The Lost Star

After hearing the stories about her father and aunt at Larklight, Mavis Mumby wants adventure of her own. But with her mother's constant reprimanding she's not allowed to, until one faithful night she and her irritable cousin Darcy stumble upon an ancient generator that transports them into the different dimensions of the past. Like stumbling onto the ancient civilization of the cat people of planet Lorg, Now they must find a way home before the time wholr closes and they become part of the past permanately.


1. Larklight

Larklight was my grandmother's, then it was my father's someday it is to be mine. Though I'm only fifteen, father tells me it will be mine when I grow up,and if one of my children want it, it will be theirs too. Larklight has been in my father's life as much as mine. With all its secrets, stories and memories it was no surprise to me, when father was strict about keeping everything exactly as it is. You see Larklight is a house that orbits Earth's moon, on the light side. It used to be able to fly to London and back in a matter of minutes, much faster than a spaceship's engines, during a chemical wedding which is about as fast as the substantial speed of light. But unfortunately the house no longer is able to do that after grandmother ripped out its machinery and replaced the generator. But that is a long ago story, now it's a somewhat normal house with all its nooks and crannies.

Amongst many of Larklight's stories, there is the story of my Father's disagreement with his sister. It was solely based on the house.Traditionally it was to be given to the oldest child, but my grandmother made an exception when it came to my father and my Aunt Myrtle. In the end it was given to him. Aunt Myrtle was furious demanding it should have been her's. This caused father and her to argue and therefore Aunt Myrtle no longer comes to visit Larklight, although my cousin Carlyle, still writes to me, my very.....posh cousin Darcy refuses to speak to me. She is  declaring all this hubbub  is all my fault. Mind her, it was not my decision. I'd not even been born yet!

Further more she has utterly no reason to blame me for what happened. It was her that sent us back in time to another dimension after her explosive rage at dinner! But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me tell you what happened that memorable night. It was completely out of the space time continuum, Aunt Myrtle and her family were coming to dinner. I couldn't believe the news as my mother read the letter aloud. I think the auto-bots also seemed quite shocked because suddenly, father's breakfast was dumped on top of him. 

"Ahem, sweetheart, will you go to your room please, Mother and I have some, business to discuss." Father said to me trying to wipe oatmeal off his trousers.

"Yes Father." I said standing.

"Oh darling," Mother began.

"Yes?" I said not facing her.

"Remember to begin your piano lessons, corresponding with your writings on a Journal of a Young Lady, then afterwards your alchemy studies and then you are to have tea with Kira at noon to begin looking for young suitors. You know a young lady's courtship is to begin at sixteen-"

"Yes, I know!" I hollered as I ran up the stairs.

My mother believes in some things Aunt Myrtle says about being a proper young lady. I completely disagree because, I think writing stupid entries and  tea with match-makers is ridiculous. I grabbed my book and journals, then I laid out my outfit for tea with Kira. I still am not pleased about finding a suitor, I want to live an adventure not be tied down and become a wife. I mean I would love to live happyily ever after with the love of my life, but not now, I'm only fifteen. Well, enough ranting the auto-bot was tuning my piano and I ran down stairs so it could begin teaching me. As I prepared for my piano lesson, I couldn't help but overhear  mother and father's conversation. I held my ear to the door of the kitchen as mother began her nine o'clock rant.

"Honestly Arthur the nerve of your sister! I cannot believe that she is coming. I highly doubt it's to reconcile, I mean seriously!" Mother screeched.

"Courtney please! I would like to avoid any further conflict with Myrtle." Father said furiously.

"If you would just stop being afraid of her, we wouldn't be having this problem in the first place! Myrtle will never let this go, and I am almost positive that she has something up her sleeve by popping up out of the blue like this."

I clenched my teeth, Mother and Father always argued about Aunt Myrtle all the time. It was hard to not see my cousin Carlyle or my Aunt and Uncle.

"I know that, but I do not need to have further problems with Myrtle. Because of her I've not been able to see my friends. You don't realize that this is hard for me too, all these years of arguing and spending holidays apart from family. Myrtle is annoying but not cruel, at least I never believed her to be." Father sighed.

"Art, I know you miss your family, I miss seeing them too, but Myrtle is just being childish, her life is so full and loving, as is ours. I just don;t know why she wants to have these sour relations." Mother said a bit more quietly.

"I don't know either." Father admitted.

"I love you Art. I just don't want anymore problems with your sister.

"Neither do I. I love you too dear."

It broke my heart because I'd only met Carlyle and Darcy once. It was an accident actually when I was ten we attended my grandparents anniversary and I met them. Carlyle and I hit it off extremely well, Darcy was only four and very whiny. As soon as we got there they made their leave, but Carlyle and I still kept in touch. It also hurt to know my father wasn't able to see his mother or father because Aunt Myrtle was always there.

In a letter to my cousin that I'd written a long time ago, I told him of the constant badgering of my life. At the time I had learned about Mother's plans for my life; to teach me everything a young lady should know before her sixteenth birthday. All the fuss and trouble was not something I was looking forward to. I wanted an adventure away from such a boring and scheduled life. He responded by telling me some of his father's stories. The infamous Jack Havock space pirate, rebel, hero and such and such. I am completely jealous of my cousin. Its so unfair that he lives aboard a spaceship and gets to go on adventures, while I'm stuck at home "preparing for my life" bah. I pulled myself away to carry on with my studies.

Later Kira came to help me prepare for my French exam, mother says that it's important for a young lady to be culturally diverse. This is also why I'm fluent in English, Japanese, and soon French. Also I speak what is a form of Alien which in it's English pronunciation is Meiem. Culturally diverse haha.

Around four o'clock Mother came in, like nothing had happened that morning, instructing me to get bathed and dressed for dinner. Aunt Myrtle would be joining us, and she would not stand for us to look unrepresentable.

Anyways it seems I've forgotten to introduce myself, how silly of me, my name is Mavis Amelia Mumby and this is the story of how my cousin Darcy nearly got us killed in past space.

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