I need a doctor (1D are not famous but are in my story and 4/5 of them are punk)

"How can you love me I'm a punk"
"I don't care you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are and I could care less about what you look like you could have one eye or six fingers and would love you anyway you are just an amazing girl I love you Tyler"
"I love you too"


3. 2


I was in line for lunch and I got my tray and went and sat down at me and my friends usual table I heard a crash and a punch I looked and saw Niall with a already bruising cheek his tray on the floor I saw the football jocks laughing and saying hurtful things like 'fatty' and 'ugly nerd' And much worse I got up and saw Niall crying I went up to the jocks

"Why did you do that to him" they looked at me and I was furious

"He is a weirdo nerd who needs a life and can stop eating cause he's fat and is just tryin to get your attention cause face it your sexy when your mad" I punched him in the face he did the same and we started to beat each other up I got off of him noticing we drew a crowd that was in a circle around us I knew I was gonna have a black eye and I knew my lip was busted I walked over to Niall who was still crying and was on the floor hugging his knees I wrapped my arms around him and whispered soothing words in his ear we left the cafeteria and went outside the school and I asked

"You wanna go to my place and we can talk" he nodded I got my motorcycle keys and went to my bike I got on first and he sat behind me I started it up

"Hold on" I smirked and we left the parking lot and we just drove to my small flat I parked and we went up to my flat I walked in and we went and sat on the couch

"Niall you know what they said isn't true right"

"I have heard that all before but every school I go to Tyler.........the same thing happens"

"Wait this has happened before" he nodded and started crying

"Hey love it's ok it won't ever happen again I promise" it's weird because usually guys make this promise to girls but here I am a girl making this promise to a guy

"You can't stop it Ty it happens everyday in and out of school" wait this happens out of school

"This happens outside school too who the hell are they I'm gonna kill em'" I said with my thick Irish accent

"M-m-my parents" I was shocked who would hurt someone so innocent like Niall

"And you live with them" he nodded I got an idea I had an extra bedroom here

"Niall I'm going to do anything I can to protect you" I got up and grabbed his hand and headed out the door

"Where do you live I'm gonna pay some people a little 'visit'"

"West edge water drive" I knew where that was I got on my bike and Niall got on behind me I drove to his house where three cars were I got off and went up to the door with Niall at my side I banged On the door a man in his late 30's answered the door

"Who the fuck are you and why are you with that"

"I'm with him because I can and second I'm your worst fucking nightmare" he just laughed in my face

"Ok princess but what brings you here"

"Don't fucking call me princess and I'm here cause I need to know if Niall can move in with me"

"Princess......you can't take Niall in he's a worthless nothing just another waste of space" oh....hell....nah


"Now I'm gonna ask you again can Niall come with me and live with me in my flat" I said through clenched teeth

"Sorry princess but no"

"Why the fuck not you don't give a flying fuck about him and I am somebody who cares for him and I'm not some bitch who abuses my kid"

"Because I said so bitch" I slapped him

"NIALL GO GET ALL THE STUFF YOU NEED YOU ARE GONNA COME LIVE WITH ME" Niall ran upstairs I slapped his dad again and this time he hit me back I flipped out all I could see was red I jumped on him and started beating him up he started pulling my hair and I was punching him and I knocked him out soon Nialls Mum came downstairs

"Who the fuck are you and why is my husband unconscious "

"I'm Tyler I'm Nialls Bestfriend" she scoffed

"Why would you wanna be friends with that little fucker"

"I suggest you watch what you say unless you want the same thing that happened to your husband to happen to you" she smirked

"Niall is gay he's a little fucker he's a mistake and I wish I never had him"

"You know my parents said the same shit about me and you know what I wish"

"What bitch"

"I wish your daddy put a condom on the night he fucked your mommy and conceived you" her smirk fell and Niall came downstairs with a duffle bag and a backpack he grabbed some keys and put his stuff in his car I told him to follow me he nodded

-at home-

I had showed Niall his room and gave him his house key I was currently in my room laying on my bed icing my cheek which was swollen and bruised I heard a knock

"Come in" Niall came in and I moved over and he sat next to me

"Tyler thank you"

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