16 Year Old Warrior

Taylor Hart is a 16 year old living in London. One day on her way to school Taylor is raped and left in the middle of the street. When she find out she's pregnant her mom is the only person there for her. Her friends left and started bullying her and the whole school is against her. Until one day she runs into a blonde haired, blue eyed Irish cutie by the name Niall Horan


21. Saving A Broken Heart

Taylor's P.O.V

" Harry why did this have to happen? Why can't life stop trying to push me off a cliff?"

" I don't know Taylor. The press and fans come up with some pretty crazy stories."

" Fans are blowing up Naylor and Laylor all over Twitter and even Facebook. All I see on twitter anymore are edited or real pictures of me and Louis and me and Niall. I don't like it. I'm in love with Niall."

" I understand. The fans find something they like and go for it. They saw how close you and Louis are and took the opportunity. Same with you and Niall."

" Yeah well now Niall won't answer my calls.."

" Taylor the fans love you. You haven't gotten much hate since you came in our lives. Which is awesome. There are "fans" who have made pages and post about how much they want the other girls dead. That was when they first came along. But now the fans have gotten used to them. You got hate but ever since Louis saved you, you haven't."

After Harry leaves I breast feed Elyse and then we both lay down on my bed. I watch as she falls asleep and her hand curls around my pinkie. She is a very big inspiration on my life. I never realized how much someone could change your outlook on life til I gave birth to Elyse.

*2 hours later*

After she wakes up from her nap I give her a bath and once I'm finished I lay her down on her baby carrier and take a bath myself.

Louis' P.O.V

I walk up to Taylor's doorstep and knock on the door. No answer. I try again but still no answer. I turn the doorknob and the door opens. The living room and kitchen are empty but I hear Elyse crying upstairs. I walk upstairs and hear her crying coming from Taylor's room. I knock on the door and hear footsteps come closer and Taylor opens the door wearing just a towel and holding Elyse.

" Louis!" She says shocked then looks down at her towel.

" Well this is awkward." She says.

" I'm not looking at your towel I promise." I say and she smiles.

" Can you hold Elyse?" She asks and I nod my head. She hands me Elyse and then goes into the bath room to get changed. How do I get her to stop crying?

" Your hand fits in mine likes it made just for me. But bear this in mind it was meant to be and I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks." I sing and she looks up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and wraps her pinkie around my finger.

" See it fits." I say to her.

Taylor's P.O.V

As I'm getting ready I hear Louis singing Little Things to Elyse and I can't help but smile. Once I put my pink skinny jeans on I out my hair in a messy bun and leave my face make up free. I open the door and lean against the wall as he keeps singing.

" You'll never love yourself as much as I love you and you'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to. If I let you know I'm here for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you."

She giggles and I smile. He looks up at me and smiles.

" She really likes you." I say and sit next to him.

" Well I really love her." He says and kisses her tiny hand.

" So I guess you know about Niall and I?" I ask and looks down.

" Yeah he told me. Taylor you don't deserve to have your heart broken. If he couldn't see that you and I are just friends then he apparently has no trust in you."

" Yeah I guess." I say and he slowly intertwines he's finger with mine.

The three of us decide to stay in my room and watch a movie. He holds Elyse in his lap and I sit next to him.

I've never seen Elyse so calm and happy around anyone except me. Louis is so good with her.

" Hey Louis, how'd you get over Ele? You were with her for a while."

" Oh I see where this is going. Well I talked to some people, including you about how if things were supposed to work out that way then I had to understand that. I thought about it and they were right. Ele and I had a great time together but not everything last forever. If things are supposed to work out he will come back to you." He says.

Authors Note: Hey sorry if that chapter wasn't very good. I'm having abit of trouble with ideas. In the last chapter I gave the love triangle ship names. You guys can vote with ship you like better in my comments or my wall. A fan of the story gave me the ideas for the ship names and I hope you like them. -Taylor :)

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