Anything For You l.h

©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
This is the sequel to Anything Can Happen L.H.
Kendall and Luke's relationship has going to a whole new level, they are happy together. But what happens when someone Kendall thought she would never see again comes around ? And what happens when Katie tries to win back Luke ? And what if someone starts having feels for Kendall? Will they be able to make it through?Or will they have to go their own ways ?


10. 10.

                                                      Kendall's P.O.V.

                     It's been one whole week, one amazing week with Luke. Cal returned from his vacation with Jade so that met no Luke for now. I did what the girls told me to do, wait a week. And i am fine, but just in case i made an appointment to the doctors. I haven't told Luke, and i don't think he remembered about us using protection. Anyways, the others and I are trying to convince Cal that it wasn't Luke's fault, but he isn't buying it. Not even from Jade, if he knew how much i loved him then maybe it would be different, right ? I had just finished getting ready to head to the clinic and i had changed into this. Once i had arrived at the clinic i got out of my Cal's car and parked it close to the entrance i grabbed my pink clutch and walked in and paid the money for my appointment. Then i took a seat and my mind drifted away.


                              '' Kendall Hilton'' I looked up at the nurse and smiled as i stood up and followed her to a room where she did a little check up. To be honest i was really nervous, sure i want to have kids and a bunch of them but am young and i want to live a little before having to take care of all that responsibility.

                              '' Okay Dr. Martin well be with you in a few minutes'' The nurse said grabbing her things, i thanked her and with that she walked out the door. I looked down at my hands and sighed. Then my phone rang it was Luke.

                                             '' Hi babe'' He said, i laughed.

                               '' Hi Luke, is there something you need ?'' I ask as i play with my free hand that was on my lap.

                               '' No just that Jade convinced Cal and he forgave me'' I looked at the door and smiled. 

                           '' I knew he would come around'' I say he laughed.

                          '' I knew he would too, aye were are you ?'' He asked.

                       '' At the doctors, i have to do a check up'' Which was partly true. He sighed in relief.

                               '' I thought it was something bad'' I smiled, i loved how caring he was towards me and was always worried about me.

                                  '' No just a check up, Luke i have to go but I'll call you when i get home. Yeah ?'' I ask as the doctor walks in.

                      '' Fine, but you better'' I laugh and we say goodbye.


                    '' Okay well i have some bad news and some good news'' Dr. Martin says as we sit in her office.

                             '' Good news is your not pregnant'' I let out a little sigh of relief.

                            '' And what's the bad news ?'' I asked a little worried, she stand up from her desk and looks down at me.

              '' The bad news is you can't have children'' My mouth dropped at her words.

                                              '' W-what'' 

                         '' Some woman have the same problem, but there is a chance that you can have children. But many things could go wrong. The baby can die, you can have a miscarriage and your health can be in danger.'' I nod slowly at her words. I stand up and shake her hand.

                               '' Thank you, have a nice day'' She gives me a smile and i walk out and head to the car and sit there and think. I can't have kids , but if i do everything can go wrong. I begin to drive back to my house.

                                             Luke's P.O.V.

                          I walked into Cam's house once more, and walked over to the basement and grabbed the last of cocaine to sell. I walked back upstairs and see him in the living room making out with... Katie. I rolled my eyes and walked out the front door only to be stopped.

                            '' Aye Luke, is that the last of it ?'' I turned around.

                      '' Yes, and after this job am done'' He laughed as Katie sat on his lap looking at me. 

                                  '' Yeah, Yeah. A deals a deal. Your girl won't be getting hurt'' I was about to walk out when Katie stopped me.

                           '' I still don't see what's so good about her, you should leave her and come back to me'' I turned around and laughed.

                          '' Well let's see, she isn't a slut like you. She doesn't look like a clown when she puts makeup on oh and shes decent and I love her'' I spat and walk out of the house and went back in my car and drove to the mansion.

                                                Kendall's P.O.V.

                          " Oh Kendall am so sorry'' Sophia said, we were at my place in my room. El, Jesy, El and Leigh Anne. I just told them i couldn't have kids.

                             '' It's fine, i just thought'' I sighed. Jade came up to me and hugged me.

                          '' I know it's hard to understand but your strong Kendall' I hugged her back and then we pulled away.

                           '' Plus there's always adoption'' El suggested, i shrugged.

                                          '' I know but'' Jesy stood up.

                                '' But she said there was a chance, so if you and Luke do sex everyday. Bam there's the kid'' She said, we all laughed at her comment.

                                     '' What am i missing something ?''

           '' Jesy, many things could go wrong'' Leigh Anne said serious this time.

                                       '' Oh, I knew that. Wait are you going to tell him ?'' I gulped at Jesy's question.

                                                '' I-i-i Don't know'' 

               '' I don't think you should, that's women stuff'' El said, I rolled my eyes.

                           '' Well i think she should he deserves to know'' Jade said.

                         '' Or how about she tells him when they bring up kids, yeah ? okay'' Sophia said, we laughed at how annoyed she was with El and Jade.

                               '' Yeah, Yeah how about we go shopping'' Jesy yelled we all nodded and grabbed our purses and went to the car and drove to the Mall. Once we were done Leigh Anne, Sophia and Jesy went to Top shop while Jade, El and I went to Hollister.

                           '' Oh my god that would look so cute on you. Go try it on'' I say to Jade, El nods. And we both push her in.

                               '' am going to go check out I'll be right back'' El said, i nodded and she walked away, I looked at the dresses. God the were so beautiful.

                           '' Well if it isn't Luke's girl'' I turned around and saw Katie.

                                      ''what do you want ?'' i asked rather rudely.

                              ''Oh nothing, you know i dont get what he sees in you. your a little goody goody'' She says laughing.

                 '' And your a slut, goodbye'' i say walking away from her and up to El.


                                   I was currently in the middle of band rehearsals since we missed our first live show. Ash was behind the drums playing random beats, Cal and Michael were setting up there guitars while The girls and i warmed up. We were waiting for Luke to show up. His always late.

                                     '' Come on Ken, make that high note higher'' Leigh Anne said while she passed me a mic.

                          '' Okay how about this'' I say, I put the mic by my mouth and do a really really high note.

                                 '' How was that ?'' I asked with a smirk.

                            '' Damn Kenny's got skills'' Ash said, i laughed.

                         '' Of course she dose she's my cousin, she gets them from me'' Cal said proudly. We all tried to hold in our laughter but failed and started laughing.

                '' Aw you know we love you Cal'' I say, he rolls his eyes but smiles.

                              '' Aye what's going on in here ?'' We all turn around and Luke was by the doorway making his way to his guitar.

                                           '' Cal thinks,Kendall got her singing from him'' Michael and Jesy say laughing. I smile and grab my water bottle and take a drink.

                            '' Okay let's start off with word up. Yeah ?'' Jade asked, we all nodded and got in our spots. Cal next to Jade, then Leigh Anne Next to Michael. And i was next to Luke.

                          Ash started to count off and then we began to sing.

                                   ''You pretty ladies around the world
                                       Got a weird thing to show you
                                        So tell all the boys and girls 
                                        Tell your brother, your sister
                                              And your mama too
                                 'Cause we're about to throw down
                                  And you'll know just what to do" I sang as the four of us walked forward and began to do our dance.


                          At the middle of the song i got in the front while the girls went back to there spots and Luke came up. We had a little solo, he played his guitar while i sang. Our backs touching.

                                '' Yeah'' Jade sang and we were done.

                               '' Now that's how you do it'' Jesy said smirking. 

                  My phone began to rang so i walked over to my bag and answered.

                                            '' Hey Zayn'' I say.

                              ''Kendall, can you stop by as soon as you can Harry is really, really injured'' He said. I shook my head.

                             '' What happened ?'' I asked, as i picked up my bag.

                              '' He got in a fight with some boys, and they beat him up really bad. The girls aren't home and Louis and Niall aren't helping. Liam is at the pharmacy getting some pain killers'' I nod.

                          '' I'm coming right now. Get make sure you have the first aid kit out'' We say goodbye.

                          '' Guys i have to go, but we'll practice tomorrow yeah ?'' they all nodded .

                          '' Here take my car'' Cal said throwing the keys up and i caught them.

                            '' Thanks'' I run out of jade's basement and head over to the car and drive to Zayn's.


                           I got home after mending harry's open cuts and bruises. He looked so bad it almost hurt me to see him like that.

                              I was currently in my room playing with Mate and waiting for Luke. He said he wanted to hang out. Which i was totally fine with, i wonder what he will think when i tell him. The doorbell ring, i was to lazy go and open so i let Cal do it.

                               '' KENDALL OPEN THE DOOR" I groaned.

                    '' NO YOU" I yell back, i hear him groan, but then hear footsteps.

                                            '' LAZY ASS" He yells.

                                      '' JERK FACE" I smiled, this was kind of our thing. Its quiet for a moment but then i hear him again.

                                                       '' BITCH"

                        '' DICKHEAD" I say as i grab my phone and lay down in bed.

                                  '' SHARK" I raised an eyebrow shark.

                     There's a knock on my door, i get up and open it and see Luke.

                             '' Hi Luke'' I say and move to the side so he can come in.

                                   '' Hey babe'' He says and lays on my bed.

                               '' What do you want to do ?'' I ask as i lay next to him and put my head on his chest.

                                 '' AM GOING OUT! DON'T HAVE TO MUCH FUN" I roll my eyes at Cal's comment while Luke  laughed.

                   It was quiet after the door closed and we stayed like this for awhile.

           '' Would you want to have kids?'' He asked, i gulped and felt like breaking down.

                              '' Yes, a bunch of them'' I say looking up at him he smiles.

                                     '' Would you?'' He nodded.

                                   '' Three'' He said, I raised an eyebrow.

                               '' How about seven'' His eyes went wide, but then went back to normal which caused me to giggle.

                          '' How about two, a girl and a boy ?'' I nodded.

                                   '' Ariana and Colton'' I say smiling.

                         '' the girl will have the same brown hair as you and your beautiful brown eyes'' He said touching my hair. I pulled away and bean to cry.

                            '' Kendall ,what's wrong'' he says as he trys to comfort me.

                                          '' Luke,I-i-i-i can't have kids'' 

                                                    Luke's P.O.V.

                                        '' Luke,I-i-i-i can't have kids'' 

                                   I hug her as she cries into my chest.

                                              '' It's okay Kendall, that's not going to stop me from loving you'' She looks up at me her eyes red and puff. I pull her into a kiss. and she responds back.

                                                We pull away.

                            '' Your not going to leave me ?'' She asks, i chuckle.

                                                           '' Never''

                   '' The doctor said theres a chance, but it's a very low one'' she says, i nod.

                                I get off the bed, and go down on one knee.

                                                her eyes go wide.

                            A/N- Hey guys ! What do you think of this chapter hmmm

                                 Anyways love you all, might be updating later today.

                                                     M'Kay Bye

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