Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


13. 13.

                                                    Kendall's P.O.V.

                            Today was the day of Liz's funeral. The others, Luke and his other family members were here my Aunt Joy was here too. I was sitting next to him as we watched them bury her body, i held on to his hand tightly as his eyes never left the ground. We all had a chance to say a few words about her i went up as well. When it was Luke's turn he stayed froze and broke down. I ran up to him and hugged him. He hugged me back tighter.

                       '' Are you going to stay here with him ?'' My aunt joy asked when the funeral was over. I nodded and ave her a small smile and pulled her into a hug and she expected.

 Everyone left but Luke and I, i waited by a near by tree as he sat next to his mothers grave wanting to give him space. I remember being in this same problem when i lost both my parents and went to their funeral. Only my parent's friends and mine where there. I didn't know anyone from our family mostly because my parents never mentioned them. I closed my eyes and turned around and looked at my feet. All the memories from back them came rushing in.


                            I sat by there grave i didn't move, i cried and cried not wanting to leave them until Zac my friend came up to me and stood me up.

                          '' Kendall, you've been here all day you need to eat and sleep'' I shake my head no as he blocks me from sitting back down i ended up hitting his chest wanting him to let me go. He pulled me into his chest i layed my head crying while he calmed me down.

                              '' Aye, everything is going to be fine. Your going to be fine.'' He whispered. We pulled away and he walked us towards the exited of the graveyard i took one last look and before i knew it they were gone.

                                      I got home, it felt so..lonely and unhappy. almost like a prison, i slowly walked up to my parents room and layed on there bed memories kept coming in making me cry more and more. I sat up and looked at the picture and threw it on the ground and fell down with it.

                                         Everything went black.

                                             *End of Flashback*

                              I shook my head and sat on the bench knowing that i would breakdown. I played with the end of my black lace dress it was strapless but i was a black cardigan over my shoulders. I crossed my legs and looked out at the gravestones around me. I was interrupted when a hand went on my shoulder and i saw Luke. I stood up and hugged him.

                           ''Let's get going, yeah ?'' He asked, I nodded and we walked hand in hand to the car.


                              After telling Luke i wanted to give him space he agreed. It's been three days now.  Today i was going to meet a friend from London named Nick. He was a childhood friend, well best friend Him,  Justin and I would always hang out and mes around with each other. i was currently just getting dressed. So i had changed into this.


                           I quickly did my hair and makeup and then walked down the stairs and see my Aunt Joy sitting down watching T.V.

                                 '' Morning Aunt Joy'' I say making my accent stronger. She looks at me and smiles. I sit next to her.

                                     '' Morning Kendall, how did you sleep ?''

           '' Good, i have a question'' She puts the volume down and turns to look at me.

                                   '' Okay, blow away'' I smiled.

                           '' Well, the other day Luke...sort kinda of asked me to live with him and find a flat'' She laughed at my shyness. 

                               '' And you want to ask for my permission ?'' I nodded.

                    '' How about this, you two wait a month and I'll think about. while you guys find a place and decorate it. Yeah ?'' i smile and attack her with a hug.

                                       '' That's fine with me" I say with a smile.

                                   ''Your leaving me with her'' We both turn around and see Cal smirking. While my Aunt scolds at him.

                              '' No please don't go Ken'' He says as he jumps on me. Which causes us to land on the floor.

                                '' Please mom don't let her go''

                     '' No let me go please'' And we kept fighting when the door opened revealing Michael, Luke and Ash. Who ended up laughing there asses off.

                         '' Oh please please Aunt Joy'' I say as i try to get Cal off me.

               '' Cal get off her and i already said in a month'' Cal frowned and got off me.

                                   '' I hate you Kendall'' He said making it dramatic. I rolled my eyes and stood up fixing my skirt. And hugged him.

                                                     '' I love you too'' He laughed.

                   '' Okay kids be safe i have to go to work'' We all nodded and she left.

                       '' What were you two laughing about anyways ?'' Michael asked as he sat on the couch.

                                           I covered Cal's mouth.

                            '' Nothing, now if you excuse me i have to go'' I say, they nodded. I gave Cal another hug and did the say to the other boys. I kissed Luke and got out the house and waited for Nick to come pick me up. I sat on the stairs and pulled out my phone and started to like pictures on Instagram. I waited a couple more minutes and a red truck pulled up. I looked up and Nick came out of the car i put my phone away and ran up to him and attacked him with a hug which caused him to chuckle.

                                  '' My god Nick, puberty hit you'' He laughed.

                       '' All the ladies say that'' I roll my eyes playfully and we pull apart.

                                 '' How are you, it's been forever'' He smiled.

                           '' I'm doing good, am engaged.'' My mouth dropped. And i attacked him with another hugged him.

                              '' My god, am so happy for you, whose the lucky lady eh'' I say nudging his shoulder he lets out a laugh.

                                      '' Taylor Johnson remember her ?'' I nod. 

                     '' Come on let's go and talk more'' He nods and opens the door for me and we drive to the dinner.

                                                       Luke's P.O.V.

                                ''Aye let;s go to Target and get Michael kicked out'' Ash exclaimed, Cal and i laughed while Michael scolded at him.

                                '' Well let's go get some food, because we have like none. Kendall and Zayn finished it all'' Cal said pouting. We all nodded and walked out the door and my eyes landed on Kendall and a boy they were hugging and smiling at each other.

                 '' Aye Cal whose that ?'' I ask nudging his shoulder to get his attention. He looked at the same direction i was looking at.

                            '' Oh that's Nick, Kendall's best friends since they were kids. She told me. I talked to him yesterday. Don't worry mate his engaged'' He explained to the three of us as we watched them leave us.

                              '' How the hell do you know that ?'' Michael asked, Ash nodded as i raised an eyebrow.

                              '' I talked to the guy, duh'' He said getting in the car. We all rolled our eyes but got in the car.


                    After a long day of shopping for food and eating it at home we went to the arcade and then to the skate park. We were currently getting out of Cal's car. I looked up to Kendall's window her lights were on. I smirked. We walked in as Ash and Michael were arguing about Banana's ?

                     As we walked in i told them i was going to go hang out with Kendall. They nodded and continued to do whatever they were doing. As i reached her room, music blasted through the hallway. I walked closer and leaned against her door frame. She was laying down on her bed with her face in her pillow.

                 I walked in my shoes already off, i closed the door quietly while locking it and then  jumped on the bed she sat up and slapped my shoulder.

                '' You scared me'' I laughed, and pulled her onto my lap and kissed her passionately she kissed back and pulled away.

                             '' How have you been ?'' She asked, i thought for a moment not knowing how to answer this.

                                       '' I've...been better'' She studied my face.

                                                  '' Luke'' I sighed.

                                     '' It's just so hard...i don't know where to start, i thought my father was died for years but it was all just a lie'' She stroked my cheek. 

                           '' You'll get through this...we'll get through this'' I smile at her words and lay down with her on top of me she wanted to lay down next to me but i wouldn't let so i held on to her waist tighter. She giggled.

                                  '' What did your Aunt say ?'' She smirked.

                         '' She said in a month she will tell me the official answer, mean while we can start looking for a flat, house whatever'' I let go of her and she layed down net to me. I turned to my side as she did the same.

                                 '' Is that what you and Cal were talking about ?'' She nodded with a goofy smile on her face. I went closer to her until i was on top of her.

                                       '' Luke what are you doing ?'' She asked, my lip ran down her neck and found there way up to her lips. She pulled me closer as we kissed she wrapped her legs around me. I sat up with her in my lap, i slowly moved my hands to the back of her zipper and unzipped her top. I threw it on the ground as she took my shirt  and pulled it off me. Then she went to my pant's and unzipped the as we kissed. Move lips running down to her shoulders. I took my pants off. I layed her back down on the bed and puled her skirt off .

                                                 Kendall's P.O.V.

                                    As he threw my skirt on the floor he went down to my stomach and began to run his tongue up my belly. A moan escaped my lips as he did this, he came back up and took my bra off as well as my panties i took his boxers off and then he bean to suck my suck skin he went down to my boob. he then kept going down and down.

                           And we made love to each other that night.


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