Mix It Up!

Little Mix is just about to finish their tour in America when they meet an old lady who claims to want to curse them. At first, they don't believe her, but Jade and Perrie are soon transported to a far away land, that they don't know what to think of! What they do know, however, is that they have to get out of there. (Little Mix Fanfiction competition). 1526 words.


2. Where Are We?

I am awoken by a shout from Perrie. It does not take me long to realize the something is wrong, since 1) Perrie is screaming, 2) My bed now feels like a piece of cotton candy instead of a mattress, and 3) I’m not in the hotel room anymore.

Perrie runs toward me, “Jade! What’s going on? Where are we?” She says this all through sobs. My mind races through thousands of possibilities as to what could have happened, but I can only come to one conclusion: The witch.

“She cursed us, Jade!” Perrie shouts.

I take in our surroundings, wondering where on earth we could be at. The room smells like smoke from a bonfire and there are chains, pools of lava, and the color scheme seems to only be black and red. Perrie and I are now wearing matching black leather tights and red tops.

“Is this Hell?” I question.

“No, this isn’t Hell,” a very familiar voice laughs. Perrie and I look around for old lady, who is the owner of the voice. “You can’t see me,” she says. “You’ll stay in here until you can find your way out,” she cackles. “You better watch out,” she warns, “You can’t trust everyone in here.”

As Perrie walks around, rambling about how she’ll never see Zayn again and how she’s going to die, I try to formulate a plan to get out of here.

I see a young pair of girls, who have straight black hair and very pale skin, and call out to them, “Hey, there! Can you help us?”

The girls walk over to me, easily jumping over pools of fire and teasing each other about falling in there. “We’re trapped in here.” I say.

The girl who wears a smile on her face nods. The other scowls, “No, duh. We all are.”

“River, be nice,” the smiling girl says. “We’re stuck here, too. There were a lot of people here before us, and plenty have come after. But no one has ever gotten out.”

Perrie shrieks at this, causing River to grimace at her.

“I’m Rain, by the way. We’ve been here for 106 years.”

I gasp, “You mean, you don’t die here?”

“Nope. You just stay here. At whatever age you came at,” Rain explains to me.

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