Mix It Up!

Little Mix is just about to finish their tour in America when they meet an old lady who claims to want to curse them. At first, they don't believe her, but Jade and Perrie are soon transported to a far away land, that they don't know what to think of! What they do know, however, is that they have to get out of there. (Little Mix Fanfiction competition). 1526 words.


4. The Door

We reach the door, after passing plenty of people who share a look similar to that of Rain and River. They all have pale skin and dark hair. They all look rather creepy, in my opinion, and I determine that the look is something that develops over time of us being here.

I reach for the lock on the door and looks at it, a five letter combination lock.

“No one knows what the combination is?” Perrie asks, hopefully.

“We wouldn’t be here if someone did,” River retorts.

Rain starts to yell at her sister for being so rude and causing Perrie to cry- again. To which River replies that Perrie is simply a crybaby. Perrie starts out mumbling some unintelligible words, and as time grows, she gets louder and louder. Screaming out apologies to all of her dearest friends, family members, and to our fans. “I’m so sorry,” she wails.

“Guys,” I say, sternly, but no one seems to listen. “Guys!” I yell, causing the three of them to go silent. “I think I know what it is.” I smile.

“What? How?” Rain asks, not fully believing me.

I grab the lock and turn the letters, spelling out as I go. “S-O-R-R-Y!”

The lock comes undone.

“How did you do that,” Perrie exclaims.

“I think she just wanted us to apologize,” I say. “I heard Perrie screaming ‘Sorry’ and thought that maybe that’s all the witch wanted.”

Perrie quickly stands in the now open doorway, and we wait for Rain and River.

“We can’t come out there,” Rain says. “We’ve been gone far too long. And besides, I like the whole ‘not dying’ thing.”

I smile a little as I bend down to hug each of my new friends, who no one else will ever get to meet.

“Thank you,” I whisper to them.

Perrie waves goodbye and River slams the door shut behind us.

We are now in the hotel room.

I quickly grab my suitcase and throw my belongings in it. I look at Perrie, who is doing the same thing. “Let’s go sleep in Jesy and Leigh-Anne’s room.”

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