7. The Meeting

I knew when we were nearing the building because I could feel the energy. We turned a corner and went inside a large building. It looked interesting from the outside but didn’t attract much attention unless you were looking for it. Trace let go of my hand as we walked inside. “Don’t worry”, he whispered.
The room we went into was smaller than I’d first thought. I’d imagined it as a huge room with at least a hundred guardians sat around a huge table but in total, there were only sixteen of us. We all sat down and waited for the last few people to arrive. I sat between Trace and Aarin. Once everyone had sat down, I scanned the room. There seemed to be more males than females in the room but not by much. There was no head of the meeting as I’d expected but as everybody sat in groups, each group presented their news, if any, in turn. Eventually, everyone had arrived. I began to get warm so I took my cape off.
“Woah, look at Wolf-Girl”, one of the boys across the table remarked. “Go on, howl for us”
“Shut it, Griffin”, Trace retaliated.
“Is she too weak to fight for herself then, Dallan?”, he asked in a patronising voice.
“No, but she doesn’t need any of your crap. Leave off her”
“Or what? She your new girlfriend?”, he retorted. I kept my head down, not wanting to look at Griffin. I’d forgotten how it felt to be picked on in the three years since senior school. I didn’t want to leave Trace to defend me but I knew I’d make a fool of myself.
“Boys, can we just get onto what’s important?”, Brae said, trying to calm things down.
“Don’t argue with me, Thalia”, Griffin replied.
“Don’t you dare talk to my sister like that”, Aarin hissed.
“Ooh, Iorek’s getting mad”, Griffin taunted. Aarin stood up and began to walk towards Griffin. He looked very serious. Braeley stood up.
“Iorek, don’t. He’s not worth it.”, Braeley cried. Aarin stopped. He shot a look at Griffin and returned to his seat. Braeley sat down too. The room was silent for a while then people began talking between themselves. I focused on what Griffin was saying. He was whispering to the boy beside him.
“I mean, seriously, she’s so weird. Do you think Wolf-Girl can’t speak or do you think she’s actually just really ignorant”, he laughed quietly. That was it for me.
“Quit your giggling, Griffin, and say it too my face”, I snarled. He looked a little shocked. “Yeah, I heard you, these ears aren’t just for show”, I said. The whole room went quiet. Trace stood beside me.
“Oh shut up, Wolfy, you’re all bark and no bite!” He laughed at his own joke. I rolled my eyes.
“Stop being so stuck up and find a good insult for once. Or are you too stupid to?”, I said. I knew I’d gotten myself into something I probably couldn’t finish but he deserved it. I never stood up for myself in high school so I was making up for it. Braeley didn’t try to stop me because she could see it was harmless. She was even smiling a little. Griffin got up and walked up to me. He wasn’t exceptionally tall but he certainly had height on me. I wasn’t intimidated but I felt like I was the underdog.
“What was that, Wolf-Girl?”, he said. He was beginning to get annoyed now. I smirked.
“I simply remarked on your lack of… well,” I tapped my head. He paused, trying to think of what to say. When he couldn’t think of anything, he walked closer to me and pushed me. It wasn’t hard and I don’t think he intended to hurt me but he had miscalculated how light I was so I fell to the ground. I snarled again. I felt myself getting smaller and realised I had returned to my wolf form. Griffin began to look scared. I stalked towards him, growling. Once I’d backed him into the corner, I returned to my ‘human’ form.
“Don’t underestimate me”, I said quietly but firmly. I walked away and sat down. Griffin went back to his seat, looking wounded. I smiled slightly though I knew it was immature.
The meeting only took twenty minutes after that because no one had much else to say. Once we had finished, we walked to a small restaurant near where me and Trace where staying. We sat down and whilst we were looking at the menus, Trace whispered “Well done”, with a smile. I suppose I shouldn’t have felt proud but I did. The waitress came and took our drink orders. For me, a large Irn Bru with ice and Trace had a large Pepsi with ice. I hadn’t caught what the others ordered but I assumed it was something similar. Whilst waiting for the drinks, I sparked a conversation with Trace.
“So, what’s up with Griffin?”, I asked.
“We’re not entirely sure but he’s hated my guts since the day we met and anyone I’ve ever been friends with”. He pulled a strange face. “You did really well to stand up to him, not many people do that”
“Thanks but you stood up to him too. Thanks for defending me earlier”
“It’s fine but I doesn’t appear that you needed it”. He smiled at me.
“What?”, I asked gently.
“I’m just so glad I found you again”
“I’m glad I found you too.”
The waitress returned with our drinks. I took a small sip whilst Trace immediately tried to eat an ice cube. “Crap!”, he exclaimed.
“Cold?”, I replied, grinning. He nodded.
“You should have bitten it in half, smart one”, I said giggling. Trace spat the ice cube back into his glass.
“Quit smirking, it wasn’t funny”, he said with mock-seriousness.
“Yes, it was.”

We walked back to the hotel holding hands. The others went a different way since they were going somewhere else. It was nice to be alone with Trace after being around lots of people for the day.
Once we got back to the hotel, I started thinking about the sleeping arrangements. Trace still hadn’t booked another room despite cancelling the other one but I was sort of glad he didn’t.
“I’ll stay on the couch tonight. Don’t try and move me either”, I said. I was trying to be serious but he made me smile.
“No, I’ll take the couch. I’m not bothered”, he replied.
“Trace, I had the bed last time. We’ll just alternate.” Trace looked at the bed.
“You know what, to be quite honest, the bed is massive so we could both sleep on it with a space between us. If you are uncomfortable with doing that, I’ll take the couch.” I looked at him. This felt strange but there was technically nothing wrong with it.
“No, that’s fine”, I said. “We have two lots of covers anyway”. I got ready for bed fairly quickly but Trace was still quicker. I pulled the covers tight around me. It still felt strange though I knew it was the most logical option. I shut my eyes, listening to Trace’s breaths. They weren’t getting deeper so I knew he was still awake.
“What’s our next move then?”, I asked gently.
“I thought we would go to a guardian training centre. There’s a fairly large one right near us. That’s where Aarin and everyone live at the moment. We’ll be able to stay there and we’ll both be able to train. I haven’t done much since I used to travel so much but I know a little about the centre”, he replied. “Is that alright?”
“Yes, that sounds great”, I said. I was getting tired now.
“You okay?”, he asked. I nodded then realised he couldn’t see so I whispered.
“Yes.” I rolled over to face him, opening my eyes. He was half asleep now. Trace smiled again. I smiled then shut my eyes again and finally fell asleep.

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