16 Year Old Warrior

Taylor Hart is a 16 year old living in London. One day on her way to school Taylor is raped and left in the middle of the street. When she find out she's pregnant her mom is the only person there for her. Her friends left and started bullying her and the whole school is against her. Until one day she runs into a blonde haired, blue eyed Irish cutie by the name Niall Horan


10. Not A Bad Thing

Louis P.O.V

I decided to take Ele on a fun date at the park. I set up a picnic with candles, and it's next to the swings. Her favorite.

" Louis this is so sweet." She says and takes a drink of her wine.

" Just for you my love." I say and she smiles.


Her phone goes off and she smiles.

" Who was it?"

" Oh nobody." She says smiling.

I get curious and try and grab her phone but she slaps my hand a way.

" Let me see your phone if it wasn't anyone." I say.

" Louis come on. We are having a wonder evening. Just let it go." She says.

" Not until you let me see your phone." I say and snatch it from her hand and what I see makes my heartbreak.

" Hey babe can't wait to see you tonight. Remember wear something simple. ;)"

" Louis.."

" Ele what the hell is this?! You're cheating on me!" I yell.

" Louis it's not what it looks like."

" Oh really?! So then who is this guy? Your fuck buddy? Cause that makes it sooo much better!" I yell.

" Louis come on. Please.."

" What Ele?! Forget about it? No way, I probably would have never found out you were screwing another guy. I can't believe you would do something like this! And to me. I spend over 2 years of my life with you and this is how you repay me? Just go." I say looking down.

" Louis.. Please don't do this."

" Too late. The damage is done." I say and she looks at me.

" Maybe this isn't such a bad thing for us.. Bye Louis." She says and she walks off.

When I can't see her anymore I fall onto the blanket and start crying.

Harry's P.O.V

*phone rings*

" Hello?"

" Harry?.." I hear Louis say, his voice shaking.

" Lou is everything okay?"

" Could you umm come pick me up please? My car is out of gas." He asks.

" Sure. Where are you?"

" At the park about 5 miles from the loft."

" I'll be right there." I say and hang up.

As I slip my shoes on Niall walks I and looks at me.

" Where are you going?"

" To pick up Louis. Come with me." I say and he nods as we walk out the door.

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