Mix It Up!

Little Mix is just about to finish their tour in America when they meet an old lady who claims to want to curse them. At first, they don't believe her, but Jade and Perrie are soon transported to a far away land, that they don't know what to think of! What they do know, however, is that they have to get out of there. (Little Mix Fanfiction competition). 1526 words.


3. It's Simple!

My heart races as I process the situation fully. We will not be able to leave here. And we will not be able to die here. “We have to get out of here,” I shout. “Perrie, we have to perform. They’ll be worried sick about us. What about Jesy and Leigh-Anne, and our parents? Perrie, they’ll think we’ve been killed or kidnapped!”

River snorts, “You’re so worried. You’re not going back to them, so why are you worrying about them?”

“They’re my best friends, and bandmates, and family! They’ll be worried sick.” I start to cry as I think and sit down onto the cloud-like bed.

Rain takes a seat beside me and pats my back. “What did you even do to get in here?”

Perrie, who has- sort of- stopped crying answers. “We took the witch’s room. She told us she would curse us if we didn’t leave it. And we didn’t.”

Both River’s and Rain’s eyes widen.

“The witch,” River begins, “Was she a little old lady, crackily voice, really tiny?”

Rain adds in, “All dressed in black, and has creepy long fingers?”

Perrie and I both nod, amazed that they, too, knew what the witch looks like. “How do you know that?” Perrie questions.

“That’s how we got in here! We took her room! She was an old lady back when we got put in here!” Rain exclaims.

Perrie laughs, “It’s simple then, guys!”

We all look at Perrie questioningly, not quite so sure that she is stable yet. “What is?” I ask.

“We just have to leave the room.”

I take a look around, and notice what Perrie must have already. This place, whatever it may be, is still set up like the hotel room. And that means there is a door to get out.

River laughs, “Perrie. The only door in here is one that we aren’t able to get out of. We can’t get out, there’s some sort of lock on it.”

“Can you take us there?” I ask.

The twins give each other a strange look, and Rain smiles while River glowers, a silent battle between the two of them, until River sighs, and says, “Sure.”

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