Liam Payne Adopted Me!

Liam Payne and Danielle Payne finally tie the knot. One Direction is on pause while the boys start there life, with family. Danielle can't have kids, so when Liam and Danielle can't have kids they decide to adopt. That's when Carter and Stefan get involved with the media, and there father (Liam) goes on tour again how will they deal with there father going away, for long periods of time?


5. Liam & Harry

~~Chapter 5 ~ Liam & Harry.

"So when do you want to go to Simon?" Harry asks patting Carter on the back. Her and Harry have a good friendship? And that's all it better be.

"I think we should talk to Paul and get him on our side first," Louis speaks making all of us nod our head in agreement.

"I'm calling him now," Zayn agrees pulling his phone out calling Paul.

"Aye Paul," Zayn answers nodding his head. "Alright, could you come over? We need to talk," Zayn nods his head, "see you soon then." He ends the call. "Paul is on his way."

"Carter, your gonna meet Paul. He is funny, when he isn't serious." Harry explains, she nods her head putting her face into the pillow again.

I never wanted this for her. Having her 'Supposedly' mum call her a whore? That's not right, I'm having second thoughts if I even want to still be with Danielle. Of course we would share custody of Stefan. Only Stefan. Maybe I should? I mean I'm not feeling the same way towards her anymore, and we've been married for 3 years.

"What you thinking about, mate?" Niall asks looking up from the bag crisps he had. I chuckle, Niall can't stop eating for one second. His stomach is like a bottomless pit.

"If I should leave Danielle or not," I answer honestly. Maybe if I had there opinions I could clear my head? Get a fresh point of view?

"I think you should," Harry speaks first after the long moment of silence.

"Me too," Louis adds.

"Me three," Niall agrees.

"Me four," Zayn adds.

"Me five," Carter adds scaring us all. I guess I was right after all, but the boys never liked Danielle anyway. I'll just get shared custody for Stefan. She cannot have any custody of Carter.

At all.

There's a knock at the door, but I don't want to get up and get it. I nod my head at Louis who groans and walks to the door.

"Hey Paul," Louis greets leading him to the living room where were all scattered.

"What's going on here boys?" Paul asks, his eye brows knitted together, with a confused glance at all of us.

"Uhhhh," I couldn't speak. I had what I was gonna say planned out in my head, and now the words are gone.

"Liam kicked out Danielle," Zayn starts, earning a throaty chuckle from me.

"Really? Go Liam!" Paul cheers, the other boys looked shocked as well as I. "What's the real reason I'm here?"

"Liam needs to take his daughter, on tour," Harry speaks, looking up from Carter to Paul. I nod my head vigorously.

"Ummm, boys I don't know.." Paul trails off, thinking. Please Paul please, I plead inside my head.

"I'm on your side if that's what you want. Liam I thought you had two kids?"

I gulp. "Yeah Danielle took the other one," his eyes widen, then go to a look of anger.

"She shouldn't have him," he spits "She is not a good mother."

I nod my head in agreement, the boys trying to hide there smiles.

"Selfish Bitch," I hear him mutter. "Well let's go talk to Simon. Carter do you want to tag along?" He asks, she sighs before sitting up, nodding her head. She walks upstairs to her room. Probably to change.

Now is my chance to talk to Harry.

"Soo Harry, you've become close to my daughter?" I ask, eyeing him. I almost started laughing when he was fidgeting.


"Uhhh. Yeah?" He sighs rubbing his temples..

[Harry's POV]

"Uhhh. Yeah?" I sigh rubbing my temples. I don't know what came over me, when I saw Carter there crying all I wanted to do was kiss her, and make it all go away.

Harry don't think that! She's Liam's kid!

My 'inner voice.' Told me to stay away keep your distance, Liam will suspect something. Of course my 'inner voice', was right.

"It better, and will only stay a friendship Harry," Liam gives me a parental glare, that you would normally give your daughters boyfriend.

Your not her boyfriend.

The way he said my name was venomous. I never knew Liam had this side to him. I kind of respect that. He is gonna be over protective. Which will be harder for Me and Carter.

Ugh. Why does this have to be so 'Dramatized'? Idon'twantthesefeelingstowards Carter. It sort of just happened, from when I first met her looking at that hideous bra, with a look of disgust.

I thought it was the most adorable thing ever. Screw the boys if they don't think that.

[15 Minutes later]

Carter still hasn't came down. And I'm starting to worry. What if she jumped out her window, and sprained her ankle and can't move?

Or some robber came in thru her window, and killed her?

Shut up Harry. Your paranoid.

I sigh placing my head in between my knees rocking my self.

Back and Forth. I repeat to myself, the paranoia getting the best of me. Liam sighs standing up.

"C'mon Harry were gonna go check on her," his voice shakes as he runs a hand thru his now messed up quiff.

We walk up the stairs, were in a silence, it's not really an awkward silence or a nice silence it's in between.. Make sense?

We reach her door. Liam knocks only to be greeted with silence and some muffling.

"Carter.." Liam slowly cracks the door open.


Heyy lovelies!! How are you? .

I moved some 'meetings' to next chapter.

What do you think happened to Carter? Think she died? I sure hope not. That would be horrible..

How do you feel about the Carry, or Harter? Not sure which shipping name that will be yet.. Do you like them or should I add a 'Special Boy' to the story for Carter?

-Asia Xx

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