Big city dreams

Hi I'm holly I'm 17 years old...
My father is at war but I'm living with my mummy!
I recently broke up with Thomas hill we've been dating for four years now and he cheats on me!
Until one day I went to the beach and found the love of my life!
Luke brooks he's perfection ��


2. beach!

Today to get my mind of things Hannah and I are going to the beach!!!

Hannah's my best friend she attends the same collage she studies accounting like me!! We both have the same interest and it's amazing I love her to bits I need her when I'm down and she cheers me up instantly.

Today I'm wearing my bright pink bikinis underneath my flowy tank beach top and bright green high waisted shorts.

As I saw Hannah beeping outside I got my phone and some money and off we went!

"Its a lovely day to take a perfect selfie!" Hannah screamed over the music. "Oh yeah!" I yelled back.

We arrived at Starbucks first just to get us awake.

After I ordered my cappuccino Hannah was already done! So off we went to go to the beach!

"When I met you in the summer!" The radio yelled so we yelled back and cranked it up more.

Hannah's POV

I'm glad her mind is clearing of that horrible douchebag at least she's enjoying it well she can.

"EEWWWWW" she screamed "what?!" "Look back" she said in disgust ohh no now her mind is back on about him she started to cry I pulled over and gave her a hug "it's alright babe there's plenty of fish In The sea".

After a long car drive we were there! And she stopped crying! I feel really sorry for her they were are perfect couple and he goes and does that! I mean who does that these days?!

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