Liam Payne Adopted Me!

Liam Payne and Danielle Payne finally tie the knot. One Direction is on pause while the boys start there life, with family. Danielle can't have kids, so when Liam and Danielle can't have kids they decide to adopt. That's when Carter and Stefan get involved with the media, and there father (Liam) goes on tour again how will they deal with there father going away, for long periods of time?


6. Liam.

Chapter 6 ~ Liam

"Carter.." I whisper cracking the door open slowly, I peek my head in first to make sure she's dressed, and not underdressed. Turns out she feel asleep. How cute.

I sigh in relief I my self had begun to become paranoid, like Harry. "What what?" Harry questions trying to push the door open farther.

"No Harry," I warn him "she's sleeping leave her be." he nods his head, turns around, and walks down the hallway.

I walk into her room. She barely reached the bed, when I'm guessing before she feel asleep. I quickly lift her onto the bed, and pull her blankets over her. Kissing her forehead I walk out of the room and down the stairs.

"Liam..." Louis sighs placing a hand on my shoulder, I give him a questioning look before I am shoved out of the house and into the Range Rover we rent.

"Where are we going?" I exclaim I haven't left Carter a note or anything to remind her where I am or the boys.

"We called Simon. We have a meeting with him in a few minutes." Zayn explains honking the horn angrily at some car that cut him off.

Road Rage Zayn.

"But what about-" I start before Niall cuts me off.

"I called and left her a message on her phone, telling her where we will be," Niall explains bouncing his knee. It's something Niall does when he's nervous or doesn't have enough food in his system.

"Ohh" Harry nods his head, closing his eyes. Soon his softly snoring. I chuckle at his sleeping habits. He normally sleeps anytime of day, or when he wants.

We arrive shortly after Zayn has a little fight with a taxi driver complaining that he had better places to be then being yelled at by some weird guy.

After all of us boys pull him back into the drivers seat we head off to Simon's office.

"Guys.. I don't know if we should do this.." My nerves are actin up, my fingers are fidgeting, and I can't stop bouncing my leg as we wait for Simon to come in.

Were all seated around a round table that has glasses of water for all of us. Thanks to the sickly sweet secretary Veronica.

"Hello boys," Simon greets walking into the room with Veronica hot on his heels. She's clingy. Simon obviously doesn't mind.

"Hey," we greet. Veronica is fan girling and batting her eyelashes at us.

Makes me want to gag.

"What's the problem?" He intertwines his fingers together resting them on top of the table.

"Ummm," I had this all planned out to say again. But the words just left my mouth. I open and close my mouth desperately trying to remember what I was gonna say.

"Liam is bringing his daughter on tour," Harry blurts covering his mouth quickly giving me an apologetic look. I nod my head.

"What?" Simon asks his eyebrows knitted together, he looks pure confused.

"I'm bringing my daughter on tour," I speak with a sudden boost of confidence. Were did this confidence come from?

Simon sits back in his chair clearly shocked by my outburst. Serves him right. "And why would I allow this?" He quirks a brow, giving us a daring look.

"We'll make the tour go on delay." Louis smiles at his achievement of thinking of something to say first.

With these boys you always have to fight to say something first, do something first. Basically it's a competition for everything we do.

"Fine," he huffs "Only for tour."

"Yes!" I fist pump the air, jumping out of my seat dancing in circles. The boys start chuckling, copying my dance moves. We probably look like a pair of hyena's gone crazy.

"Okay, boys." Simon chuckles "Your dissmissed."

We all walk out of the building and to our Range Rover, pile in, and drive back to my house to check on Carter..


I'm sorry if the meeting didn't turn out the way you wanted it too. I just wanted to get it out of the way so I can start writing chapters for tour.

I didn't proof read this chapter so if there are any mistakes, I'm sorry and I'll fix them later!!

-Asia Xx

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