Little Sister •••On Hold•••

Im Lucy Irwin sister of the famous Ashton Irwin. I never want to see his band again! You wonder why? Luke and I dated and I dumped his sorry ass. But what will happen when they come back and a dare comes up?!

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7. They Know

Lucys Pov

I woke up before the guys so i decided to make blueberry and chocolate pancakes.

Just as i was finishing Ashton walked down stairs and when he saw what i was making his eye glowed with happiness and screamed on the top of his lungs


5 seconds (Oh yess i did lol) later the rest of the guys came in the kitchen

"Good morning" Luke said and winked at me

"Good morning" I told the guys

We all sat down and ate breakfast when we were done Ashton said

"Luke can i talk to you in private?"

Lukes POV

"Luke can i talk to you in private?" Ashton asked

I nodded and we walked over to a hallway

"Do you have anything to tell me?" He asked

"Umm why" i asked

"Oh i dont know maybe why you were kissing my little sister?!" He said

"Oh that.. Well when we went to sleep i woke her up and told her to come with me And we went to the ice cream parlor and then to a park and then i asked her to be my girlfriend" I told him

"Look i dont care if you date her just promise to never hurt her?" He asked

"Yeah" i said and walked of to Lucy

"Hey he knows and said its fine" I told her


"Really" I said and then she kissed me

Calum and Michael asked "You guys are dating?"

"Yeah" I said

"Did you know Ashton?" Calum asked

"Wow we are missing out on every thing!" Michael said

"I guess you are" Lucy said

Hey everyone hope you like it!! -Ashley

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