Liam Payne Adopted Me!

Liam Payne and Danielle Payne finally tie the knot. One Direction is on pause while the boys start there life, with family. Danielle can't have kids, so when Liam and Danielle can't have kids they decide to adopt. That's when Carter and Stefan get involved with the media, and there father (Liam) goes on tour again how will they deal with there father going away, for long periods of time?


3. Carter.


I wake up sun streaming in, and Stefan gone. I sit up straight rubbing my eyes to get rid of the eye boogies.

Eye boogies are so annoying aren't they? I hate them, they suck. Especially, when your friends point them out. Tell me about EMBARRASSING..

I search around my room frantically moving everything searching for Stefan.

Where could he be? He couldn't have gotten far, I mean he's to short to reach the door knobs, but dad did leave the door open.

Ugh! Dad, don't leave the door open with Stefan around. I open the door, and am meeted with a sleeping Stefan against the wall. Aww

I pick him up, waking him in the process.

"Good morning, Stef." I hug him, as he giggles.

Stefan is a giggly 3 year old. I remember when he wasn't all giggly that was when he was brought into the orphanage.

I remember that day like it was yesterday.


"Thank you Miss, we'll take good care of him," Marlene says speaking into the phone.

We are currently sitting in her office, it's where I've felt comfertable, since I got here last month.

She sighs, "Carter we got another one, he is a little boy 2 years old. Abused." she grabs a Kleenex, "he's coming here from the hospital, his mother, knocked the little boy over the head with a bottle of vodka." She blows her nose.

"Miss Marlene, could this little boy room with me? I would help him alot," I look up at her, and see she's smiling.

"That's a lovely idea, Carter." she nods at me as the doorbell rings.

"May I go with you?" I ask standing up, and walking to the office door to open it for her.

Marlene is still the bitch, that has her mood swings, but I guess that Stefan joining the orphanage has softened her up, for today at least.

"Yes, come on." She scurries out the door, to the front door.

I follow behind quickly, wanting to meet this poor little boy.

"Hello, you must be the lady I talked to on the phone," Marlene shakes the hands of a women that looks way to old to be doing this job.

"Yes, that's me. This is Stefan," she yanks the hand of the little boy, up to front of her.

I scan his face, it's covered in bruises, his blonde hair is matted down red from the blood.

What can the not give him a bath?

He looks up at me with frightful piercing green eyes. I smile slowly, and get down on one knee.

"Hi Stefan. I'm Carter." I slowly speak, don't want to overwhelm him.

"Me Stefan, you cat?" he replies slowly. I giggle, at the nickname. I nod my head, and he smiles.

*End Of FlashBack*

"Me hungry," Stefan rubs his eyes staring at me intently.

"Well, what do you want to eat?" I question walking down the hallway to find my to the kitchen.

I finally find a staircase that leads downstairs. Later I'm gonna explore this whole house, and figure out where everything is at.

As I step off the last step, I realize I'm in the kitchen. Hm that's easy just remember the way to this staircase. Should be easy.

"Good morning Carter, Stefan." Dad greets us walking in from the doorway.

"Were hungry," I speak for me and Stefan.

"Well Danielle is getting ready for the mall, so what do you want?"

"Were going to the mall? I've never been to a mall.. Me and Stefan will have, cereal."

"You've never been to a mall?" He asks getting to bowls from the cupboard, getting milk, and Reese's puff cereal.

He pours us each a bowl, as I set Stefan in a chair, me next to him.

"So, we are gonna paint our rooms today?" I ask taking a bite of the cereal.

"Yup, shopping for clothes too, Danielle and I have enrolled you two in school." Dad explains.

Okay so I'm going to school, what's wrong with that? In the orphanage Marlene had a tutor come and tutor all of us kids.

Shopping? I've never been shopping, Marlene always did the shopping whether we liked the clothing or not.

Meeting the mates of my dad? Nerve Wracking, I mean I want to meet my dads friends, but I'm afraid they won't like me. I have nothing to worry about right?

"Sounds fun," I mutter sipping the milk. "I'm done." I put my bowl in the sink and sit down in my chair.

"Morning kids," mom says waltzing into the room giving each of us a kiss on the cheek. "I can't wait to shop!!" she squeals.

Great, I can already tell this is gonna be fun. (NOTE THE SARCASM)

"When are we going, mum?" I ask watching her sit down at the other end of the table, next to dad.

"Right now! You guys need new clothes." she exclaims causing dad to chuckle.

"Okay, show us where are shoes are so we can go!" I get up, and pick up Stefan. I'm so used to caring for Stefan, but now we have a mum who will do it.

"Don't worry Carter, I've got Stefan you follow your dad, for your shoes." she grabs Stefan out of my hands and walks out of the room.

"C'mon Carter, this way." Dad snaps his fingers as he walks out the door to get my attention.

"Coming," I mutter, following him out the doorway to the front door, to see Stefan and mum already there with there shoes on. How'd they get here so fast? And how'd they get there shoes on so fast?

I slip my boots on, and walk out the door with my new family to the mall for supplies.

(6 Hours Of Non-Stop Shopping)

That's it. I officially HATE shopping. Oh I'm a girl, I should like shopping. No, I don't. I got a phone today though. I got one of them, iPhone 5C. It's pink I thought it was cool.

We've got everything today. From electronic's to Grocerys, To paints, to Clothes. Dad said the boys are coming over to help paint our rooms, which is exciting. I get to meet them. Dad also said that they have kids my age.

Finally after sorting everything out, we have a pile of my things in one corner of the living room to the other is full of Stefan's stuff.

"The boys should be here, to help paint later," Mum explains, uh oh, this is horrible. I'm actually meeting them.. I'm scared.. What if they don't like me and Stefan? Then when ever they come and visit us, they will not like us.

Stop worrying Carter.

I huff, and sit down in the couch tapping my foot. This is gonna be the worst few hours of my life. I hate painting, and if dads friends are coming over and there as immature as he says they are there gonna spray paint everywhere.

I'm really good at drawing, so I told dad while we were getting paint that I'm gonna draw designs on my wall, and ceiling.

My ceiling is gonna be black, and walls, I'm just gonna take colorful paint colors and doodle. I'm not sure what Stefan's room is gonna look like. I bet it's gonna be a super hero like batman, Spider-Man, or Super-Man.

"There here," mum exclaims rushing to the door. I mentally groan.

"Were are your beautiful kids?" a voice asks, obviously if you would walk into the living room, you'd see them.

"In the living room," Dad yells from upstairs, I didn't hear him going up stairs.

I quickly busy myself looking through my bags. I honestly don't know what is in this bag, it looks like bra's.. I pull one out, forgetting that the rest of the 1D boys are standing in the living room. I examine it, with a disgusted face.

Someone clears there throat. I quickly look up, to see 4 other attractive boys in the living room, watching me with red faces.

Instantly the bra is shoved in the bag, with my face beat red.

Great way to meet them, Carter.

"Ummm," I start, examining them each.

"Carter," dad starts walking down the stairs, giving each of the boys a hug. "These are my mates." He smiles proudly.

What dad your proud of your friends?

"Cool," I reply obviously still embarrassed about the 'Bra Incident' who wouldn't be?! You just embarrassed your self in front of attractive boys!!

"Mates this is Carter Payne." Dad introduces me, I nod my head staring at the floor. "Stefan Payne is over there," he points to Stefan playing with a toy fire truck.

"So were supposed to help you paint and set up furniture?" The curly haired one asked. I pull out my phone, open safari, and Google one direction names and pictures.

Okay so Curly haired one is Harry. Blonde one is Niall, which I also found out he is Irish. Zayn is the one with black hair. Last but not least the last one is Louis. I love his blue eyes.

Honestly they look good in pictures. But seeing them in person is better. I'm gonna have to listen to there music later.

"Yeah, Harry Louis and Zayn, you help Carter with her furniture. Niall, Danielle, and I will set up Stefan's furniture." dad explains.

"Carter it's nice to meet you," Louis speaks putting his hand out. I reach out and shake it quickly, from what I read he's a prankster.

"Your good," he smirks grabbing some bags, while handing other bags to Harry and Zayn. I grab the Bra and Underwear bags, so they won't look thru them. That one Bra is gonna be thrown away though.

It's completely ugly.

"Sooo what were you doing on your phone?" Harry asks while following me as I lead them hallway after hallway to my room.

"Looking you guys up, honestly I've never seen your faces before today," I open the door to my room, they stumble in looking around nodding there head disapprovingly. "What?" I ask tired of getting disappointed looks.

"You really need to get this room painted." Zayn exclaims, Harry and Louis agreeing with him.

"That's why I got paint," I point out grabbing a paint brush.

"So how do you want to do this?" Harry asks placing plastic covering over my bed.

"Were gonna paint the walls and ceiling are gonna be black," I start watching Louis open the can of black paint, "then I'm gonna doodle all over where ever I want. I'm gonna put your names on the wall in random places." I explain placing my paint brush in the paint and swirling it around.

"That's creative. Could I help you doodle on the wall?" Zayn asks getting excited. I nod my head, smiling at his eager ness.

"Me and Louis want to help doodle too," Harry speaks with fake pouting. I nod my head chuckling, at his fake pouting.


"So where is Stefan's room?" Louis asked trying to start a conversation with me after we got all the walls and ceilings done.

"Right thru that door," I answer focusing on Harry's name that I'm painting beside my mirror.

"Cool," he answers going back to his doodling.

"Guys look how she did my name!" Harry exclaims rushing over, taking pictures of it. Umm okay? It's just art nothing to get over worked about.

Right above my head board I put Zayn's name. On my closet door is Louis name. On the bathroom door is Niall's name. After I finish painting Niall's name I look around my room. It's so pretty, Harry, Louis, and Zayn, put cool designs on my walls that some how look great together.

We finally have all my furniture out together, and placed in the right spot.

"Thanks guys," I give them each a hug, before throwing the bags of clothes into my closet. I'll out them away later.

"Well we've got to get going," Zayn butts in, looking up from his watch. Harry and Louis sigh nodding there heads before walking to Stefan's room.

I hear them telling my dad about an important meeting, and that he has to attend. It's 9 at night, and there is a meeting he has to attend? Weird.

"I'm going to bed thanks for the help guys," I give them a quick hug, before walking into my room.

I turn on my new flat screen TV, to spongebob muting it. I lay down removing the plastic covers, snuggling into my covers I fall into a dreamless sleep.



Hello lovelies! How are you? I'm good, just got back from DC!

It was so funnnn. You wouldn't believe it. Did you know Abraham Lincoln doesn't have a middle name?! That shocked me, like major.

Anyway, Carter embarrassed her self with that bra. But seriously it was ugly. Who would wear a brown bra that has Butterflies all over it? Carter and I are one of them.

So how did I do bring the boys into the story? Liam is going on tour soon.  I wonder how Carter, Stefan, and Danielle are gonna act..


-Asia Xx

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