The Lost Star

After hearing the stories about her father and aunt at Larklight, Mavis Mumby wants adventure of her own. But with her mother's constant reprimanding she's not allowed to, until one faithful night she and her irritable cousin Darcy stumble upon an ancient generator that transports them into the different dimensions of the past. Like stumbling onto the ancient civilization of the cat people of planet Lorg, Now they must find a way home before the time wholr closes and they become part of the past permanately.


3. Into the Attic

My attempts at ignoring the unwanted people in Larklight, were soon demolished by the pounding on my door.

"Mavis? Are you alright sweetheart?" Father asked through the door.

"No! I want them out of here!" I shouted into my pillow.

"As much as I would love to accommodate that, unfortunately, the ship's generator has frozen over until, tomorrow morning."

Immediately I bounded out of bed and ran to the door.

"What?" I said furiously.

"I know, your mother isn't pleased either. It is just for the night, and they all will be staying in the east wing." Father said trying to comfort me.

I rolled my eyes as Father left my room and Mother appeared.

"Mavis dear, will you assist your cousins in the attic? I believe they are looking for the space heater but who knows." she said briefly as she hurried to her room.

I pressed my head to the door and groaned, quickly donned my bathrobe than headed up the stairs to the attic. Darcy was stamping her foot and Carlyle was trying to open the door to the attic. I smiled because of all the things running smoothly in this house, that attic door was pretty sticky.

"Having trouble there?" I joked.

"Please, haha." Carlyle laughed. "Help."

Darcy rolled her eyes as I leaned against the door and pressed with my shoulder.

"Just takes a small push." I said as the door flew open.

Carlyle nodded and then we entered the attic. Darcy stayed behind and was eyeballing everything in sight.

"What a bunch of junk." she sneered.

Carlyle gave me an apologetic look, as I turned to Darcy.

"Don't touch anything." I hissed.

She only glared at me as I rummaged through the towering boxes. In an annoying way, Darcy was right, there was a bunch of junk up here. Mother never let me in here because she said it was dangerous and didn't want me getting hurt. I always wondered what was up here though, besides space heaters. I stumbled over a box and several things fell over, and emptied onto the floor. Carlyle turned to help me and he picked up a dusty picture frame.

"Hey look," he said blowing the dust off of it. "It's our parents."

"I think they were our age here." I said noting the youth in my father's face.

"Back before you were born and caused all this mess." Darcy snickered.

"Shut up Darcy, you don't know anything." Carlyle said annoyed, "Besides, your four years younger, how would you know that?"

'I just do. Mother told me of course, she said that when Mavis was born, Grandmother Emily rewrote the rules so that she would get Larklight, and Mother couldn't so that's why it's all Mavis' fault."

I almost dropped the picture as Carlyle starred daggers at Darcy.

"That's stupid and totally untrue. Don't listen to her Mavis." Carlyle insisted.

"It's true." Darcy sang as she tried to back out the door. She was unfortunate enough to stumble and knock over a very heavy object covered by a white sheet.

"Ouch! Stupid rotten piece of junk!" she screeched.

Carlyle and I just stared at her as she reached for something to pull her self onto. Darcy pulled on the white sheet and again fell onto the dusty floor the white sheet fell on top of her.

"Belch! This is disgusting!" she groaned and got to her feet.

I took the frame from Carlyle and turned over another box which revealed the space heater.

"Here, now lets get out of here." I said handing it to him.

"What is this?" Darcy asked as she looked at the piece of what seemed to be machinery standing behind her.

"I believe it is a generator." I said unsure. That piece looked extremely familiar, from a story my Father told me, when he used to tell me stories.

"Hmm what does this button do?" Darcy said her finger inching towards the one button on the entire contraption.

"Darcy I said don't touch anything!" I shouted as I suddenly remembered what it was, and it was not a generator.

"Why? It's just a piece of junk, it's probably broken."

"Darcy don't!" Carlyle warned.

"And who is going to stop me?" she countered.

I dashed towards her as she pushed the button.

"NO!" I cried.

The machine lit up and groaned to life.

"Now you've done it Darcy!" Carlyle muttered.

"What's happening?" she screamed in terror.

"Darcy move now!" I told her when I finally made it to her and grabbed her arm.

"Don't you touch me I-" she began.

She never finished her sentence as she and I were suddenly sucked out of the attic and into a burst of light. Brilliant, just brilliant I thought to myself as I was thrown into several time flips. This is how our adventure begins, my very thick-headed cousin Darcy pressed the button on the only working time machine know to man and other creatures, that is conveniently located in my attic. Like I said, brilliant.

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