Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


15. 15.

                                                     Kendall's P.O.V.

                           I woke up to the sound of my phone going off which made me fall off my bed. I let out a groan and got up answered.

                           '' Jesy why are you calling me at...six in the morning.'' I asked as i layed down in bed again.

                          '' My god Ken you've got short term memory loss ! anyways today we meet with Simon, now get your ass outta bed because when i get there i expect you to be ready'' MY eyes opened and i quickly got out of bed. And walked over to my closet while holding my phone against my ear.

                         '' Shoot i forgot, what time are you going to be here ?'' I asked as i threw some outfits out and on to the floor.

                                  '' Two hours, now get ready bye'' We hung up and i finally found the right thing to wear i ran to my bathroom and took a shower.

                                      Once i was done i did my hair and makeup, once i perfected everything i put on my clothes which looked like this.


                  I grabbed my necklace and put it on, then put on my ring that belonged to my mother. I grabbed my white clutch from yesterday and just put my phone in it. I went downstairs and ate some cereal, then i walked back up stairs to brush my teeth. Right when i was done the door bell rang. Perfect. I walked once more to the front door and pet Mate. Rider had gone to live with Cal and Jade. Very sad.

                          I opened the door and see Jade with a big smile on her face.

                        '' Morning Ken, are you ready to go'' I nodded and closed the door.

              '' Are you excited ?'' I asked her as we walked to Jesy's car, Cal's was by the mail box he was in it with the boys who were waiting for us to back out.   

                          ''YES!'' I laugh at her happiness. We get in the backseats to be greeted by Jesy and Leigh Anne.

                        '' Damn you too take ages'' Leigh Anne said, while Jesy nodded only to receive laughter from Jade and I. Jesy backed out and we drove over to the studio Simon wanted us to meet at.   


                         We finally got out of the car after a two hour drive into the city. The girls and i walked by the outside of the entrance waiting for the boys to come near us since Cal needed to find a spot to park.

                         '' This is amazing'' Jade says as we all look at the big building. We all nod in agreement.

                   '' Can you guys believe this is happening ?'' I ask as we walk a little closer.

                     '' Yes and no'' Jesy says confused, Leigh Anne raising an eyebrow.

                          '' Why is that ?'' Jade asks as we sit on a bench waiting.

                '' Yes because were actually here and No because, why would he pick the boys'' Leigh Anne Hits her playfully on the shoulder.

                                '' What was that for ?'' She asks.

                         '' The boys are talented, but if you mean they are idiots  then your talking about Ash we all know you love him'' I explain as Jade laughs.

                       '' And don't say you don't, you always pick with him. That's a sign Jesy'' Jade says before Jesy could say anything which makes her frown.

                                   '' Maybe i do, Maybe i don't'' She says.

                         '' What are you girls talking about ?'' The four of us turn around see the boys smirking.

                 '' How Jesy might'' Jesy covers Leigh Anne's mouth with her hand.

               '' She means, let's go find Simon''  Jade and I smile as we all stand up. 

                    '' Sure'' Michael coughs as the boys try to hold in there laughs.

                                           '' Yeah, Yeah let's go''

                    We all ended up laughing at Jesy as we walked to the doors.

                               '' Thanks so much Kenny for the your kind words'' Cal says putting an arm around me.

                                '' Your welcome Cal, but i was mostly talking about Luke'' I joked as he pretended to be hurt. And Luke laughed.

                                      '' That's my girl'' He said, Cal took his arm away from me to let Luke put his around my waist.

                                     '' I was kidding your all talented''

                             '' Guys look'' We all looked at the direction Leigh Anne was looking at the one and only Simon Cowell who was standing next to a group of girls and a boy.

                                  '' Should we go talk to him ?'' Michael asked.

                            '' Nah let's just sit over there and eat food, Yes let's go talk to him'' Ash said hitting the top of Michael;s head. 

                      '' Then what are we waiting for ?'' Jesy Asked.

                        As we walked closer and closer i could feel everyone getting nervous everyone but Ash and Jesy. Luke pulled his arm away and put them in his pocket. He always did that when he was nervous.

                         '' Hello Mr. Cowell , we are Little Mix and Five Seconds of Summer. Remember from the gig last week ?'' Jesy asked, he turned around and a smile formed on his lips as he took his black sunglasses off.

                               '' That's right Little Mix and 5SOS. Glad you could make it. before we start let me'' he said.

             '' Mind introduce yourselves ?'' He asked we all nodded and Jesy started off.

                        '' Am Jesy Nelson This Is Leigh Anne Pinnock, Jade Thriwall And Kendall Hilton'' She said pointing at each of us.

                             '' And am Ashton Irwin and these mates are Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Last but not least Luke Hemmings'' Ash said with a strong  voice.

                          '' Nice to meet you all these other singers are singing here. Guys'' He said. And a girl with black hair smiled.

                                      '' Hi am Becky G'' She said.

                 '' We are fifth harmony, Am Camila this is Lauren, Ally, Dinah and Normani " A girl with a bow on her head said. They all had serious faces, all of them but Becky she seemed like a nice girl. The girl Lauren kept eyeing Luke up and down so i got closer to him and wrapped my hand around his.

                         '' Well if you don't mind let's walk to my office'' We all nodded and said goodbye to the girls and walked to Simon's office.


                           '' You two groups are amazing, you would be a successful in the Music world. What do you say ?'' We all looked at each and started saying yes.

                        '' Good, since you guys write your own songs there's no need for me to get a songwriter right ?'' We nodded.

                             '' Kendall and Luke write the songs'' Simon nodded at Jade.

                   '' Okay then your in, just sign these and we will get started to do a music video for each of your groups to get people to notice you. Come back on Friday.


                          '' GAH, We are in guys'' Michael said as we walked through the city once more. We all laughed at how excited Michael was.

                              '' Imagine Shows every night, screaming fans, photo shoots and red carpets'' Leigh Anne said. We all stopped and looked at one direction.

                                  '' Nah, i don't see it'' Ash said, who ended up getting a smack on the head by Jesy the girls and i smirked at her.

                                '' what was that for ?'' he asked as we walked into a restaurant to get some food.

                                '' For ruining the moment'' She said as we took a seat. I was about to take a seat when a hand came on mine. I thought it was Luke so i turned around and i was right.

                         '' Your seating with me'' I laughed and sat next to him.

                  '' Gosh Ash, take a joke'' Cal said, which made Ash roll his eyes.


                                   Luke wanted to take me somewhere so i went back to the house to get changed. When i got home i saw my Aunt sitting on the couch. She looked at me and stood up.

                                     '' Is everything okay Aunt Joy'' 

                      '' Kendall, take a seat please'' I raised an eyebrow but did what she said. And sat on the couch across from her.

                            ''Before you were born your Mother... My sister had a different relationship before she met your father. My sister was just like you at this age madly in love with him, but will she got pregnant by him he left her alone. That's when she met your father by our parents she was forced to marry him so she wouldn't look like a fool. There was abortion too but she didn't want to lose you... I got a phone call yesterday from the police saying that your father wants to see you and live with him. I tried to convince him to let you stay with me but he wouldn't listen''  She explained. 

 I sat there motionless. All those memories and good times we had, were they just a lie ? The way he showed that he loved her in front of my eyes. Was that a lie too ? Suddenly the tears bean to come out of my eyes.

                                             My Aunt came up to me and hugged me, i hugged her back as i cried into her long blonde hair.

    '' I don't want to go don't make me go please Aunt Joy'' I begged as i kept hugging her.

               '' Kendall, i don't want you to go either but they have to take you with your father'' I pulled away.

                          '' Please, he hasn't even been in my life i don't know him. call a lawyer somebody'' She nodded.

                "I'll go to my lawyer right now. Can you stay here?'' I nodded and she stood up, i did the same thing and walked with her to the door.

                         '' I won't be long okay'' I nodded and she walked out the door to her car i closed it and ran up to my room Once i was in i turned the lights on and layed in my bed with my face stuffed in the pillow  and just started crying am pretty sure i had mascara running down all over my face.

                                        Luke's P.O.V.

                      After i was done getting ready i walked out of my house and drove over to Kendall's once i was there i let myself in because her lights were on and her Aunt's car wasn't parked out in the driveway. I walked upstairs to her room and the door was opened i peaked in and she was laying on her bed crying.

                   '' Kendall'' she sat up and looked at me and then ran towards me and hugged me and cried some more on my chest. I hugged her back and carried her to her bed and sat down so my back was on the head of the bed, while she was on my lap.

                                         A/N- Hope yall like it.

                       Comment, Like and Favorite please love you all peace.


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