Voices in her head

*This is for the Little Mix fanfiction <3*

A girl, overcome by voices in her head decides to take a stand, but keep a certain song close to her heart.


2. Chapter #2

Do you really think that they're gonna help you? They don't even know you exist...Lucky Girls.

I thought you were out?

Well, I see you gave up on that song so how else will you live huh?

They can rip you, bring you down, down to their size.

But they'll never get to the heart you hold inside.

How can they rip you down to their size when your below them?

Well you're bringing me down to your size but you aren't gonna get to me are you? It's been 3 years now, I doubt you're gonna be able to break me as much as you did when you first planted your evil little comments into my mind.

You're not the only one so let them criticize.

I wonder if this song is about hatred? Like the hatred that they've received. I may be overcome by voices in my head, but this song has a special place in my heart and nothings going to change that.

Go ahead voices, try to cut me down. Try to break me. Try to kill me with your words. But you know what? No matter what happens I'm going to be strong. That's what I want for other people; For them to hold strong as well. Nobody deserves to be bullied, ridiculed or abused. And nobody deserves to have your little rude comments in their mind. So back off and let me live.

Wait no comeback? Really? Well I guess they got the message then.

You got a right to show the world something never seen...

My strength

We wanna hear you scream it out, your not alone.

I smiled to myself knowing I'd won this battle.

But without Little Mix and without this song, those voices would be shrinking me smaller and smaller.

But Little Mix have risen me taller and taller...

This battle...has ended...and I've come out on top...

A/N: Hi! I hope you like it! This was honestly such a fun book to write. And I'd just like to say that this is based on a true story. Plus I think Little Mix are so talented, they inspire me each and every day and I just love them so much. Change Your Life is one of the most relatable songs.

They're just simply amazing.

Good luck to everybody else!

~Sarah xo

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