I need a doctor (1D are not famous but are in my story and 4/5 of them are punk)

"How can you love me I'm a punk"
"I don't care you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are and I could care less about what you look like you could have one eye or six fingers and would love you anyway you are just an amazing girl I love you Tyler"
"I love you too"


2. 1

BEEP BEEP BEEP I wake up and throw my alarm at the wall I get up and go take a shower (no details you nastys) after I go into my closet and put on my bra and boy shorts I put on a black punk Ariel (the little mermaid) tank top black ripped skinny jeans white converse I put in my lip ring and my belly stud my eyebrow ring and my black gauges I blow dry my red hair and curl it and put on a black beanie I put bright red lip stick on and a dark smokey eye I put on my black and red hoodie 

and grab my motorcycle keys I grab a granola bar and go outside to my red and black motorcycle I get on and start driving to school I get there and bring out my phone I text my bestfriend Louis (m-me L-Louis)

M- hey bro where the fuck are you

L-hey bitch look behind you

I did as he said and sure enough he was right there I went and did the secret handshake we had and we headed inside where everyone was just staring at me an Louis

"DO YOU ALL HAVE A FUCKING STARING PROBLEM IF YOU DO GO GET IT FUCKING FIXED JESUS FUCKING CHRIST MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE" everyone went back to what they were doing me and Louis just went to our home room where we met with the rest of our friends Liam Harry(Liam and Harry are together but I support them as I have known them since I was 4) Eleanor Zayn and Perrie I'm the only single one it sucks I put my feet up on the desk and just talked with my friends about non sense the bell rang and I didn't really care so I just started playing flappy bird on my phone I heard the door open and the teacher came in with a boy who had blonde hair that was dyed obviously his roots were brown he had baby blue eyes and wore big rimmed glasses and not a tattoo in sight he was new I could tell by the look of nervousness in his eyes

"Class this is Niall Horan he will be joining our home room" I scoff

"Does it look like anybody gives a shit no offence to Niall he seems cool but seriously no one on planet earth gives a single fuck about what you say" I said with my thick Irish accent

"Miss.Star I will not deal with this kind of behavior from you or your posse this year" I rolled my eyes and gave him the finger and let Niall sit in the desk next to me you see my friends we don't bully we may look like we do but we are real people and we just like different things than others Niall sat next to me and me and him just talked quietly while the teacher spoke

"Niall can I see your schedual" he gave me the paper

"Awesome me and you have every class together" he just nodded he's a shy one and I find it adorable what the am I thinking


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