HI, I'm Nicole I'm 18 , and my parents died 2 years ago and my brother Nathan is now 3 and I'm his legal guardian . I'm going out with Harry Styles and he's doesn't know about Nathan ! To Nathan I'm his mom because he was 1 when they died and he doesn't remember them ! READ to find out what Harry does Will he Stay or Will he Leave ? <3


6. First impressions?

Meeting the Family*~

Okay is me and Harry's 6 Month annerversity  and he wants me to meet the Family and I really am Nerves because its meeting the Family who would be freaked out ? So ,Harry took me to his parents house and he Introduced me to everyone ."HI , mum this is Niki , " Nice to meet you Niki " Niki this is my step dad Robin and my sister Gemma"! Nice to meet you Niki they both said with a smile " Thanks you guyz I know I've kept Harry hostage for 6 months and I truly Love him and I would like to know you all better!" I said nervously . After our Dinner me and Harry left after saying our good byes and went home and laid in bed playing with his hair and cuddling . I fell asleep on his chest with his heartbeat slowing taking my mind away into a dream. Next  morning I woke up to Harry being butt naked I couldn't help but let out a little laugh "oh good mornin , do u like what you see?" Joked Harry "Yes , I do and good morning Babe"! I said with a smirk on my face. I told Harry he had to meet my Grandparents and Nathan in a few dayz and he agreed . I told him Nathan would call me mommy and he would probably call him dadda because he hasn't had a "father figure" in his life and Harry understood . 



The wait was over today I had to meet Niki's grandparents and "brother" I was excited and I woke Niki up to tell her we had an hour to get ready to go see Nathan and the biggest smiled appeared on her beautiful face ! She jumped on me and was talking about how excited she was and how Nathan can be a little clingy and it didn't bother me at all , the thought of having kids with Niki Made me happy really it did! When Niki came down stairs she was Gorgeous she was wearing short denim shorts with a White tank top and a light blue blouse without sleeves and a blue headband with a White flower on it and mascara and bright pink lip gloss. "WOW! Niki you look Gorgeous "! She smiled back and said "Thanks Hazza you don't look bad your self " with a giggle. "Hey niki I have on Blue jeans and a Sexy White tank top and a Gray Shirt on.  thank you very much missy" I said sarcastically. " Harry you look sexy in anything !" She answered back with a smirk on her beautiful face .Okay woman let's go meet and greet!! 


​~Niki' s Family ~

I got Nathan , and my Grandparents to meet us at their house and I was so happy to see Nathan again he was so happy to see me I knew this because he ran up to me and yelled "Mommy's back , Mommy's Back nana!" Harry's eyes lit up and He said hello to Nathan and held him . I was happy they got along and my Grandmother Suzy came and introduced herself to Harry and ,so did my Grandfather Jonny . Harry talked about how muched he loved me and lil Nathan and Harry asked me to go get Nathan and when I got up he whispered into my Grandparents ears and they put their hands over their mouths smiling ! I came back and asked "What did he say ? Was it bad?" And he said it was a surprise!  Next thing I knew Harry asked if me and Nathan would move in with him and I said"Yes! Yes yes , Nathan do u want to move with dadda? And he said Yes dadda!" There's your answer Harry !! 

Living with Harry has been the best 4 weeks ever he gave Nathan his own room and Alot of Toys and he was so happy! One day I woke up with Harry and Nathan missing and I went to the living room and saw them both playing cars and I thought to my self "Harry's going to be the best Father in the world !"Nathan saw me and said if "Momma look me and Dadda play wot carz !" He smiled and Harry got up and Kissed me for what felt like for ever !  

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