Miss Crossed Lovers

They say he's bad. Just a drug. But were meant to be at first then hey say he's bad news. I don't know what to believe any more....is life worth it? Or should I give it up....


5. Meeting The Girls

I get out if the shower and put a towel on. I walk out to see Harry sitting on my bed. "What are you doing in my room Harry?" . "Oh sorry I didn't know you were- um- listen me and he lads thought it would be good for you to go out and have a girls night with their girl friends. Niall just got a new girl friend. We haven't met her yet so we were gonna have a little get together at naill's flat later." . "Sounds fun. Lemme just get dressed and I'll be down in a few. And what do you mean by Niall's flat? I thought you all shares this one." . "Oh we do we also each have one to our selves." . "Wow. You guys are super rich." . "And cute!" . "Yeah sure." I giggles as he whisper yelled "yesss!!" While he did a fist pump in the air. "Now get out dimples." . "Dimples? Really." . "Harry Barry?" "Now I think I'm starting to like dimples." I giggle and shoo him out. "What am I going to wear?" I ask my self. I guess Harry was out user of the door because I could hear him say "Wear something sexy yet casual." As he runs down the stairs. I laugh and pick out my clothes. I put on some black high heels with the toes cut out, a pink and black belly shirt which hung off of my shoulder, hen some short shorts which were light blue, then I put on some light pink eye shadow with some water proof mascara, then some blush, straighten my long blond hair, then put a beanie on. And Vella I'm done.!i run down stairs and pass the fruit bowl. I grab an apple and sit down on the couch. Lois is sitting on the couch next to me. "What ya wachin?" "Something called finding carter." "Omg! I saw the commercials for that! It's supposed to be sooo good!" "Calm down crazy girl. Your just in time it's just now starting. Now be quite." "Oops! Ok." I steal some pop corn from his bowl and place me legs over on his lap and I lay my head back on he a of the couch. After it's over Lois is asleep. I grab a blanket and fall asleep to watching teen moms 2. When I wake up Harry is softly kissing me on the head. "Hey babe." "Hey dimples." He giggles and I smile. I sit up and Louis is gone. "Where's Louis?" "At naill's already. It's 5:30." "Omg! I'm so sorry! I'm all ready to go though." "Good because it's then to go." He smirks. And I smile. We get there and there's this girl with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. She had braces the top was green and the bottom was blue. I'm guessing those were her fav colors. She had her nails painted blue and green, still guessing their her face color, with sparkles on them. She was wearing a purple t-shirt which said 'Varsity Cheer Squad' guessing she's a cheer leader. I read the back and it said her name was Dakota. Pretty name. "Hi I'm Dakota!! It's so nice to meet you!" "Hi it's nice to meet you to. I'm Brittany. Love your nails by the way." "Aw! Thanks girl friend! My fav colors are blue and green.(knew it) and I can't stop pairing my nails! If you ever need a mani-peti just give me a call and I got your back!" "Ok I'll have to take you up on hat sometime." She smiles and I return one politely. I like her she's cool. Niall walk up and kisses her on the cheek. That's when Louis walk up and gags and says "get a room you two" we all laugh at that and go inside. Rose walks up "hey you just be Brittany!!" "The one and only!" I smile. "Funny! Perfect for Harry. Brings out his adorable dimples!!" I smile. And look at Harry he's across the room talking to Liam and Zayn. I smile when he turns his head and he smiles back showing his dimples. "See what did I say! You guys are perfect together! Well I better go make sure that my Zayn isn't getting into any trouble." I giggle and go and meet the other girls

Zayn: Rose

Liam: Layla

Louis: Macy

Niall: Dakota

Harry: Me?

Hey guys! So sorry I haven't been writing to much! And to Dakota if I dm got something worn leave it in the comments please! For he next chapter let's get lots of people putting in the comments 'Barry' c'mon guys!

Also 10 likes for the next chappie! Thanks for reading! Love ya munchkins!

-In Love With Harry

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