16 Year Old Warrior

Taylor Hart is a 16 year old living in London. One day on her way to school Taylor is raped and left in the middle of the street. When she find out she's pregnant her mom is the only person there for her. Her friends left and started bullying her and the whole school is against her. Until one day she runs into a blonde haired, blue eyed Irish cutie by the name Niall Horan


11. Heartbreak

Harry's P.O.V

When Niall and I get to the park we start looking for Louis until we find a bunch of candles.

" Didn't he say something about a picnic?" Niall asks and I nod. We run over to the candles and see Louis balling his eyes out.

" Louis what happened?!" I ask and he looks at us.

" Umm well Ele umm she cheated on me.." He says and we both gasp.

" Why?! You're Louis!" Niall says and he laughs a little.

" I don't know. Guys I was going to propose tonight." He says and throws the box at me and I opens it.

" Damnnn well she missed out on a great guy. Want to get something to eat? It will relax you. It works on Niall." I say and he smiles.

" Thanks guys put I've lost my hunger. You can eat the picnic if you want. If you don't mind I'd like to take a drive by myself." He says and we both nod our heads as he walks off.

" Wow I have never seen Louis this upset. Not since we almost got cut during the X Factor." Niall says and we sit on the blanket.

" Yeah I know. It doesn't really sound like something Ele would do. I mean they've been together for a long time." I say and Niall nods.

" It just doesn't make sense." I add.

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