Castle In The Clouds

The castle in the clouds is a school for a children that have there own super powers and one specific girl, Genevieve, doesn't know she has powers or about the castle in the clouds. In till one day, her parents tell her that they run the school.


1. The Beginning.

'Gen! Wake up!' Anthony says from the kitchen. ​I don't want to wake up. I think to myself. School. I Hate school. I get out of bed and go change into my clothes. Black tank top with blue stain-washed jeans. I go downstairs to see my brother, Anthony, making breakfast. He has blue eyes and blond hair, while I have the brown eyes and brown hair. 'How did you sleep?' he says with a grin. 'Fine, thanks.' Our conversations are always like that. We don't talk very much. After we eat, we go in Anthony car and he drives me to school. 

When I get to my school, my best and only friend is waiting for me at the front. ' Hey Gen! Hi Anthony.' Angela says. ' Hi Angela, you guys have a good day at school.' Anthony says. I don't say anything and he drives off. 'What class do we have first?' I say. 'Music.' 'No, i don't want to go.' I say sad. We go to our band class and I ignore everything. i just think;

I wonder where mom and dad are. I don't get why they always leave and come back for a weekend then leave again. Just because Anthony is 19 and I am 15, doesn't mean we can live without them. I always ask where they are going but they never answer my question. 

'Gen?' my teacher says. 'Yea?' 'Can you play with us?' She says. 'Yea sure, sorry.' I say. The bell rings a few moments later. I put my Instrument away and go to my next class. 

The day goes by and I finally get to go home.  I start walking hime when i hear, 'Genevieve!' and the only people that call me that are, ' Mom! Dad!' I yell really loud. ' What are you doing here?' I say. 'Visiting of course, come we will take you home.' They say. I get in the car and we drive home. 

When we get get home, Anthony runs to our parents and gives them the longest hug ever. We all go in the house and start to make supper. 'Gen, don't you have homework?' my mom says. 'Nope!' I say lying. When supper is all ready we all sit and start dinner. 'Genevieve, how is school going?' ' Its fine! I'm getting A's in all my classes but I got a B in math.' I say. I only get those marks because Anthony is a professor at a College near our house and he helps me. 'Thats great, honey.' Mom says. 'Sweetie, when is your birthday?' 'Tomorrow, Mom, Why?' I say. 'We will talk about it tomorrow then. Good Night.' Mom and Dad get up happy, and go to there room. 

When Anthony and I clean up, all i can think about is what are they gonna tell me! 'What was that about.' i say to Anthony. He has a worried face and he tells me, 'You will know tomorrow, Good night.' He says and walk upstairs. I do the same and go into bed. Tomorrow I'm turning 16, what does that mean? 

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