The disney popstar (micheal clifford fan fiction.)

The normal girl jade thirwall was just doing her day job, working as a Disney princess at Disney land, when she stumbles across a bright haired Michael Clifford. What happened when she auditions for X-factor and Michael's band becomes famous? Will they stay together or drift apart??

Cover by- lily Anna nightshade.


1. my day at work.

First chappie! 💟🎀



Jades point of view.

I woke up to see the sun coming through my window. I groaned and rolled over and looked at the time. '6:37' it read. I sighed and grabbed my phone. My alarm is meant to go off in 5 minutes but I turned it off because I'm cool like that. I quickly looked through Instagram and face book. Nothing new. Then I looked through my emails. My work had sent me through my roster for the month.

Monday: Cinderella.

Tuesday: Tinker bell.

Wednesday: Elsa.

Thursday: Jasmine.

Friday: Snow White.

You see I work at the best place on earth. DISNEY LAND! I'm one of the people who dress up as a Disney princess and walk around and take photos ect ect ect... But this month I actually get to be elsa. There is always the same girl who got to be elsa each month but she quit and boss said only the best princess would get her part. Cheesy I know. But really exciting. They keep all of the costumes at work so I just grab out a crop top, some baggy pants and jump into the shower. I shave my legs and under arms before hopping out. I get dressed and attempt to straighten my frizzy purple hair. They didn't care that I dyed my hair because I have to wear a wig all day. But you couldn't have and noticeable tattoos or piercings. I got my belly button done so now I'm jasmine every month.

I run down the stairs to see my mother Norma and brother Karl sitting at the breakfast table. "Morning!" I say as I grab some eggs and bacon and sit down. "Someone's in a happy mood today. Did work finally tell you your pretty enough to play shreak without the costume." Karl said standing up. "OH SHUT UP!" I said flicking him some egg then laughing because it landed in his Coffee without him noticing. He came back and sat down just as I finished my food. "No. And shreak isn't even from Disney you retard. I got my new roster through for the month and I get to be Elsa on Wednesday!" I saw shoving the rest of my bacon in my mouth. What? I was hungry and I'm at home I can be the biggest pig I want! "Congratulations Hunny. We are very proud if you. Even if some people don't want to admit it." She said turning her glare to Karl. I laughed and put my plate in the sink. I leaned against the sink and watched Karl take a sip if his coffee. "Thanks mum. Oh and I didn't put that in your coffee Karl." I said giving Him a wink before running back to my room. I grabbed my phone and brushed my teeth. I found my large bow headband and quickly re straightened my hair. I ran out and bumped into Karl. "Cya tonight Karlio!" I said running off. "I will get my revenge on you tonight pickle!" He yelled back at me. I've always called him Karlio. It used to annoy him so much but I think he is used to it now and my family always calls me pickle. I actually don't know why. "By mumma bear!" I said giving her a hug. "I'll see you tonight." I said running out the door.

I got to the bus stop just in time. I jumped onto the bus. "Hey phil!" I said handing him my bus money. "Good morning miss jade. Ready for work again?" He said giving me my change. "Yep. Thanks phil." I said taking my seat near the back. It was only two stops until my friend Artie gets on. "Hello miss thirwall." He said taking a seat in front of me. "Mr Eaton. What do you have for me today?" He always brings little things for me from when he works at the gift shop each month. "I got you a little Minnie Mouse key ring with a giant bow. We all know how much you love your bows!" He said flicking my headband. I smiled back up at him. He had jet black hair and bright green eyes that got literally stare right into your soul. "Thank-you. It's wonderful." I said taking it from him and putting it on my key ring. "So who are you this month?" He asked. "Cinderella, tink, elsa,jasmine and snow. I'm do excited!" I said getting up. "As long as you still come visit me on your lunch breaks." He said following me off the bus. "Of course I-thanks phil. See you this afternoon! Of course I will! Still in costume?" I asked jumping of the bus. "If you can. I still need another $3,000 for my car." He said catching up to me. "Okay okay. I'll see what I can do. See ya at lunch!" I said going into my change room. "Okay. Bye ciniy!" He yelled as I rolled my eyes at him.

3 hours later and I was actually ready for work. I had the big blue ball gown on with the blonde wig and blue headband. My make up was done and I still had another hour till I had to start so I decided to go see Artie. By the time I got there my feet where so sore. "Hey stranger! How are you glass slippers?" He asked as I jumped onto the counter. "I hate them. " I said looking at him. Even when I was sitting on a bench he was still taller than me. We suddenly heard the door open and we turned around to see a boy around our age standing there. He had colourful hair, the first reason I knew he wouldn't work here. He had a black and white tee shirt on that said PUNK ROCK in bright pink writing over the front with ripped skinny jeans and sneakers. "Sorry. We aren't open yet. Come back in 20 minutes." Artie said. As the boy left Artie whispered in my ear "do you know him?" "I will in about 5 minutes." I said jumping off the counter and running after the mystery boy...

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