Miss Crossed Lovers

They say he's bad. Just a drug. But were meant to be at first then hey say he's bad news. I don't know what to believe any more....is life worth it? Or should I give it up....


1. Leaving Home

"Mom! Mom! Where's the scrubber!" I scream from upstairs. "Young lady get your ass down here!" . I go down stairs. "Yes mother?...." I say in a shy sad voice. "First of all did you just call me mom?" . "...." I don't say a word. "Answer me now you worthless piece of shit!" She screams at me.

"Yes...I apologize..." I say in a soft voice. -Slap!- "You call me mother! Second of all don't yell from up stairs! If you need something come down here and ask you lazy fuck! -Slap again- third of all, pack up your stuff your leaving." She says. "What?! To where?!" I ask. " Calm the fuck down bitch go pack your stuff you'll see when your done. -Slap- and don't yell at me." . I run upstairs pack my stuff quickly with tears still dwelling in my eyes. But I wipe them away put makeup on the slap marks and put something nice on. Then I run down stairs. "Brittany, meet the boys."

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