16 Year Old Warrior

Taylor Hart is a 16 year old living in London. One day on her way to school Taylor is raped and left in the middle of the street. When she find out she's pregnant her mom is the only person there for her. Her friends left and started bullying her and the whole school is against her. Until one day she runs into a blonde haired, blue eyed Irish cutie by the name Niall Horan


3. Running into You

Taylor's P.O.V

When I get home I hear my mum talking to some unfamiliar voices. They sound like Irish accents but I can't tell. I walk into the kitchen and see my mum, a women around her age, and a boy with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

Niall's P.O.V

Management gave the boys and I the summer off and I decided to go visit my mum in Ireland until she told me she was coming down to London to visit an old friend. I remember coming here when I was like 4. My mum and her friend Maria have been friends since high school but we haven't been able to visit her since then. I heard she has a 16 year old daughter named Taylor. I wander if she's a fan of One Direction.

" Hey mum." I hear a light British accent say and I turn around and see a girl about 5 foot 3 with long curly blonde hair and bright brown eyes. I look down and realize she has a major pregnant stomach. Didn't she say she was 16?

" Hey sweetie. This is my friend Maura and her son Niall. He's from that band you really like." She says and she blushes a little.

" Well hello. It's nice to meet you both." She says, smiles, then shakes our hands.

" Wow you are so beautiful. The last time I saw you, well actually you weren't born yet. It's very nice to meet you." My mum says and she smiles.

" It's very nice to meet you too." She says and then smiles at me.

" You're from One Direction aren't you?" She asks.

" Yes I am. It's very nice to meet you."

" Nice to meet you too. Mum can we order a pizza tonight?" She asks holding her stomach.

" Sure sweetie." She says and dials her phone.

" When your mum told me you were pregnant I was like isn't she 16, but then I was so excited. When are you due?"

" In like 3 weeks, and trust me it was a surprise for me too. Did she happen to tell you the story?" She asks and my mum nods.

" What story?" I ask.

" Would you mind telling Niall? Or is it to personal?" My mum asks.

" It's okay. Well Niall 8 months ago I was on my way to school and this is when we had to wear uniforms. Well a couple of guys in like their 30s surrounded me. I panicked and ran, but the school shoes really aren't meant for running and I tripped. Long story short I was raped and now for safety reasons there is no more uniforms so it is easier to run." She says and I have this kind of shocked feeling in my stomach. I don't want to show it because it might hurt her feelings.

Taylor's P.O.V

When the pizzas get here Niall and I sit in the living room, while our mums talk in the kitchen. We play 20 questions and we ended up having a lot in common. We both play guitar, like food, the movie Grease, Finding Nemo, and a lot more. He's so nice. I really hope I can hang out with him more.

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