HI, I'm Nicole I'm 18 , and my parents died 2 years ago and my brother Nathan is now 3 and I'm his legal guardian . I'm going out with Harry Styles and he's doesn't know about Nathan ! To Nathan I'm his mom because he was 1 when they died and he doesn't remember them ! READ to find out what Harry does Will he Stay or Will he Leave ? <3


7. Where are you?

Harry's  Point of View

I Love Nathan he calls me Dadda and its truly the sweetest thing ever it's been 4weeks since I asked them to move in with me and Nathan's 4th birthday is comming up in 2 Days and I Want it to be the best birthday in the world! I'll invite the boyz and their Girlfriends and Niki's Family and Mine and we will have a Fantasic 4th Birthday for Nathan!  I'm going to ask Niki to marry me on her birthday which is a month away and so is my birthday which I don't need anything I have these amazing people in my life right now and I'm not letting the go !

~Nialler' s POV~

I like niki and Nathan but I think it's weird how Nathan calls Harry dadda and Niki momma because it's her brother? Harry and I will talk about it in a few , and I'm happy that their relationship has been growing and Blossomed with in months! If he Ever lost her he would be LOST in this world . The look In his eyes when I say her name sparkle and he smiles and talks on and on about her and it is very sweet because me and Sarah have been married for 5 months and haven't told anyone yet but Sarah's Ring will tell them on Nathan's Birthday!

~Nikis speaking~

Umm... My life has been deeply affected by Harry and I don't want to loose him or I will be upset and have no reason to live and I don't want Nathan to have to loose me either ! His birthday is in a couple days and Gaza's and I have it all planned out and I'm loving the idea's!

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