Miss Crossed Lovers

They say he's bad. Just a drug. But were meant to be at first then hey say he's bad news. I don't know what to believe any more....is life worth it? Or should I give it up....


3. Getting Settled In

When we got to the manchineel I was thinking, whoa! these guys are loaded! The boys wouldn't stop staring at me. Which I didn't mind because they were ALL incredibly sexy 💋 But I didn't pay much attention to that because I was checking out the hot tub, major kitchen, swimming pool....and wait what....omfg?! A SCREENING ROOM?! Who are these guys?! The presidents of the world?! Anyway Zayn shows me up stairs to my room and gets me settled in. "Here's you closet." "Whoa it's walk in?!" . "Yeah. 😂" . I giggle "Sorry I'm just kind of new to this stuff because I've only had a closet ,small one, as a room..." . "Don't look in he past. No day but today I always say....I so didn't mean for that to rhyme..." We both start laughing like crazy for what seemed like for ever. Finally I say, "Well I better go find something to eat." . "Wait!" Zayn interrupts. "Yeah Zayn?" I ask. "Well me and the guys are going out to dinner and thought maybe you wanted to come?" . "Not to be picky but where are we gonna eat?" . "Well we're not that fancy Brittany. We're just going out to Wings 86. Want to come?" . "Buffalo wings, five cool guys, football on all 4 TVs in the whole restaurant, and video games...thanks but I'll pass..." . "What?!" . " yeah I'll pass on staying home!" Just let me take a shower and get dressed." . "Ok but remembered it's nothing fancy." . "I know Zayn." . He leaves and I start going through all my new clothes in my all new closet! I take a shower first brush my teeth and hen I go check out the clothes u want to wear. I want to wear ripped up shorts which a cut off shirt that was pink and some baby blue high-tops. Then I went in the bathroom and striated my long blond hair and covered up my slap marks that were still there. I put on my makeup grabbed my purse and ran down stairs. All the boys were doing some thing to do. Zayn was playing video games with Lois,Niall was watching something in the screening room with Harry, and and Liam was trying to fix something in the dining room. I waited for about 10 minutes and then got tired....so I whistled as loud as I could with two of my fingers and all boys stopped what they were doing...and looked at me. "Guys are we gonna go or what?" . They kept staring. "Hello? Guys?" . "Oh sorry yeah I'm ready." . "He took my hand and lead me to the pick up truck. "What, no limo?" . "Haha very funny. We're not always famous stuck up people. We like to be all natural at times. We're normal people just like you." Harry says. "Ok I call riding in the back!" I hop into the back Harry,Lois, and Zayn hop in the back (outside back not the back seat there is none) with me. Liam and Niall ride inside the truck. We finally get there. And there are tons of paparazzi. I cover my eyes from the brightness. 😖✳️ we run inside and the playoffs are on the TVs. I was so happy...am I dreaming?? 😵

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