Liam Payne Adopted Me!

Liam Payne and Danielle Payne finally tie the knot. One Direction is on pause while the boys start there life, with family. Danielle can't have kids, so when Liam and Danielle can't have kids they decide to adopt. That's when Carter and Stefan get involved with the media, and there father (Liam) goes on tour again how will they deal with there father going away, for long periods of time?


4. Carter & Liam.


I'm woken up by my mum and dad screaming at each other, Stefan walks into my room crying.

"Shhh Stefan it's okay," I coo. I don't even know if it's gonna be okay. I pull him up on my bed hugging him. I whisper comforting words into his eat, till I hear him snoring.

I lay him on my bed gently, before walking down the hallway finding my way to the stair case from yesterday. The shouting is louder now.

"I don't care I don't want you going on tour! I don't want to care for two kids," Mum yells, slamming her fists on the island.

"What?! You agreed to take care of them! You knew I was gonna go back on tour!" Dad shouts his hands going into fists.

"Take Carter, she's your daughter not mine. Stefan is mine." Her voice softer, her eyes darting to the stairs where I'm standing watching.

I let out a hiccup, before running back up the stairs, into my room. Mum doesn't like me? I'm just dads kid? She only wanted Stefan?

I lock my door, crawling into bed cuddling Stefan to my chest, I hiccup my self back to sleep.

[Liam's POV]

I can't believe Danielle just said that. She doesn't want Carter. Worst she knew that Carter was listening when she said that. Carter is gonna go on tour with me. I think I need a break from Danielle.

"We need a break, pack yours and Stefan's belonging and leave," I say thru gritted teeth. She looks hurt, but nods her head walks away.

"Shit," I mutter walking to the living room plopping down on the couch pulling my phone out to call Harry.

"Yo mate what you need?" Harry asks his usual cheeky voice asks thru the phone. I sigh, how am I gonna tell him I'm making Danielle leave for I don't know how long?

"Could you come over with the rest of the boys? I'll call you when you can," I speak in a foreign voice, it doesn't even sound like my voice.

Danielle comes walking down the stairs carrying Stefan that's bawling his eyes out, with three large suitcases. Carter is walking down behinds crying also. I feel my heart hurt, seeing my daughter the one I love, crying.

"I'll send you some money," I tell Danielle walking to Carter pulling her into a hug, her body starts shaking from crying so hard.

"What's wrong?" I ask her once Danielle is out of the house. She shakes her head, wiping her nose on her sleeve.

"She-She came in and yanked Stefan out of my arms, and called me a W-whore." she starts crying all over again. How could she do this to my Carter? She's to sweet and defiantly not a whore. She's far from a whore.

"Sweetie your gonna come on tour with me," she slowly nods her head, walking over to the couch burying her face into the couch pillow.

"I'm gonna go call the boys, are you gonna be okay?" I ask, she nods her head turning the TV on.

I pull my phone out dialing Harry's number.

"Come over now," I yell into the phone hanging up before he could reply, I walk outside to my back porch swinging on the porch swing.

How am I supposed to talk to management about Carter going I tour? I'll talk to Paul he'll understand. He's like our traveling dad. Or maybe I could call my mum and dad, and ask them if Carter could stay there? No, she barely knows them.

I don't want to push her onto strangers, that are her grandparents. I'll get a tutor for her, so she will learn.

I walk into the living room, plopping down on the couch.

"Liam mate where are you?" Zayn's voice yells, I hear Carter grumble about there voices being to loud. I chuckles and yell in the living room.

"What's wrong mate?" Harry asks, seeing mine and Carter's face. I bet we look like ghosts.

"Hey look they look like ghosts!" Louis exclaims, laughing. Niall joins him, while Harry and Zayn look at is concerned. They stop laughing and stare at us with equal concern as the other two.

"What's wrong?" Louis asks all serious, it's weird seeing Louis serious, he's always joking around, goofing off. When he's serious it's strange.

"I-I kicked Danielle out, she took Stefan," I spit out. I feel Carter stiffen burying her face in the pillow again, her soft sobs can be heard as she removes her face from the pillow to breath. Harry looks like he's in pain.

"Why?" is all that could be heard as Carter's sobs get a little louder. I rub her back, as Harry comes over as hugs Carter.

"She told me she didn't love Carter, she only wanted Stefan. She even called Carter a whore," my eyes watering as I recall Danielle's harsh glare towards Carter.

"Carter is gonna have to come on tour with me could you guys help me talk to them?" I ask rubbing Carter's back.

"We're here for you Liam. If management says no. Then we can all go on strike. Sound good?" Louis speaks his face full of hatred. I'm guessing towards Danielle?


Heyy lovelies! Two updates in one day? Unnatural! For me anyway.

But how could Danielle? Call Carter a whore and not want to care for her?

Soooo next chapter is the meeting with management. It should be good.

-Asia Xx

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