I need a doctor (1D are not famous but are in my story and 4/5 of them are punk)

"How can you love me I'm a punk"
"I don't care you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are and I could care less about what you look like you could have one eye or six fingers and would love you anyway you are just an amazing girl I love you Tyler"
"I love you too"


5. 4

I woke up to my alarm I turned it off and went and took a shower and got out and wrapped a towel around myself I went into my closet and put on a black bra and red boy shorts I put on a batman crop top ripped skinny jeans black high heel boots batman belly ring lip ring batman gauges eyebrow ring light pink lipstick and eye makeup I grabbed my keys checked on Niall and got a granola bar and left to my job interview

-After Job Interview-

I got the job and I'm happy about it I start tomorrow I drove my motorcycle back to my flat I saw Nialls car was gone he must be at school I went inside and just laid on the couch and let darkness take over me

-5 hours later-

I woke up to being shaken lightly.

"Tyler how did you interview go love"

"I got the job I start tomorrow so you wanna come in tomorrow I can get you the tattoos you want" he nodded i kissed his cheek 

"How was school Niall" i felt him tense up at the question i rolled up his sleeves and saw cuts

"Why Niall"

"The sluts"

"well its the weekend and you are going into work with me so tomorrow you won't have a problem and please stop cutting"

"I will stop cutting babe" after   that we ordered pizza and watched movies 

-next day-

I woke up with arms wrapped around my waist it was Niall I struggled getting out of his grip but I managed I went and changed into a black tank top with words that showed of my tattoos ripped skinny jeans pink high heels I curled my hair and put on a pink beanie I put on pink lip stuck and heavy black eyeliner I put in my black gauges and the rest of my piercings I put on a faux pink leather jacket I went into the kitchen and got some coffee and Niall walked in wearing a black v- neck and skinny jeans and a black hoodie with white converse man did he look sexy like damn

"Thanks babe" my eyes widened

"Shit did I say that out loud" he nodded

"Well your looking sexy as fuck like ripped skinny jeans is a huge turn on for me like damn and add your tattoos like seriously babe you look hot" I laughed and we left and got in his car and we drove to the tattoo place called Inked Dreams I got out and went in and my boss Cara said to me

"Hey Tyler you will be giving tattoos today and who is this" she gestured to Niall

"This is Niall my boyfriend and I was hoping I could give him his fist tattoos" she nodded and showed us to my tattoo room

"Tyler this is your tattoo room you can decorate it anyway you would like and you can Paint the door how ever you want just not like all rainbows and sparkles but by the looks of it we won't have a problem" I nodded and she left

"Niall did you bring the pictures of the tattoos you want" he nodded and gave me atleast 13 pieces of paper I picked one up randomly and went and drew it it was a tattoo of the superman symbol I went back into my room and asked where he wanted them and I finished all of them and he got his lip pierced after I just decorated my room at work and it was awesome

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