Secret Feelings

Courtney has been friends with Zayn Malik since they were five years old. Zayn has had a seceret crush on her. What happens when she meets the other boys and falls for Niall instead. Will Zayn be able to express his feelings or will he have to move on?


4. reunited

Zayn's P.O.V

We all walked backstage and waited for the fans to come. 5 minutes later one of them did. She was very familiar.I took a better look and to my surprise I saw Courtney! I ran up to her and hugged her. She look shocked for a moment but then hugged back.

"I missed you so much Zayn I had your phone number but you never answered, I though you hated me.", she said breaking away from our hug although I wish she didn't. "I never hated you Courtney it's just that Modest Management made me change my number.", I replied.

She laughed,"I should have known that." "Yeah you should have.",I teased. "So where's Jordan.?",I asked curious. She replied,"She's coming." I nodded.

After a while fans started coming in. Jordan was no where to be seen. I started to get worried. We took pictures with the fans and gave our signatures. All the fans including Courtney started to leave.

"Wait Courtney we have some catching up to do, a lot of it." She smiled. Just then Jordan walked in panting like a dog. "What happened?",I asked laughing. She replied "Some guys thought I was Leona Lewis they wouldn't let me leave." Then someone else started talking,"Well I wouldn't blame them you are georgeous." 

We turned around. Louis smiled politely and I rolled my eyes. "So why don't we go to my dressing room and catch up?", I said. They both nodded. "Woah hold up who are they?", Harry was speaking.

"They are my childhood buddies.", I replied. He nodded and we went into my dressing room.

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