Big city dreams

Hi I'm holly I'm 17 years old...
My father is at war but I'm living with my mummy!
I recently broke up with Thomas hill we've been dating for four years now and he cheats on me!
Until one day I went to the beach and found the love of my life!
Luke brooks he's perfection ��


5. bowling!!!

Holly's POV

So we all went in our cars to the main bowling Centre.

As I hoped out of the car I chucked my cardigan on and walked in with like trying to hold my hand.

This is where I saw Arians grande and Nathan last said Hannah slowly talking to jai.(even though they go out again lewl)

After a few strikes ;) we stopped and checked who was winning it was Luke and I!!!

He spun me around so I was in his arms and he kissed me passionalty "GET A ROOM!😂" skip yelled.

After that amazing time we all packed up and got ready for the BBQ!

Authors POV

Hey guys sorry this is bad I hope you like it!

Sorry about the short as chapters!

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