HI, I'm Nicole I'm 18 , and my parents died 2 years ago and my brother Nathan is now 3 and I'm his legal guardian . I'm going out with Harry Styles and he's doesn't know about Nathan ! To Nathan I'm his mom because he was 1 when they died and he doesn't remember them ! READ to find out what Harry does Will he Stay or Will he Leave ? <3


5. Harry's Place*

 ​Harry' s place

​Harry' s house was Amazing it was perfect and he sent me to his room to take a shower . I figured it would be okay to leave the door unlocked and then I heard the door open and I felt warm hands on my waist Harry spun me around and Kissed me and we continued to have our shower. When I got out Harry was all over me he kept kissing me and I didn't stop him I made it back to his bedroom and I got on his bed and looked at the floor  until Harry got ontop of me and was kissing my neck and my belly and I flipped him over so I was On top and we had NO clothes on so I pulled the blanket over us and turned the lights off and we .... you  know we did It ! And it was Awesome ! I woke up next to Harry and I put my fingers throughout his hair and played with it and he opened his eyes "Good Morning Beautiful , You were Amazing last night!" He smiled 

"So were you Harry and I got up and got dressed in what I came there in "! Niki? "Yes Harry? Would you like to be my .....Girlfriend? "Umm... I would Love Too Haz!" Next, thing I knew I was making him breakfast in his kitchen with the biggest smile on my face! "Niki tell me about your parents?" Harry sit down its a long story!  I told him everything about my parents accident and Nathan thinking I'm his mom and Harry was fine with it.

 Harry's Thoughts*~

Okay night was perfect , I Think I'm Falling in love with Niki and I can't help it I have to have her meet the Boyz again and their Girlfriends, maybe we can hook Lou up With Kelly? I asked Niki and she said it  would be a perfect idea so we invited everyone over and Lou and Kelly hit it off Very well! "So, Lou you lovin Kelly I see "Joked Liam "Shut up Liam it's just , that she's amazing and beautiful!" Smiled Louis ! Zayn and Perrie we on a date because perrie is having a baby and zayn is very excited about it and he was going to propose tonight! Niall and Sarah came and Niki talked to Sarah and they were like Besties and so Niall and myself talked and watched the girlz hit it off together! Liam was about to leave because Dani is sick with the Flue and he has to watch her so it was just Sarah ,Niall, Niki and myself and we chatted and had fun for awhile until niki said Lou and Kelly disappeared and we laughed and said "they making Love" and the girls laughed along and Sarah said it was 3:45 am and her and Niall should be getting home so they left me and Niki at my place! 



I really like Niki so I hope Harry can keep her she's very pretty and she loves Harry and I know Harry love's her too so I'm hoping Me and Nialler can invite them over to our place and talked about their "Future together" and I hope it will Last forever for them!!

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