Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught

1 girl 4 different story's about each band member of 5sos if she were to date each one and in the end she will pick one fantasy that she liked! First we start with Calum and end with Michael!


8. Calum (final)

(Last Calum one!)
Kate's POV

I walk out on stage in a long black dress

I was holding hands with Calum who was standing next to me "hello billboards I'm Helena I'm really awkward right now since I have never been infrount of so many people.... Woo ok well exactly 3 years ago my boyfriend and 3 of his and my best friends came out on stage and sang she looks so perfect." "Yes mam we did and now we will be presenting the milestone award but I want to tell a funny story first about Kate" I froze "oh gosh" I mumble the crowd laughed "when we were walking in a little girl came up to her and said 'my mommy has that dress'" I cut him off "and I said 'oh well I guess your mommy has a since of style" the whole crowd was laughing I started to turn red "ok and on that note here is the mile..." I got cut off by Calum "one more thing" "Calum. They are going to be mad and never let us come back again if this isn't fast" i say "well I prefer it not to be but" he paused and got down on one knee and pulled a velvet box out "Kate Elizabeth Green, I always loved you from the day you stepped into the audition. You were so happy and beautiful I knew you were the one" my eyes are starting to tear up I hold one of my hands over my mouth "Kate I love you so much and words cannot explain my love but I have to ask... Kate Green" I was huffing "yes" I smile "will you marry me" the crowd went wild "yes...YES!" He placed the ring on my finger and stood up I hugged him and said "I love you too" I then got the microphone "ok the milestone award goes too 5 seconds of summer?!?!!" I hand Calum the award and the rest walk on stage "how did that happen" Ashton said I shrug. "Calum" I put my forehead against his "I love you" I kiss him and again the crowd went wild. 

(That's the end of Calums :( but wait next is Ashton's so keep reading->) 

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