I need a doctor (1D are not famous but are in my story and 4/5 of them are punk)

"How can you love me I'm a punk"
"I don't care you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are and I could care less about what you look like you could have one eye or six fingers and would love you anyway you are just an amazing girl I love you Tyler"
"I love you too"


1. Introduction

Hey there I'm Tyler Jay ..... I am 18 years old I live on my own in a house in London I'm Irish I don't have parents I have bright red hair I have tattoos all over they cover me all over I have gauges a lip piercing a belly piercing a eyebrow piercing umm well I'm single and I used to be bullied I used to cut and I have almost overdosed 4 times. Yeah that's it

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