Mix It Up!

Little Mix is just about to finish their tour in America when they meet an old lady who claims to want to curse them. At first, they don't believe her, but Jade and Perrie are soon transported to a far away land, that they don't know what to think of! What they do know, however, is that they have to get out of there. (Little Mix Fanfiction competition). 1526 words.


1. The Encounter

I smile as I sign the final autograph of the day, telling the girl that she is wonderful and thanking her when she tells me that I am her favorite member of the band. I look down the row at Perrie, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne, who have the same look of thankfulness and fatigue that I can guarantee is sported on my face.

Girls reach to touch us still as we are escorted by the burly body-guards to our van, where we will finally get to go to the hotel, which is as close as we have to a home while in America. We only have one more show in America, and it isn’t for three more days. To myself and the other members, this is a relief. We can spend the next two days checking out the town. And, why wouldn’t we? We’re in New York, New York!

When we arrive at the hotel, just as many fans await us. We smile, give a few hugs, and sign a few shirts, trying to get inside as quickly as we can. It’s been a long day. We thank the large men who helped us get through the insane crowds of teenagers and board the elevator. As we step off of the elevator, we notice a small figure standing near where our rooms are.

Perrie gasps and grabs onto my hand, causing Leigh-Anne to laugh a little. She isn’t scared by much, unlike Perrie. Leigh-Anne shakes her head, still laughing, “Oh, come on, guys.”

She struts in front of the rest of us, and we timidly follow behind. As we get closer to the figure, it is easier to tell that it is an old woman, which causes us all to feel more at ease.

The woman moans before we are able to enter our rooms. “That’s my room,” she says, her voice cracking like porcelain, as she points to the door Perrie is currently trying to unlock for her and me.

I shake my head, “No, ma’am. We have the key right here!”

“It’s mine,” she growls, “No one else can have it.”

Perrie finally is able to unlock the door and we walk in, still hearing the lady shouting at us.

“Did you hear what she said,” Perrie asks me, as she presses her back to the door.

I shake my head.

“She said she’s going to curse us,” her eyes widen, and I push her shoulder gently.

“Don’t believe her, Perrie. She was just trying to freak us out. Go to bed. God knows we need rest!”

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