said Zayn and i turned around and we saw Cal, Jade, Jesy, Ash, Michael, Leigh Anne and Luke. I gulped and drank more of my drink as i heard the voices of my friends getting closer and closer.

                           '' Uh, Kendall want to come get a drink ?'' Zayn asked, i nodded and we walked over to the drink section.

                              '' How did they get he ?'' Zayn asked.

                    '' I told Cal and he said he would bring Jade, i said okay i didn't know he was going to bring him'' I explain as i try my best to keep my eyes off him. Which was a difficult task.

                                 '' Ignore him, he doesn't deserve you'' I smile at him as i look over at Luke whose talking to the Fifth Harmony girls.

                               '' Come on lets go get high and dance like idiots'' I laugh as we go to the dance floor and join others who were dancing to Black Widow.

                                                         Luke's P.O.V.

                                         The whole party i stayed seated in my seat not having any fun. I didn't drink or dance like the others. Ash didn't drink as well since he had to drive the others home but he did dance. I was getting ready to leave since i had brought my own car. The whole night my eyes stayed on one person.


                             Drink after drink she lost control and became into a wild animal. This wasn't her usual self. 

                          I stood up and walked by to her, she was now seated by the bar drinking, Jesy next to her. I stood behind her as i looked over to Jesy giving her a looking which meant to leave. She nodded and dissapered into the dance floor. Kendall turned around she frowned and stood she was about to walk away from me but i grabbed her wrist and dragged her outside and into my car.

                               I drove over to my flat that i had recently bought.


                                       As we got inside, Kendall got out of my grasp and looked at me with disgust.

                                    '' Why did you bring me here ?'' Her voice was cold. I got closer to her, which only caused her to back up.


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