Princess of Evil with A Good Soul

Years have passed and Luna is now 16, she has dreamed of an adventure and refuses to wait a moment longer to go. Within this mavella, she will meet...interesting people and one interesting enough to catch her eye. Read and be captured in the magic of it all!


3. Unexpected company

Chapter 2,

Not long before Save'von left, did he and Key'yen come running into my room. Key'yen, being the more sensible of the two, kept his voice low.

"You can't go. That'd be wrong!" he told me. I shrugged and gestured toward my black wings.

"Don't tell me you've finally given up. You we're hope for everyone, not just evil! If you do this, everyone will go about thinking you really are evil," he continued to try to persuade me to stay in these retched palace walls. I shook my head, but kept my back turned to them.

Slowly opening my windows, I felt the night's cool breeze sweep in. In the corner of my eye, I saw Save'von wince at the cold breeze, but that was his fault for sleeping in only sweatpants. I began to climb out when Key'yen grabbed my arm.

With a sigh he said, "I'm coming with you.. for protection and guidance." I looked at him not knowing be upset he wanted to 'protect me' or happy I wasn't going to get lost in the streets of thieves and liars. For all the white winged people were always asleep by nightfall. He slipped out the window before me and did not wait a second for me to follow before taking flight. Save'von braced himself against the cold and climbed out.

Turning back to look at me he said, "Hurry up, we'll lose him."

"We'll be able to see his white wings for miles ahead," I corrected him.

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