Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught

1 girl 4 different story's about each band member of 5sos if she were to date each one and in the end she will pick one fantasy that she liked! First we start with Calum and end with Michael!


6. Calum

(This is the dress she wears later)

I wake up in Calums arms in his room. I move a bit then Calum groaned and just pulled me closer. "don't go" he said in a raspy voice I almost died "ok only if you talk like that always" "like what" "like that sexy morning voice and your hair" I ruffled his hair "it's just hot" . He raises his eyebrow so I raise mine. He starts to smirk and roll his eyes "what?"I ask He starts to laugh "whatt?" I ask again "Your adorable your so..." His eyes sparkle in the morning light "so perfect" he said. I kiss him "I love you" "I love you too" i shiver and pull the sheets up and get closer to Calum. "Someone's cold" he laughs I they saw the door open I cover myself so I don't flash anything. "Someone had fun last night" Michael said "anyway we have to record today so be ready" he then walked out and closed the door we started to laugh. I put on one of his hoodies and jean shorts. Calum put on black jeans a black nirvana muscle shirt. We walk out him with headphones and his phone me all my clothes and crap. "Babe you wanna come?" "Nahh I have plans I'll call Abby to pick me up we were going shopping" I say "well ok before you leave" he dipped me and kissed me for a long time "get a room" Luke said walking in "here y'all head out when you need to I'll wait for Abby" they nod and head out but Calum ran back inside and said "Abby's here and I forgot something" "wh" he cut me off by kissing me passionately "ok bye babe" he ran out the door and i fallowed him Abby honked the horn and I got in the range rover. 

"That was fun" Abby said holding bags of clothes "yeah hurry and open the car before my arms fall off" I say she quickly opens the back and we pile our bags in the back quickly before hopping in the car. "I'm thirsty" she complains while backing out of the parking space. "Starbucks?" She asked "sure I'll go inside and I'll pay" I say "no you can't!" She exclaims "Well I am it's only a drink it's not a Gucci dress" I say laughing she smirked "thanks". When I walk in I leave my shades on and quickly order "May I have 2 venti very berry refresher" the girl smiled and whispered "I'm a huge fan your awesome" and then returned to her normal voice "anything else?" "No mam" "it's on the house" "oh thanks" I then give her my number "you seem nice we need to talk sometime, and please don't give anyone this I'm trusting you" I say she smiled huge "ok I'll text tonight my names rose " I wave and wait for my drink and when I grab my drink and I heard the speakers start to play my version of amnesia Iris grinned and gave her a thumbs up. As I walked out I started to burst out into song people starred I don't care. I walk to the car and smile Abby looked confused "I met a new friend she's nice!" "What's her name?" Abby looked confused "Rose she was really nice" Abby nodded "ok well let's go to your place my place is filled with boxes" "oh ok it's fine leggo" she took off in the range rover to my house. "So I have an idea" I say as I open the front door. "So in a few days will be our 6 month anniversary (sorry about time skip) and I wanted to surprise Calum" she nods and says "they will be at the studio so why don't  we play Truth or Dare and I'll ask him to wear a tux all day tom"she states "how do you know he will pick dare" "cause I'm very nice during the game" a smile grew across my face "let's do this bitch" 

"Let's play truth or dare we are bored" I say smiling "sure!" Calum says "ok just warning you we have to leave in a bit to pick up Abby's camera she broke it" I say they nod "ok truth or dare...ash" I say "truth" "if you were a girl and forced to date one of these boys who would you date" he smirks "I would not date any of you you all are awful" we laugh "truth or dare...Abby" "dare" "I dare you to go outside and start to sing dark horse " she got up and we followed she whispered in my ear "you are lucky your like my sister " I laugh and nod she walks outside and we watch through the window she screams "I'm coming at you like a dark horse are you ready for ready for the perfect storm perfect storm!" She they does a weird dance and runs back inside. I start to die with laughter "ok ok oh my" the boys were dieing too she came inside laughing "ok you guys let's hurry last thing then we gotta go" we sit back down and she says "Calum truth or dare" "dare" I smiled "I dare you to wear a tux for the rest of the day" "I don't have a tux" "Ashton got his tux cleaned or got one today you use it it's in the car" she got it and tossed it at him "here we got to go luke if he doesn't do it you have my permission to kick him in the balls" I said then kissed Calums cheek and he smiled and waved bye. When we walk out I hug her and we hop in my Lexus and go to the grocery store and got steak, spinach, and this weird 16 grams of protein rice. "Yo Abby you have to help me! I mean I can cook but we have only 2 hours!" We hurry to my house "I do steak you do the rest it's easy" I say "ya I was going to say the same thing". I put the steak on the inside grill and wait "girl I have a dress I have been waiting to give you this" he wiped her hands off and pulled a dress out of her bag it was black short dress with two box like things in the front. "I love it!thanks" "Your welcome! Your hourglass figure will look amazing in this" "thanks here I'll go put this on and put some makeup on" I hug her and run upstairs. I put on a black thong( I mean thong not flipflops). I then put on the dress and the heels (this was the dress I walk downstairs and Abby was smiling "you look wonderful I took the steak off the grill and finished the rest" she said "thanks now let's set up a romantic table thing we only have 30 min!" We hurry and grab a rose from the yard and we pluck one and lay the rose petals on the floor very few were on the table. We then set the food down with fancy silverware. "Girl I forgot wine!" "Hurry I'll grab some fancy wine glasses you get the wine" Abby exclaims so I grab some red wine (extreamly expensive) and I pour some in each and leave the bottle on the table "thanks Abby so much!" "Your welcome bye" she ran out the door I turned off the lights other than for this little romantic light. I then got ready I heard the door open.

Calums POV

I walk into the big house and see a trail of Rose petals to this area were there was a light. I walk over to the place in my tux and see Kate In this really sexy black dress. "Happy 6 month anniversary" she whispers in my ear brushing her rose colored lips against my cheek "happy anniversary sexy" I tell her to turn around and I place a necklace around her neck. "I love it!" She beamed as she saw the music note on the necklace. I pull the chair out for her and she sits i sit across from her "this is amazing" "thanks Abby helped" "well played Green nicely played" I say she giggled "well thank you how did the studio go" "it went well what about you" "it was stressful I thought you forgot so I was worried" "babe I would never forget" she smiled at my comment "thanks honey I love you" she looked down "keep your head up beautiful" she got up and came and sat in my lap and kissed me that took me by surprise "I wish we would do something fun but I'm on my period sorry" she managed to get out she was laughing. I burst out laughing "ok then let's just finish eating and we will go hang out on the couch" I Say I then heard the door bell ring my expression was plain "who is it?" She shrugged we walk to the door and open it to see...

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