16 Year Old Warrior

Taylor Hart is a 16 year old living in London. One day on her way to school Taylor is raped and left in the middle of the street. When she find out she's pregnant her mom is the only person there for her. Her friends left and started bullying her and the whole school is against her. Until one day she runs into a blonde haired, blue eyed Irish cutie by the name Niall Horan


8. Pushing The Limits

Taylor's P.O.V

Well it's Monday, which means school. Only one week left. Yay me! But sadly I didn't get much sleep last night. I kept thinking about who my secret admirer is. It can't be Liam his with Danielle Louis loves Eleanor, but Harry and Niall are single. Could it be one if them? That's to easy to figure out though.

As I walk into the cafeteria I sit at a table by myself and start eating until Britney and Sarah, the most popular girls in school sit by me.

" So you're the girl everyone is talking about." Britney says and smiles.

" Yeah."

" You know One Direction?!" Sarah asks and I nod.

" Everyone saw your pictures on twitter. Do you have any more that you didn't post?" Sarah asks.

" Yes, but I'm not showing you."

" Why because you don't know One Direction? That's what I thought. You are nothing but a loser trying to get attention. Everyone already thinks you're a whore and now you are posting fake pictures of One Direction to make everyone like you. You are so worthless." Britney says and they walk off.

A tear falls off my cheek and I quickly wipe it away. Please let this day go by fast.

Stupid, Worthless, fake, attention seeker, whore.

As I get home I run upstairs and look through my drawers.

" Come on, come on where are you?!"

Louis' P.O.V

After Taylor left the lads were talking about how nice and gorgeous she is. Yeah that's true but she isn't my type. I'm in love with Ele and always will be.

*phone ringing*

Thats Niall's ringtone, he must have left it before he went to the store. I look at the screen and it says Miss. Hart, that must be Taylor's mum.

" Hello?"

" Niall?"

" Niall went to the store but this is roommate Louis."

" Louis this is Taylor's mum. Something is terribly wrong. Taylor hasn't come out of her room since she got home and her door is locked. Everytime I try and open the door she throws something at it and yells " get out." I need you to get into her room and see what's wrong. Please?" She asks, her voice shaking.

" Right away ma'am I'll be there as soon as possible."

*loud bang*

" Please hurry." She says and hangs up. I quickly put on my shoes and run out the door. Niall told us where she lived in case we wanted to visit so I hope I remember it.

*30 minutes later*

I walk up the staircase and see that the door is already opened. I yell for her mum and she shows me to her room. I here shuffling and things being thrown.

" Taylor, it's Louis. Let me in." I say and everything goes silent.

" Go away Louis." She says crying.

" Not until you let me in." I say and then all the shuffling and stuff being thrown comes back.

I look around and grab the stool in the little office.

" I will pay for the damages. I promise." I say and Miss. Hart nods her head.

I hit the chair against the door three times before it opens and as I walk in I look at her about to swallow a hand full of pills.

" No!" I yells and quickly knock them out of her hands.

" No!!! Let me die!!!" She says and tries to pick up the pills. I pull her and hold her arms and she tries to break out of my arms. Until she turns around and hugs me and starts crying.

" Louis I just wanna die." She says crying into my chest.

" Everything will be okay. I'm here." I say and look at all of the scattered glass and stuff all over the floor and on her dresser.

" I'll always be here." I say and hug her tighter.

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