Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught

1 girl 4 different story's about each band member of 5sos if she were to date each one and in the end she will pick one fantasy that she liked! First we start with Calum and end with Michael!


7. Calum

Kate's POV 

"Zayn what are you doing here I told you to never come back" I said crossing my arms over my chest. Calum stepped in front of me and said "dude just leave... You will find someone else i promise" zayn looked down and said "I wanted to come back and say sorry for being a jerk I mean I don't want to get back together I just want to be friends you know" "thanks zayn" he smiled "bye" I waved and shut the door "what the heck?" I say laughing "that was nice yet weird" he said smiling "oh well I have to go clean the dishes" i say and kiss his cheek "oh and I like your tux" i smile and flick his chest. He then follows me to the kitchen "babe your not cleaning these now we have to finish our night" Calum said smiling "and how would we finish it mr.hood" I said looking confused "we have to make a video and watch a movie" he said smiling "oh wow ok let's make a video for my channel first " I said smiling "ok leggo to the music room" he said marching to the room. I set up my camera and the lighting and everything and press play "hello my KateKats I want to show you my boyfriend" I point to him "Calum Hood"he said "awee he's so cute but any way we are dressed like this due to it being our 6 month anniversary!" Calum whoops in the background "anyway we are going to do the boyfriend tag so here we go" I pause and face Calum "what is my favorite type of meat and what do I cook it at?" "Chicken and I guess medium" "dang it... Ok what food can I not stand like my number one thing"  "umm jelly" "haha nope it's milk chocolate I only eat dark chocolate" we continue on with the questions until we reached 15 "ok so the last question... What was the first thing I said to you other than hey" "it was something along the lines of like that's so sweet and means a lot coming from you something like that" "dammit" Calum cheered "yeah I am a good boyfriend I only missed 3  " I kiss his cheek "yes you are amazing" I then do my outro and ended the video "now we watch tv" he said smiling "let's watch the purge" I said with a evil grin "ok then let's go to your living room" "wait" I say taking my heels off and pulling up this stupid dress "I'm changing" I ran upstairs and got plaid shorts and a Foo Fighters t-shirt. I went downstairs to find Calum in athletic shorts and a black polo shirt. He smiled and I laid down next to him on the couch. "Purge time" I say grinning. When we were watching the movie we were screaming "what the fuck why dude run get your ass out!... You should've listened god" or "didn't you know it was the F-Ing purge today or are you a dumbass" or "shot her in the head she was dumb so just shoot her!".  We were screaming and when one of the masked people showed up unexpectedly I hid my head in Calums shirt. I covered my eyes but I could feel him looking down at me. I look up a bit and saw him grinning. "What" I said looking at him "it's just...your so cute and innocent I love you like that" he replied I then grabbed the collar of his shirt and straddled him "are you sure I'm innocent" I started to kiss his neck he moaned "yes I'm very sure" "well as one group of guys told me good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" I said I then pulled him closer by his collar and leaned him down. I kissed him and moved my hips around. "I like this but I don't think it's bad enough" he said while smirking "you sure babe" I started grinding my hips and kissed and sucked his neck and behind his ear. I then reached down his pants and slapped his manly package "don'" he said taking quick breaths "oh your scared of little innocent me" I made a puppy dog face "that's it" he said and he picked me up and carried me to my bed he lays me down. "No one teases me and gets away with it" he started to kiss and suck on my neck. "Babe" I said as he kissed me "I'm not on my period I wasn't in the mood earlyer now I am" I stood up and dropped all my clothes he smiled at the sight of my body.

 "your so beautiful you should stay like this all the time" he said as I redo my hair and removed my now messed makeup "I wish I could only for you" I said smiling and I put on my underwear and his shirt and hopped in bed. He walked by with no clothes on and climbed in bed "uggg you have a better ass then me" I said "what do I say ladies like a man with a bootie" he said smacking his ass "oh my god" I started cracking up. "I love you" he said "I love you too Calum". 

When we woke up it was bright. I was laying on Calums bare chest and I notice he put on his boxers. He was lightly snoring so being a good girlfriend instead of yelling at him I took a different route. I started to plant kisses on his neck down his chest and to his stomach and I slightly pulled the top of his boxers and kissed down his stomach and stopped there. "I like this way of waking up" he said "well it's nice to see your abs in the morning" I said running my hand up and down his six pack.

A few months later:

"Babe get up" I said "I have to ask you something" he said in a husky voice. "What" I said batting my eyelashes so he would sit up. And it worked he got up and "you wanna go to a Halloween party with me tonight" he asked as he did I ran my hand down his neck than chest than abbs and then the rim of his boxers. "Sure I have to buy a costume lemme invite Rose" "ok whatever and stop teasing me" "this isn't teasing this is" I lowered my hand down to his part and I rubbed it. "Oh crap oh wow" he said I smiled and got up and said "I'm getting ready" I walk into my closet and got jeans, a floral Flowy tank ,and tan tom heels. I put on some natural makeup and put my hair in a bun. 

We were in the costume store and I saw a miss America costume "score!  I have an idea!" I say Abby and Rose turn around "we should be superheroes" I say holding up a robin, captain America, and bat woman costume. "Yes I can robin!" Abby says "ok I'm batwoman" Rose said smiling "let's try them on" we walk in a dressing room and we change into ours. "Wow we look awesome" Rose said "let's get them" we also bought the shoes to go with. "I'm excited let's go to my place to get ready" I say as we got in the car. 

"Calum hurry up" we scream "we are coming" they yell. Yes we are waiting most of the time its the other way around but not today. "I hate this mask" I say and take it off "it makes the costume looks bad" "ok we are leaving ours on" they say. The boys finally got downstairs "really?" Everybody said at the same time "we are matching" I say to Calum. "Brother and sister" ash says while high fiving Abby "haha Michael and Rose" they high fived each other "what about me?" Luke said "awee poor luky" we all said and had a group hug "your ruining my hair" he screams we start laughing "I'll be the DD" I said "so will I" Abby said "ok two cars then" Luke says "leggo" 

When we walk in the air was thick. I coughed and smiled at Calum who kept his arm around me and held me tight. I grab Abby's hand "will you do me a favor and be the first people to get me to drink" I say they smile and nod "let me get a vodka coke" Abby said smiling "I'm excited I'm only having one I'm not getting drunk I'm the DD. Abby ran back with my drink and a drink for Calum and her. I took a sip I felt it burn down my throat "this is good take it away before I drink to much" I handed it to Abby she nodded and poured it in Calums. "I have vodka and a special costume for you when we get back to my house" I say he smiled I winked "Harry!" Calum yelled "cal my man" they did a bro hug and lemme just say harry smelt like beer. He then walked off drunk god this is weird. "Calum wanna dance" I say pulling him out to the crowd of people grinding on eachother. I then start grinding on Calum and let me say I did pretty good he seemed surprised. "Where did you learn that" "just because I didn't drink didn't mean I didn't party" I Said with a smile. "I am going to go get a drink you stand right there" he said pointing to were Abby was standing. "Hey Abby" she was drinking "oh hey cat I was just talking to harry" Harry turned around and smiled "where's your boyfriend" he asked "he went to get a drink so what you guys talking bout" I say "oh Nothing really just about Halloween and stuff" Abby said nodding "we were talking about sluts on Halloween" he said I laughed "oh wow well your talking to two girls who like to dress up like sluts but not act like them on Halloween" I say Abby laughs "yep" "what's taking him so long and have you seen rose?" I ask "I saw her with zayn" she said and gave me a disgusted look "I know lemme go find Calum" I waved and walked toward the kitchen. I passed by a room and I stopped. I saw Calum and rose kissing but Calum pushed her away "get off of me" she kept on coming close but he pushed her away. He then walked out I caught him by suprise and hugged him "Cat.., it's not what.." I cut him off "I saw the whole thing thank you" he kissed my neck and said "let's go home" he said with a smile "Ill go tell Abby" I ran over to Abby and told her what Happend she dropped her drink and said "oh that bitch is going down" "calm down it's ok we will talk to her tom I'm going home so you have to not get drunk and if you do " I point to harry "Harry you take her keys and call a taxi got it" "yes love you" she said "love you too bye" I waved. I saw Calum at the front door. Crap I have to go through a drunk group of guys to get to him. I got whistles and other pickup lines, but what really crossed the line was when a guy grabbed my ass. So I decked him and walked toward Calum. "I have the best girlfriend ever" he said into my ear "I'm driving" I said and grabbed the keys. 

"So what's the suprise" he said as we entered my house "follow me" I said as we walk up the stairs "sit here" he sat on my bed and I left to the restroom I close the door and change into a nurse outfit with blue gloves a red bra and red thong and a blink 182 on my left boob.  I also put on blue eyeshadow so I can look like their album cover. I then put on the little hat and fixed my staightend hair. I walked out in red heels Calums eyes went wide. "Wow that's" he then smiled "your very clever that's the blink 182 album cover" "thank you I did it for you and the suprise wasn't this" I squat down and lean forward and whisper in his ear " but it's that you tell me what to do and I'll do it master" I said. I then lean back up and I see a very seductive/evil face. I pull a wooden chair out and he sat in it "this will be fun" he said into my ear. I slide my heels off and go on all fours, next I crawl up to him (he could see down her shirt so I guess he's pretty happy) and spread his legs and get up inbetween them I then turn around to were he could see my back and I started grinding on him I then turned around and I continued grinding I then straightend up and shimmed (motorboating I guess). I could hear him moan as I grind on him. "What next" he pointed toward my heels so I put them back on and I pulled my blue plastic surgeon gloves up and snaped them he smirked. I smile seductivly and I slowly take my nurse this off and let it drop to the floor. I then kick it to the side and I swayed my hips and ran my hands down my body. I then turned around and squated while slowly inching my hands down my body and back up. I then walk towards him slowly and push him down I then notice he's still in his captain America costume. I remove his mask and eye him the suit was tight due to his huge muscles holy crap. "You like what you see" he said "mmhhhh" I said while I moved around him and used my teeth to unzip his costume I unzip it all the way down and I press my body against his back and I start kissing and sucking on his neck. I remove his arms and torso so all that's left are his legs. I then get up lean forward and pull them down only to leave him in his boxers I throw them to the side and he lays down on the pillow. I start to grind on him while we kiss... No wait while our tongues fight over each other. His tongue explores every part of my mouth and I explore his. I feel him go hard so I grab my heels and throw them off and I grab the nurses hat and throw it to the side "what does a tattoo taste like" he asked "I don't know" "than let's see" he flips us over he unclipped my bra and tossed it to the side he starts kissing down my body and sucking on my nipples causing me to moan. "Say my name" he said seductivly "Calum" I moan as he sucks my sweet spot. His kisses trail down my body to my area he finds my tattoo of the Music note on my inner hip and starts to lick and suck and kiss it causeing me to moan his name like crazy. "Hmm we will get to the one on your butt later let me do this first he pulls me to the edge of the bed takes my thong off and starts to do wonders with his tongue. I moan and I am already wet. He smiled and I see how hard he was I point to the drawer he nods and pulls out a package. He puts it on and thrusted into me I moan and I dig my nails into him. I then feel him twitch inside and he is done. He got rid of the comdom and cuddled with me "I love you" "I love you too

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