Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


16. 16.

                                               One Week Later

                                              Kendall's P.O.V.

                   The day we went with Simon to perform songs for him, i got home and was told bad news from my Aunt Joy. Luke ended up coming over and stayed with me for the whole night until he had to leave in the morning to go with the boys somewhere. Cal and the others don't know about this only Luke, Becky and Zayn know, The others where hanging out with fifth harmony to be honest i don't really like. Especially Lauren.

Am currently in my room looking at some pictures that i took with my Mom and " Dad'', i don't know what to think anymore i have so many question but i can't get the answers to them no matter how much i ask my Aunt Joy she can't answer them. The lawyer told us that he could have a court session with the man who calls himself my dad. I don't even want to meet him, if he cared for me he would've been there for me in the start.

                                        But things don't happened the way they should go and I've learned that. I was looking at a picture with me and my " Dad'' in front of his car, the first car he let me drive that was his. He would never let anyone drive it expect for me, i let out a sigh and lay back on the bed with my head on top of the pillow. I was going to close my eyes but was disturbed with my phone going off. I opened my eyes and grabbed my phone from off the nightstand and clicked the answer button.

            ''Hello ?'' I answered without taking the moment to look at the caller ID.

                     '' Is this Kendall Hilton ?'' I sat up with my eyes opened, the voice was deep and it belonged to a man.

                      '' Yes...Who is this ?'' I wait for the man to answer.

                 '' This is Alex O'Connor , your father'' I froze, so that's his name. Alex Jackson.

                     I pulled the phone away from my ear and hung up. I wanted nothing to do with him and i plan on never doing it. I was going to lay back down when my phone buzzed, i looked at it and it was a text from Luke.

                                  Hey Babe, meet me at my place i want to hang out.

                                 I smiled and got out of bed i was only wearing sweat pants and Zayn's hoodie. I stole it from him after he sprayed me with the hose back in England. I put on my white converses and walked down the stairs and walked to Luke's house. It wasn't really from which was good.


                          Once i arrived at his house i opened the door which was opened, weird he never leaves it open. I walked up the stairs to his room and opened the door, he was probably on his phone.

                                          Luke's P.O.V.

                          It had been such a stressful week i haven't been available to see Kendall since the last time i saw her. The boys had me hang out with them and all the girls were there and so were the fifth harmony girls. Kendall wasn't, i knew she needed time to herself, but i didn't know how long that would take. We had a couple of drinks, it was only seven and i was sure i was drunk and high. The only thing i remember is Lauren taking me home.

                                          Kendall's P.O.V.

                         I opened the door and i couldn't believe my eyes, Luke and Lauren in bed naked with the covers wrapped around them both of them asleep. I let out a small tear, i looked down at my finger that contained the ring he gave me. I threw it on the ground and slammed the door shut and ran out the house and outside. Just wanting to go anywhere. 

                     Tears running down my eyes, i managed to get to the beach and sat in the middle of the beach and put my knees against my chest and began to let all my tears out just wanting to let go of the pain. I was finally becoming the old me. 

Luke had changed my way of thinking and was bringing back the happy girly Kendall i was before my parents had died and all the bullying. I was sure it was going to be him i was going to spend my life with and get married and stay forever like in the movies.

                               But this isn't a movie, it's life and i should know that none off that would never happened to me. my thoughts were interrupted with rain coming down the sky. I put my hoodie up so it would protect myself from the rain.

                                          Luke's P.O.V.

                  I woke up to a door slamming, i turned to my right and saw Lauren in my bed naked, i looked down at myself wrapped around my covers. I woke Lauren up and she smiled.

                                     '' Your finally up''

                        '' Lauren i have Kendall, i don't like you this was a mistake i was drunk and you took advantage of me.'' She rolled her eyes and out her clothes on while i turned away.

                        '' She isn't anymore'' And with that she left. I put on new fresh pair of clothes and was going to head downstairs when i stepped on something i looked down and picked up a ring . Oh shit, Kendall saw us this. I need to find her.

                                                 Kendall's P.O.V.

                        I was back home and i had taken a shower and dressed into new pair of sweats and a hoodie. After i was done, i took all of Luke's belongings and put them outside in the front yard by the garbage bins since they would be picked up tomorrow. I walked back in and into the kitchen where i found my Aunt Joy baking.

                          '' Um Aunt Joy'' She turned to look at me and smiled.

                           '' Kendall, what's wrong ?'' She asked after she studied my face. I walked closer and just broke down she walked up to me and pulled me into a hug.

                         '' I caught Luke in bed with another girl'' She pulled away and her face was red like when Jesy gets mad.

                               '' I'll get Jesy to'' I cut her off.

                    '' No i don't want Jesy to beat him up...after thinking about for awhile, i want to...i want to move in with my real dad" Her faced turned upset.

                          '' But what about Cal, the girls ?'' She asked.

                 '' I'll still keep in touch with them, but i don't want Luke to bother me. I don't want to see him or talk to him ever again. And the only way to do that is to leave everything behind once more.'' She nodded knowing there was no way to change my answer.

                           '' If he comes by or calls tell him am not home, and do you think you can make an appointment with my dad ?'' I ask.

                      '' I won't don't worry and I'll do it whenever you want me to'' I gave her a small smile and hugged her.

                            '' Thanks Aunt Joy, for everything''

                        '' No thank you Kendall, your very different from most girls. Am glad you got to spend time with us. Now go get some rest'' I nod and do what she says and go to my room. But go on my laptop to keep my mind off things.

                                          Luke's P.O.V.

        I knock on Kendall's door and wait for her to come and open it. But was met by Joy.

                   '' Hey Joy, is Kendall home by any chance ?'' I asked, i knew she had to be. Her lights were on.

                      '' Hello Luke, no she's not. She went out with that girl... Becky i think she said'' I nodded knowing that she was lying. I thanked her and walked back to my car. When i got inside i took one more look at her window and she was sitting on the floor with who looked like to be Becky and Zayn. She did see it. i ran a hand though my hair and drove home.

                                            Kendall's P.O.V.

                            '' His an asshole and Lauren was always a bitch'' Becky says, i called her over as well as Zayn just wanting to talk to someone about. Becky and i have got closer almost like sisters.

                          '' I would kill him right now'' I put a hand on Zayn's hand wanting him to  calm down since his face was all red.

                             '' I would too, but i made up my mind to go live with my dad'' I confess to them Zayn's eyes went wide while Becky's mouth fell.

                        '' What, you don't even know the guy'' Becky exclaimed.

                     '' I know but, i don't want to be here. it only reminds me if Luke."

           '' But what if he didn't mean to have sex with Her ?'' Zayn asked, i shrugged.

                     '' Well even if he didn't mean to, he still did it and he can't undo that, i only have one choice. I'll still see you guys and the others but him'' They nodded.

               '' We understand'' Becky said, and then looked at Zayn and nudged him.

                           '' Yeah we do'' I laughed and they both smiled.

                      '' We got you to laugh'' Zayn says with a cheeky smile. Becky and i both look at each and grab a pillow and start hitting him with it while he trys to stop us.


                               I woke up to see Zayn sleeping next to me with Mate. Becky had left earlier because she had to meet up with Austin something.

                           I pet Mate for awhile waiting for Zayn to wake up. I rolled my eyes and slapped his chest. His eyes opened and only caused me to laugh.

                   '' Why am i always getting hit these days'' I laughed.

                       '' Because your easy to hit'' He rolls his eyes and we both walk to the kitchen to eat something.

                                            Luke's P.O.V.

                              '' Yes Ash now shut up'' He put a hand up. I had told him everything that happened yesterday. He isn't the best listener if you know what i mean.

                     '' Cal is going to be pissed at you'' I gave him a death glare.

                                '' If only they weren't cousins'' He laughed.

                           '' Yeah, Yeah. Now what are you going to do about it. Unless you want Cal to find out. I mean it's pretty bad she told Joy to cover for her'' I ran a hand once more through my hair.

                        '' Am going to give her space and let her think'' I say, he nods and agrees with me.

                          '' We need to go over to Joy's place anyways, Cal said he wants to pick the drums and instruments up to put them in his flat'' I groan.

                     '' Today ?'' I asked, he nods and we both stand up and go to his car and head over to Joy's place.


                             We finally put everything in Cal's car. Joy or Kendall weren't home which was good.

                                                '' I want food'' Michael said. 

                       '' Alright to the kitchen'' Cal said, we all headed to the kitchen.


                                               Kendall's P.O.V.

                             I was currently in the backyard with Becky, Austin and Zayn. The boys were talking somewhere in the pool while Becky and I were tanning in our swimsuits just talking. I was trying to get my mind of everything that had happened yesterday. I was were a strapless bikini top with black stripes and matching bottoms. While Becky was wearing a blue bikini.

                                '' Aye guys, look at our little friends'' Becky and i turned around and saw Zayn and Austin with water guns.

                 '' Don't you dare'' Becky warned, i nodded as we both sat up.

                      ''  Oh we will'' Zayn said with a smirk. Austin and him began to shoot water out from there guys at us.

                       Becky and I screamed. We both stood up and ran to the hose i turned it on while Becky started to spray them with cold water. But Becky ended up being carried by Austin.

                          '' How about Me and Becky VS You and Kendall.'' Austin declared. Zayn and I looked at each other.

                                         '' Your on Mahone'' I say as he puts down Becky. Zayn and i ran outside and got four water guns and filled them with cold water from the sink.

                   '' They aren't going to expect this'' I say laughing. Zayn joins.

                           '' They are going down'' He says with an evil grin.

                               We heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen.

                  '' Won't your Aunt kill us for having water all over the place'' I looked at the wet foot prints on the floor.

                             '' Nah'' He rolled his eyes playfully.

                    '' KENNY" I turned around and saw Ash, Michael, Cal and Luke. I gulped.

                       '' Hi Cal, Michael, Ash... Luke'' I say as i turn around and continue to put water in my gun. While Zayn talks to them.

                     Suddenly a knock is on the glass window and i see Becky with a smile on her face. I get my guns and hide them behind my back.

                      '' Sorry, guys but we have a fight to win'' I say as i push Zayn in front of me and went outside and began our fight.

                          A/N- sorry for not updating i just started high school as a freshman. Gah so tiring. Lol hope you like

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