HI, I'm Nicole I'm 18 , and my parents died 2 years ago and my brother Nathan is now 3 and I'm his legal guardian . I'm going out with Harry Styles and he's doesn't know about Nathan ! To Nathan I'm his mom because he was 1 when they died and he doesn't remember them ! READ to find out what Harry does Will he Stay or Will he Leave ? <3


9. *Cheaters*

​Niki' s Pov

Well, Harry apologized for kissing that tramp and he's been taking care of me and Nathan since I cut my wrist and I don't want to loose him but I have to be away from him for a while or he will loose me and it will make me and Nathan sad! Nathan really likes Harry and I'm happy for my Lil brother to have a father f​igure in his life you know because he might think I'm his mother but it's fine with me he is like my son because I've taken care of him ever since he was born I always helped with him and ... Harry really screwed up big time here!

Harry's Thoughts*~

i know I Fucked up with Niki ,but she doesn't know all of the story. A fan of mine appeared and said "Kiss me or I'll start a Fight with your girlfriend and and I have a knife!" So I did what she told me to!  But, after I left crying from hurting  niki ,Sarah yelled my name and said"Hey Babe , wanna talk?" Said Sarah "No I'm gonna go home and take a shower !" I replied "Harry can I come with you "winked Sarah "Sure wanna shower with me too??" I said nervously "Hell yea ,Lets go and harry..." she said "What??" I replied "I'm way better than Niki in Many ways!"  She said with a smirk . I blushed and said "Oh really , you have to prove it!!"  We ended the conversation passionate Kiss! 



I never knew that if I got Harry drunk enough , I could get in his pants. He was the one I was after all along , NOT niall! I know I'm a rude person for lieing to niall but face it Harry's better in bed and the shower!!


*WARNING* SEX SCENE *~~Harry's pov

After I took Sarah to my place we got fully Naked and headed to the shower ! We got and I kissed her on the neck and put my hands on her waist and she was Moaning my name which turned me on Alot! I knew what I was doing and face niki Left me so I can have Fun Too! Sarah was grinding on me and was making my Dick hard and I figured I would have sex with her ! She was very attractive but I knew niki was WAY more gorgeous than Sarah!! I took her hand and walked her to my bed room where Sarah wasn't in the mood for slowness ,she pushed me on the bed and gave me a blow job! And then she sat on my dick and was riding me !  I flipped her so I was ontop and I was the one slowly riding her and she kept moaning and I went faster and faster  and then it happend I hit my organism and I was Moaning louder and louder and I was Fucking her faster and Faster!! Then when I was finished we laid in the bed trying to catch our breath again and fell asleep!



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